Masters in Computer Science in Canada

Canada, being a multi-cultural country, attracts a large number of international students each year. With its acclaimed academic programs and inviting student-friendly climate, the country has become a favored study location for individuals pursuing higher education. Canada has made enormous strides in offering high-quality education in a variety of sectors. A Master's degree in Computer Science from Canada may provide you with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the broad field of computer technology. If you are looking at MS in Computer Science programs in Canada, here is a detailed blog that will walk you through the benefits of pursuing this degree in Canada as well as the top universities in the country that offer it.

There are three types of master's degrees in computer science in Canada: MSc, MACS, and M.Eng. If enrolled in a full-time program, students can complete their degree in 1.5 to 2 years. In Canada, the cost of obtaining an MS in Computer Science ranges from 50,000 USD to 62,000 USD. This equates to 45.99 lakh INR for Indian candidates. Canadian colleges provide scholarships ranging from USD 500 to USD 23,000 for students on a tight budget to pursue an MS in CS.

MS in Computer Science programs is available at over 40 Canadian universities. Computer Science is one of the top ten most popular disciplines among overseas students. International applicants to the master's program in computer science in Canada must have a competitive GPA, a strong SOP, and 2-3 LORs. GRE scores are an additional criterion imposed by several of Canada's top colleges offering master's degrees in computer science. According to Maclean's Canadian University Rankings, Canada's MS in Computer Science program is ranked first in program and research reputation. Companies such as Amazon, CGI, Sterling Turner, and others in Canada offer monthly packages of up to 110,000 USD to computer science postgraduates.



Top Colleges in Canada for Master's in Computer Science


The table below lists the top ten Canadian colleges that teach Computer Science and the number of international students enrolled and the cost of studying in Canada.



QS World University Ranking 2022


Average Estimated Tuition Fee (Annually)

University of Toronto26GRE 309CAD 57,000 (INR- 32,51,954)
University of British Columbia27GRE 310CAD 17,500 (INR 9,98,296)
University of Waterloo46GMAT 550CAD 27,535 (INR 15,70,748)
McGill University126GRE 300CAD 26,554 (INR 15,14,419)
McMaster University140GRE 309CAD 33,417 (INR 19,05,359)
University of Alberta149GRE 310CAD 1,89,706 (INR 1,08,16,596)
University of Ottawa230GMAT 560CAD 41,278 (INR 23,53,575)
Simon Fraser University298GRE 300CAD 23,760 (INR 13,55,121)
Queens University-GRE 315CAD 14,619 (INR 8,33,776)
Concordia University521GMAT 550

CAD 26,100 (INR 14,88,586)

A large number of international students at these universities implies that they are not just ranked highly but also popular with international students.


Why should one pursue a master's degree in computer science in Canada?


For one's convenience, some of the main reasons to pursue an MS in Computer Science in Canada are given here.

  • Lower college prices and welcoming immigration regulations make Canada an ideal study location for getting an MS in computer science.
  • According to the global peace index, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world.
  • With more career opportunities in many areas of the computer science business, obtaining an MS in computer science in Canada is a rewarding program. According to JobBank Canada, the increased number of employees required is mentioned below; (the data is valid from 2017 through 2026.)
    • Web programmers will have 52,300 new employment vacancies.
    • There will be 20,700 new employment vacancies for software developers.
    • Computer engineers will have 10,100 new job opportunities.
  • Canada provides some of the best career opportunities and attractive pay to fresh graduates with an MS in Computer Science, with an average starting salary of INR 17,13,504 per year.
  • Students are free to work while studying and, unlike in other countries, do not require a work permit while in Canada.
  • According to these statistics and facts, earning an MS in computer science in Canada will not disappoint an overseas applicant.


The Benefits of a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Canada


Canada is well-known for its student-friendly climate and low educational expenditures. The country welcomes international students from all around the world and provides them with several employment chances to work on side projects while studying. For its large selection of specialties, reduced tuition, and improved career chances, the Master's in Computer Science program is ranked among the top three in Canada.


The following section expands on its features:

  • In Canada, the top ten most common specialties in Masters in Computer Science are available. They are as follows: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, and a lot more. Students interested in data science can also pursue a Master's in Data Science degree in Canada.
  • Students in Canada can choose from three types of Masters of Computer Sciences programs based on their professional interests:
    • MACS: Master of Applied Computer Sciences. This 16-month research-based program culminates in the submission of a thesis.
    • M.Eng, or Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, is a 16-month professional graduate program.
    • MSc: Master of Computer Science is a two-year program that requires the applicant to do independent research.
  • Postgraduate Computer Science students are eligible for a three-year work extension under the Postgraduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) after completing their studies in Canada.
  • International Computer Science postgraduates are offered around seven university-specific scholarships and numerous externally financed scholarships.

