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Masters in Engineering Management in Canada is an option for engineers who desire to advance in the management area . Masters in Engineering Management in Canada is a two-year curriculum that costs between 14,000 and 38,500 USD for an international student. For candidates from India, this translates to 10-28 LPA. Understanding and developing industrial engineering strategies, skills, and concerns is facilitated with a postgraduate degree in engineering management from Canada. An entry-level postgraduate with a Masters in Engineering Management in Canada can find well-paying work with an average income of 80,000 to 100,000 USD per year with the same skills. International candidates must hold a four-year relevant bachelor's degree with an average score of 3.0/4.0 (83-86% or a B grade) in order to enroll in Masters in Engineering Management in Canada. You must have prior job experience to enroll in the majority of leading colleges that offer Masters in Engineering Management in Canada. GRE or GMAT results, on the other hand, are not a requirement for enrollment in the programme. The Masters in Engineering Management in Canada degree is a STEM curriculum, making it easier for students to get a PR visa and relocate to Canada. The engineering-related courses continue to gain popularity due to the ever-increasing need for engineering products and technologies. International commerce in engineering items is expanding along with the global economy. As a result, there is a growing need to integrate engineering and management. For individuals who desire to combine their technical expertise with managerial insight, engineering management is the perfect topic. Additionally, Canada's booming economy and pro-immigration laws make the offer to grads even more profitable. Payscale states that wages for Masters in engineering management in Canada can range from CAD 55,000 to CAD 111,000.

Canada, one of the most sought-after study locations for foreign students, will give you the greatest infrastructure and job prospects after graduation. The most sought-after curriculum for you is engineering management if you have an interest in engineering, technology, and management. Engineering and management topics are combined in one course for students in Canada's highly specialised engineering management programmes. Therefore, we shall go into great detail regarding the Masters in Engineering Management in Canada in this article.

What Masters in Engineering Management in Canada is

Masters in Engineering Management in Canada is a specialised management degree that equips students with the managerial skills necessary to oversee diverse staff members who are part of your team and manage engineering or technical-based initiatives. It is intended to help engineers learn more about management. Engineering managers are essentially required to have solid backgrounds in both general management and the particular technological disciplines used in the team. A great engineering manager should also be able to counsel, mentor, and inspire diverse employees inside a business. To get a globally recognised certification in this in-demand sector, you may choose from a number of certificate, bachelor's degree, and master's degree programmes in Canada for Engineering Management. In Canada, the Master of Engineering Management programme offers a variety of well-liked courses, including but not exclusive to:

  • For risk and operational analytics, use computer simulation
  • Management of Products and Projects
  • Engineering and architecture for manufacturing management systems
  • Economics, public policy, and applied machine learning data science for business intelligence in environmental systems
  • Decisions Regarding Marketing Management, Industry, and Finance

Why Pursue Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

Canada is one of the finest places to study abroad since it has universities with a stellar reputations and top-notch academic programs. Numerous colleges provide a broad selection of short-term and comprehensive degree programs for students to pick from when it comes to an interdisciplinary specialization subject like Engineering Management. Studying Master in Engineering Management in Canada is worthwhile since it is inexpensive and has excellent facilities. The top advantages of studying Masters in Engineering Management in Canada are as follows:

  • Engineering management programs are available in a wide range of formats, from certificate courses to master's degree programs that are the most well-liked by foreign students.
  • You can learn engineering and industrial skills, how to develop better strategies, and understand management and business techniques while pursuing Masters in Engineering Management in Canada.
  • Working with some of Canada's top tech and business brands will also give you the chance to gain international exposure.
  • There are many opportunities for full-time as well as part-time jobs during your study term if you choose to study in Canada and wish to remain in the nation after graduating. If you choose to remain in Canada following the course, this can assist you to look into networking possibilities and find full-time employment.
  • You may develop commercial strategies, managerial expertise, industrial and engineering skills, and an understanding of how to create a better strategy while pursuing Engineering Management at the postgraduate level in Canada. Working for a few of Canada's most prestigious companies or joining a professional team may also provide you with a lot of exposure.
  • Students that have outstanding academic records and talents may potentially be eligible for scholarships.

