List of Top 10 MBA Colleges in World

The modern world is advancing at a high pace every day. Presently, if you are a working professional, you need management skills to boost your career regardless of your background.

Although, as working professionals, all of us wish to get promoted to higher positions, these positions require a management perspective. A master's degree in business administration from a reputed business school provides you with the provident skills and knowledge to cherish a career in your specialization.

Continue reading to learn more about MBA programs and the best colleges in the globe that provide an MBA. We will not only discuss the best MBA colleges in the globe, but we will also give you all of the pertinent facts. The top ten colleges in the world for MBA programs are also listed in this blog.

Top MBA Colleges To Look Out For

To make the most out of your MBA degree, firstly, you need to search for the best business schools. After analyzing a world report on the top places to pursue MBA, we have curated the best MBA ranking colleges:

University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

The University of Pennsylvania is regarded as one of the best MBA colleges in the world. Speaking renowned alumni like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and many more have taken up education from this institution.

Because of the unique methodologies of teaching and providing practical skills to its students, Penn has been maintaining its legacy.

While an MBA might help you open new doors, Wharton's MBA offers some particular benefits. Wharton has been known as "the finance school" for nearly 130 years.

Wharton maintains that distinction today, leading the way with cutting-edge courses and research in global finance and areas of finance. There are various reasons to pick a Wharton MBA in addition to its reputation.

Average Salary: $237,530

Columbia Business School

CBS is a prominent business school with an unequaled culture of academic quality, located in the heart of the United States' business hub.

Columbia University's premier Ivey business school exposes students to the pulse of business both inside and beyond the classroom. More than 200 optional courses and more than 100 student groups are available at Columbia.

Columbia Corporate School will allow you to establish your career in the heart of the business world. In addition, It is based in New York and gives access to leaders in a variety of sectors.

You'd learn to take on difficulties and build abilities to flourish in a fast-paced competitive atmosphere thanks to their great curriculum. This MBA college also provides the option of pursuing an executive MBA for the students willing to work while they study.

Average Salary: $218,542

Harvard Business School

When planning to pursue an MBA program at a top business school, Harvard is the name that most MBA students join. With its high global MBA ranking from some of the most prestigious organizations like Fortune.

Students at Harvard business school develop strong general management and leadership abilities through a case-and experience-based curriculum, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of effect on how they lead. Leadership is brought to life via the case technique.

Also, Leadership and accountability classes push students to talk about ethical challenges they will likely face in their professions. HBS has done an outstanding job of including this type of subject into the curriculum.

Average Salary: $207,180


It is another Ivey business school that focuses on preparing new-age business practices. The international MBA provides provident skills for the students aspiring to start a venture or be an asset to a multinational. Moreover, Pursuing a business administration degree from INSEAD would bring an international perspective.

When it comes to post-MBA employment, INSEAD's alumni are positioned all over the world. INSEAD, on the other hand, is your best choice if you want to be recognized globally. In Northern and Western Europe, 37 percent of INSEAD's graduating class finds work.

In 2007, INSEAD expanded its presence in the Middle East with a campus in Abu Dhabi, drawing on more than 50 years of expertise at the forefront of business teaching and research in Europe and Asia.

Average Salary: $186,784

Northwestern University: Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management is a business school in Illinois. It is regarded as one of America's most famous business schools.

Of course, teamwork is a part of every MBA program, but Kellogg students say that business administration focuses more on it. Henceforth, the institute provides excellent preparation for a corporate profession in which you'll be working in groups.

Kellogg Executive Education provides tailored and open-enrollment courses to help executives enhance their leadership, strategic, and tactical abilities. Additionally, the MBA program allows you to create a cross-functional understanding of their companies.

The summer internship opportunity is the program's USP. The one-year program is designed for students who have completed a specified amount of courses throughout their bachelor's degree studies. Many of them return to their prior employment or stay in the same industry even though some are career changes.

Average Salary: $201,455

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford has established itself as one of the country's premier colleges, routinely placing among the top MBA colleges. The MBA program is noted for its high return on investment and enterprising student body, and exceptional academics.

In addition, Stanford University is one of the most prestigious research and teaching institutions in the world. It strives to produce individuals who can provide confidence and leadership skills to the outside world as a gift.

The major attraction of Stanford graduate school is its upbeat environment. The campus is lovely, the people are friendly, and the atmosphere is fantastic even though the pace is brisk owing to the quarter system, the classes and the school itself present a constructive challenge that keeps students motivated and alert.

Average Salary: $218,805

University of Chicago: Booth

The institution is dedicated to making the globe a more progressive and inclusive place, as well as influencing change in its backyard. Any job you have, in any industry, wherever in the globe, will benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to business education.

Booth has always been at the vanguard of changing the way we think about and educate tomorrow's leaders. Chicago Booth is known for its academic rigor, and proficiency in finance and economics—as well as marketing. At Chicago Booth, the finance and economics professors are exceptional.

Chicago Booth has a reputation for being more welcoming to younger candidates, albeit not necessarily those fresh out of university. According to the Chicago Booth admissions department, one and a half to two years in the field is commonly required before entering the MBA program.

Average Salary: $199,046

London School of Business

The University of London's London Business School is a world-renowned graduate business school. Its MBA program is frequently regarded among the top MBA colleges for its emphasis on cultural diversity and international viewpoints.

The London Business School MBA gives you the option of taking a "customizable" global-focused program.

Henceforth, Ninety percent of new students are from outside the united kingdom, which means you'll be learning alongside people from all walks of life. Additionally, being a student at the best MBA college, you will get to interact with different experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Average Salary: $174,106

Yale School of Management

Yale University provides students with unrivaled academic possibilities in every field. Yale University is an excellent institution ranked amongst the top MBA colleges to attend, whether you want to study something traditional like political science or economics or something a bit more unique.

Instead of traditional business case studies, graduate students in Yale's integrated MBA program examine "raw" cases, which require them to assess a wide range of information such as stock charts and publications.

Every student completes the Leadership Development Program as well as a global studies requirement, which usually entails travel abroad. At the Yale School of Management, students take minors in both years.

Average Salary: $190,941

IESE Business School

IESE provides a two-year MBA program that prepares students for careers in finance, consulting, entrepreneurship, technology, and other fields.

Because the school is in Barcelona and also has a student population that (mostly) plans to work in other cities after graduation, they are not bound to any one sector or set of employers in almost the same way as institutions that deliver their graduates primarily to businesses in their home region is.

It's an opportunity to hone your technical and management abilities while learning from people from all around the world.

IESE Business School is a Barcelona-based graduate business school. It is well-known for its global perspective and highly regarded MBA programs. At five locations in Europe and the Americas, students can enroll in in-person and online learning options in both English and Spanish.

IESE is looking for exceptional applicants with the potential to be effective leaders, a good university education, and a strong work ethic.

Average Salary: $163,780


An advanced degree might help set a candidate apart from their colleagues in a highly competitive employment environment. An MBA may help you succeed in any field, from energy to commercial products to start-ups.

Employers prefer to employ or promote candidates with an MBA since they have marketing and financial abilities that others in the company may lack. Make sure to check all the necessary admission requirements, including the GMAT score, before applying for management studies further.

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