Admission Process


International students are generally admitted to master's programs in Canada in three sessions: fall, winter, and summer. A full-time Master's degree program might span from 16 months to two years and consist of four graduate courses.

Candidates for the MS in Computer Science should apply through the university's official website in Canada. Some institutions also accept applications through provincial common application platforms.

How to Apply for a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Canada:


Prospective MS Computer Science hopefuls should apply through the university's official website in Canada. Applicants to select institutions can also apply through regional standard application portals such as Apply Alberta, OUAC, and others.





University of Toronto01 Dec 2021 (Closed)
University of Waterloo01 Feb 2022
University of British Columbia10 Jan 2022 (Closed)
McGill University01 Mar 2022
University of Alberta15 Jan 2022 (Closed)
McMaster University01 Apr 2022
University of Ottawa30 Apr 2022
Simon Fraser University01 Feb 2022
Queen's University15 Jan 2022 (Closed)
Concordia University01 Apr 2022





The eligibility requirements for Canada's top institutions are more or less standard. In contrast, the application criteria differ from one university to the next. International applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible to pursue a Master's in Computer Science from Canada:

  1. International candidates must have completed at least 16 years of schooling.
  2. The sum is 10+2+4, and confirmation of this is required.
  3. A bachelor's degree in computer science from Canada or equivalent from another nation is necessary. Students in other fields related to computer science are allowed to apply. A GPA of 3.25 or above on a 4.0 point scale or a CGPA of 7 to 8 on a scale of 10 is required. The corresponding percentile equivalent is 80-85 percent.
  4. The applicant must also have taken the GRE, with scores no older than two years.
  5. The applicant's good programming abilities are also required for admission.

Documents Required

The following papers are required when overseas applicants apply to universities in Canada that offer MS degrees in computer science. Documents are usually asked once the admission offer letter is published. The following documents must be presented with the application:

  • High school and college transcripts.
  • Marksheets, degrees, and the date of conferral.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or a two-page personal essay discussing the applicant's career aspirations, research interests, abilities, and credentials.
  • Submission requires 2-3 letters of recommendation. A student must provide at least two academic recommendations to confirm the applicant's capacity to undertake independent research.
  • A student must deliver GRE standardized test scores to a particular university.
  • Evidence of English Proficiency.

Language Proficiency in English


Test Name

Minimum Required Score

TOEFLiBT: 86 | PBT: 575
IELTS6.5 - 7.0
PTE61 - 66
MELAB85% or higher


The above scores are only estimates; candidates should confirm admission and scoring criteria before applying.

Note: Some colleges accept CAE/CPE or CanTest/CAEL in addition to the tests mentioned above.

Admission Decisions from Canadian Institutions: Admission decisions from Canadian universities for admission to the Masters in Computer Science program are typically published within 40 days after application submission. Admission offers are issued within this timeframe since application analyses are comprehensive.

Masters in Computer Science in Canada without GRE

There are around 16 universities in Canada that offer a master's degree in computer science without requiring GRE scores as part of the admissions process. There are no additional criteria to fulfill the GRE non-requirement. Canadian colleges need overseas students to take the GRE since their educational backgrounds are from outside of Canada. Although some universities do not specify minimum GRE scores, they are essential for a thorough admissions application assessment. The following Canadian institutions do not require the GRE in order to admit international students to the MS in Computer Science in Canada program:


University of TorontoLakehead UniversityDalhousie University

Brock University

Concordia UniversityCarleton UniversityLaurentian University

University of Windsor

Laval UniversityUniversity of ManitobaUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology

University of Prince Edward Island

University of LethbridgeUniversity of the Fraser ValleyUniversity of Northern British Columbia

Regina University


Costs of a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Canada

The yearly cost of pursuing an MS in Computer Science in Canada is 47,779 USD for an M.Eng/MSc degree, which is less expensive than an MS in Computer Science in the United States (average of 55,000 USD). MACS students will have to spend roughly 61,133 USD owing to a higher tuition fee required because it is a professional program.