Top Universities for Pursuing Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

Canada has progressively climbed to become one of the top countries in the world for higher education. Given the variety of courses the universities offer, thousands of overseas students enroll each year in graduate, master's, and doctorate programs at Canadian institutions. International students frequently choose the Masters in Engineering Management in Canada. Some of the best institutions that offer a Masters in Engineering Management in Canada have been discussed below.

1. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the biggest bilingual institution of higher learning in both English and French, and it is located in Ottawa, the nation's capital. The Master of Engineering in Engineering Management and the Graduate Diploma in Engineering Management Program are the two types of degree programs offered by this public research institution. Every year, the program opens its doors to a number of overseas students, who make up around 40% of the student body in these programs. The University of Ottawa's Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program seeks to give engineers and scientists the information and abilities they need to manage projects, people, resources, and organizations in a technological setting. The programs offered by the University of Ottawa are Master of Engineering in Engineering Management and Graduate Diploma in Engineering Management.

University Type

Program Duration2-years full-time, part-time
Admission semesterSummer
Program Fees$3,622.08 CAD less than two terms

2. University of Alberta

One of the top public research institutions in the world is the University of Alberta, which is situated in Edmonton, Alberta. The university has expertise in the humanities and sciences, medicine, the arts, business, and engineering. This university's Master of Engineering in provides the knowledge and abilities required for organizing human and technical resources to achieve technological goals. Engineering finance, lean manufacturing, operations management, project management, risk management, personality theory, and other ideas are covered in the course syllabus. The program offered by the University of Alberta is Master of Engineering in Engineering Management.

University TypePublic
Program Duration18 to 24 months
Admission semesterFall (September), Winter (January)
Program Fees$5,575 CAD- $10,500 CAD

3. University of Windsor

One of Canada's most esteemed public research universities, the University of Windsor is situated in Windsor, Ontario. The University of Windsor's faculties and autonomous schools concentrate their study in the fields of environmental, automotive, social justice, and international commerce. Working people may pursue their education while advancing their careers through the University of Windsor's weekend Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree program. Along with technical knowledge, the curriculum provides management skills, equipping engineers to assume leadership positions in technology businesses. The programme offered by the University of Windsor is Master of Engineering Management (MEM).

University TypePublic
Program Duration2 year
Admission semesterFall(on campus), Winter(online)
Program FeesFees change every year

4. University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

A public research university in Canada, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), often known as Ontario Tech University or Ontario Tech, is located in Oshawa, Ontario. The engineering and computer science programs at this technical institution are among the top 10 in Canada. This university's Master of Engineering Management program focuses on the areas of resource planning and management for projects that are technologically and engineering-driven. Project management, operations management, production scheduling, mathematical modeling and optimization, and other topics are included in the program curriculum. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology offers a Master of Engineering Management degree.

University TypePublic
Program Duration2 years( full-time), part-time equivalent
Admission semesterSeptember or January
Program Fees$22,794.72 CAD per year


5. University of Regina

The Institution of Regina is a public research university in Regina, Canada, that was established in 1911. For engineers who want to transition into operations management but not in the conventional corporate lingo, the University of Regina offers an MBA in Engineering Management. The curriculum gives the students both practical technology knowledge and important commercial abilities. The course's main topics are Project Management, Risk Assessment and Management, Systems Engineering Approach to Project Management, Economics for Practicing Engineers, and Business Law for Practicing Engineers. The programme offered by the University of Regina is MBA in Engineering Management.

University TypePublic
Program Duration18 - 24 Months
Admission semesterFall, Winter, Spring

6. Lambton College

Canada's Ontario is home to the applied arts and technology institution Lambton College, which was founded in 1969. More than 90 post-secondary degrees, apprenticeships, post-graduate programs, and training programs are available via Lambton College. Graduate Certificate in Quality Engineering Management is offered by the university. The curriculum focuses on how manufacturing and business processes might be applied to raise product quality. The Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Quality Engineering Management is a program provided by Lambton College.