Pre-arrival Fees

Initial Expenses for Students Applying for an MS in Computer Science in Canada comprise a few one-time fees submitted on or before or with the admission application. Such as application expenses, visa fees, and payments for mandatory examinations to study in Canada. The following are some of the elements of an entrance application that fall under this category:




Pre-Departure to Canada
GRE Test FeeCAD 238.11
University Application FeeCAD 137.99
Visa Application FeeCAD 143.20
Health InsuranceCAD 572.48- CAD 858.69
Official Financial StatementCAD 9545.69

Post-Arrival Immediate Expenses in Canada

AccommodationCAD 566.92- CAD 1895.14
MealsCAD 17.19- CAD 28.65 (per meal)
AirfareCAD 696.51- CAD 1480.09


Fees for a Master's Degree in Computer Science in Canada

A student's annual costs for earning a Master's in Computer Science are about $37,778, excluding one-time fee payments. The tuition for an MS in Computer Science varies depending on whether one chooses MS/M.Eng or MACS. The table below displays the tuition fees for several Canadian institutions for pursuing a Master's in Computer Science for one academic year.


Canada's Cost of Living


The following summarizes the many expenditures that must be considered while determining the cost of studying and living in Canada for Indian students.


Living Cost in Canada


Flight ExpenseINR 1,00,000 - 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees$150 (INR 11,123)
Work Permit Fees$155 (INR 11,493)
IELTS test FeesINR 14,700
AccommodationCAD 5,000 CAD 10,000(INR 2,67,000-INR 5,39,000) per annum
Travel CostsCAD 80 CAD 110 (INR 4,300-INR 6,000) per month
Health InsuranceCAD 300-CAD 800 (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)
FoodCAD 300- CAD 400 [17,508 INR-23,344] (monthly)
EntertainmentCAD 750 [43,770 INR] (monthly)


Scholarships for Masters in Canada


Almost six institutions in Canada provide direct scholarships to overseas students seeking a Master's degree in computer science. The scholarship amount granted by colleges providing an MS in Computer Science ranges from $500 to USD 23,000. Some colleges need an additional application in addition to the entrance application, while others automatically evaluate students for scholarships. Some of Canada's most popular university-specific scholarships for overseas students are the following.


Institution Name

Name of Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

Eligibility Guidelines

University of CalgaryEntrance Scholarship$23,000 (INR 17,12,999.75)First-year MS in CS applicant. Valid for two years.
University of Fraser ValleyWowAuto Scholarship$500 (INR 37,239.12) per yearMS in CS students.
UBCInternational Major Entrance Scholarships Outstanding International Student AwardMay VaryAcademically bright international students are pursuing MS in CS.
University of WaterlooDavid R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarships$10,000 (INR 7,44,782.50 )Academically bright students of MS in CS.
University of Northern British ColumbiaComputer Science Entrance Award$1000 (INR 74,477.35)High-performing international applicants.
University of ManitobaGraduate Fellowships Stephane Durocher$14,000 (INR 10,42,682.90 ) $16,000 (INR 11,91,660)Students pursuing a master's degree in computer science. For two years, one graduate student will be supported.


Career Opportunity after Master's in Computer Science


International applicants often apply for work visas within 90 days of receiving their MS in Computer Science. Salaries for qualified and experienced computer science graduates can start at $92,000 (INR 68,52,192.20). Software developers, software engineers, Java developers, CAD designers, network administrators, senior web developers, and IT managers are highly demanded. Average pay ranges from $25,000 to $41,000. (INR 30,53,694.35 approx).


Job Role

Salary (INR/year)

Andriod Developer64,83,780
AI Developer80,75,260
C++ Developer71,91,120
Computer Networks Architect67,19,180
Database Analyst71,32,180
Database Administrator73,06,790
Information Security Administrator80,13,900


Companies such as Amazon Canada, CGI, Scotiabank, Sterling Turner, and others hire computer science postgraduates from various Canadian institutions. The starting salary for computer science graduates is the lowest in Montreal- 49,223 USD, while it is the highest in Vancouver- 103,750 USD. According to a recent poll conducted by Canadian institutions, computer science graduates are the highest-paid in the country.


Due to its diversity, Canada draws a sizable number of international students each year. The nation has established itself as a preferred study destination for anyone pursuing higher education thanks to its highly regarded academic programmes and welcoming, student-friendly environment. Canada has made great progress in providing top-notch education in a range of fields.

You might gain substantial knowledge and a profound understanding of the wide range of computer technology if you obtain a Master's degree in computer science from Canada. Here is a thorough blog that will walk you through the advantages of obtaining this degree in Canada as well as the best universities in the nation that provide it if you're looking at MS in Computer Science programmes in that country.

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