University TypePublic
Program DurationTwo-Year
Admission semesterFall, Winter, Summer
Program Fees$25,795.54 CAD

Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Study Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

Let's look at the prerequisites and criteria for admission to engineering management programs in Canada:

1) Academic transcripts along with bachelor's degree (if required)

Having academic credentials from every level of study is the most fundamental prerequisite for applying to any engineering management course in Canada. You must submit your bachelor's degree with a minimum 4-year study term in order to be eligible for a postgraduate diploma in engineering management in Canada.

2) GMAT or GRE Scores 

You must submit your GRE or GMAT results if you wish to apply for a PG diploma in engineering management in Canada or any other PG-level engineering management program, including MEM. Some colleges might continue to make this requirement optional.

3) English proficiency test scores 

It is imperative that you, as an overseas student, provide confirmation of your English language competency through the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other examinations. A score of 6.5 or higher on the IELTS is the bare minimum needed to enroll in engineering management courses at the majority of Canadian universities.

4) Additional Requirements 

Some engineering management institutions in Canada can have additional prerequisites, such an interview, in addition to work experience, a statement of purpose (SOP), and a resume or curriculum vitae.

Application Process to Masters in Study Engineering Management in Canada

Now that you are aware of the procedure for applying to engineering management programs in Canada for foreign students:

  • To begin your engineering management study in Canada, pick a course and a school.
  • Send in the application form and the required fee.
  • Submit the necessary paperwork, including transcripts, a bachelor's degree (if necessary), and any other documents that the specific university may request, such as an SOP, a resume, or LORs.
  • You can also be requested to participate in an interview.
  • If there are scholarships or financial assistance opportunities at the institution, apply for them.
  • Await the result of the admission.

Cost of Studying Masters in Engineering Management in Canada

Fees for Engineering Management in Canada are totally based on the course and your academic standing. The yearly tuition for engineering management ranges from 5,000 to 50,000 CAD and is offered in certificate and diploma programs, as well as UG and PG degrees. In Canada, the cost of living ranges from 10,000 to 12,000 CAD annually. In comparison to off-campus accommodation, which costs between 8,000 and 9,000 CAD annually, on-campus living has a pretty reasonable annual cost of between 3,000 and 7,500 CAD.

Type of ExpenseCost in USD/yearCost Equivalent in INR/ Year
Books and Material756-151057,600 to 1.15 lakhs
Food and Beverage3000-40002.28 to 3.05 lakhs
Accommodations4,500-10,5003.43 to 8 lakhs

Masters in Engineering Management in Canada Jobs

Postgraduates with a master's in engineering have options to work in a variety of industries through financial behemoths like Deloitte, Cisco, Microsoft, etc. Management science, operations research & management, supply chain management, system engineering, etc. are some of the main industrial areas hiring MEM graduates. A diploma in engineering management from Canada would undoubtedly allow you to work for multinational corporations like Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, Google, etc. Operations research and management will be one of the important industries for you as a graduate of engineering management. Following are some exciting career options for postgraduates with a master's in engineering management:

Job ProspectMedian Salary (USD/year)
Design Engineer70,000
Product Engineer71,995
Quality Control Manager73,750
Cost System Analyst73,870
Chemical Process Manager80,000
Tech and Project Manager86,000-90,000
IT Manager95,401
Automation Engineer103,688


A postgraduate degree in engineering management may earn you an average income of 40,000 CAD per year, so you'll undoubtedly get a big return on your investment.  Recently, Engineering Management courses have been quite popular, and Canada has become very well known as a study-abroad destination since it offers these courses with first-rate infrastructure and instruction. So don't second guess your choice go for it without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost to study engineering management in Canada?

 Certificate programs can cost you around 5,000 CAD per annum; whereas PG and UG level diploma and degree programs can range around 20,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD annually depending upon the university you choose. 

With affordable costs and great facilities, pursuing Engineering Management in Canada is worth your time and money. If you are planning to study in Canada and want to stay in the country after completing graduation, there are ample prospects for full-time as well as part-time work during your study period.

Here are some of the best countries for studying Engineering Management-

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