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In modern society, technology has been one of the great enablers of progress. Behind every innovation, you possibly could think of is the idea of the engineers. Their ability to think outside the box is what separates them from the herd.

Henceforth, with the growing population coupled with constant changes in technology, it has become crucial that students who aspire to become engineers choose the right institute. Selecting the best engineering college in the world can provide the resources and opportunities to hone creativity and relevant skills.

Earning a globally recognized engineering degree will equip you with the right set of skills and practical knowledge you need to bring revolutionary ideas to the industry.

If you aspire to pursue a degree in engineering, you might seek guidance to find out the best country for this field. However, before we learn about the best engineering colleges, let's know what an engineering college implies.

What is an Engineering College?

The engineering college is an institute that offers various courses and majors in applied sciences and mathematics. Engineering programs focus on scientific and mathematical knowledge to apply to real-life problems.

With ample engineering colleges globally, there can be intense competition for the top programs. Therefore, studying at the best engineering colleges can be one of the excellent starting points to shape your career in the engineering industry.

If you are also planning to pursue an engineering degree and are going through the problem of deciding the appropriate study destination, do not worry. Every country with engineering colleges has its own set of perks to offer.

For example, some of the institutes offer research-oriented courses while others may avail of comprehensive programs like Masters in Engineering or Masters in Engineering Management.

To help you decide on some of the best engineering colleges worldwide, we've compiled a list of the best countries around the world for engineering courses. It will help you explore options before forming an opinion.

Categorizing the Best Engineering College in the World

In this article, we focused on the quality of engineering programs to decide on the best engineering school in the world. We concluded by comparing the ranking from various sources, including College Factual and Niche (a student satisfaction-heavy ranking).

The rankings also consider several other factors like the popularity of the engineering degree at that particular college/university, student satisfaction, and students' salaries after placement and projected gains in the future.

The rankings also consider several other factors like the popularity of the engineering degree at that particular college/university, student satisfaction, and students' salaries after placement and projected gains in the future.


Home to leading engineering colleges, the USA becomes a natural choice for several engineering students. The country is known for its STEM courses and is the educational epicenter for the best technical specializations in the world.

The research exposure, funding, and career opportunities present within the engineering courses in the USA are unparalleled. Engineers working in the US are likely to earn more compared to the engineers working in other countries.

These factors, coupled with the multi-cultural diversity, make it one of the best countries in the world for engineering courses. Hence, most students aspire to pursue an engineering degree at prestigious universities in the USA.

The bachelor-level engineering programs range from four years in the US and two years to earn a master's degree. There are numerous engineering bachelor's and master's degree engineering courses offered by the universities of the USA.

While the most popular engineering branches available in most universities would be Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Software Engineering, Aerospace, and Aeronautical Engineering.

Some of the universities offer other varied specializations in the engineering field such as Chemical, Environmental, and Optical Sciences, and so on.

You must explore all of the courses available and opt for the engineering branch that best suits your interest. Here is the list of some of the world-renowned universities for an engineering programs in the USA:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston1
Stanford University, San Francisco12
California Institute of Technology, Caltech, Los Angeles15
University of California, Los Angeles21
Princeton University25


Home to one of the oldest academic colleges globally, the United Kingdom is a desirable destination for international students seeking academic excellence.

The country has long been a hub of innovators. Henceforth, the courses offer industrial exposure and hands-on experience to budding innovators in engineering colleges. The UK also has a high employability rate in the case of engineering graduates.

As one of the preferred study destinations, the engineering universities in the United Kingdom offer a degree in Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) or a Bachelor in Engineering (BE) program at the undergraduate level, while the post-graduation level offers similar variants.

The degrees offer a plethora of specializations from Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc. According to the recent QS World University Rankings by Subject, the UK holds the best 37 out of the top 502 engineering and technology schools worldwide.

Here, we have compiled the university rankings using four indicators: employer reputation, academic reputation, research citations per paper, and the H-index (which is a way of measuring the impact and productivity of published work).

Let's take a look at the few top-notch universities in the UK that offers engineering courses:


University of Oxford5
University of Cambridge7
Imperial College London8
University College London10
University of Edinburgh20
The University of Manchester27


Germany is one of the best countries to nurture some of the greatest inventors and scientists in the world. As a result, German engineering has flourished as a brand over the years and attracted myriad international students who put their efforts to earn a German degree and work experience.

For this reason, Germany has become synonymous with engineering and has earned a worldwide reputation.

The top-notch universities in Germany offer a wide range of engineering programs with extensive research opportunities.

Some of the most popular specializations here are Mechatronics, Automation, IT, and Mechanical engineering. Apart from these specializations, there are many other sought-after engineering fields like Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc.

German Universities offer intensive practical training to their students, which is in great demand worldwide. The leading engineering and technical schools here lay more emphasis on practical knowledge rather than theory-based knowledge.

Germany is also regarded as an international hub for several automotive giants and prominent IT companies, making it easy for technical schools to have close ties with the industry. The wide networks help students get exposure to real-life experiences.

It also allows you to discover colossal industrial opportunities in Germany by working with global names like BMW, SAP, Siemens, etc. Another appealing factor about the country is that you can avail free education by opting for engineering courses offered by public universities.

Here's a list of a few leading German Universities that you can consider your under graduation master's, or even a doctoral program in the field of engineering:


Technical University of Munich50
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology131
RWTH Aachen University145
Technical University of Berlin148


Australia is globally acclaimed for its world-class education system. However, Australia deserves a prominent mention for its research-oriented engineering courses offered at economical costs for the best engineering colleges.

The country predominantly focuses on practical learning and possesses the drive, expertise, and infrastructure to teach its engineering students a thorough understanding of technology and its applications in the ever-changing tech environment.

The engineering courses are regularly updated to stay relevant to technological advancements. This entrepreneurial and realistic approach gives the engineering students a cutting edge over others in the standing.

According to the recent QS World University Rankings by Subject, Australia holds the best 20 out of the top 502 engineering and technology schools worldwide.

The engineering Schools of Australia rank high in civil, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical Engineering, and Mineral & Mining. Apart from these, there are other engineering fields you can pursue your specializations in, such as Environmental Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc.

We have compiled the university rankings using four indicators: employer reputation, academic reputation, research citations per paper, and the H-index (a way of measuring the impact and productivity of published work). Here are a few top-notch universities in Australia offering the best engineering courses:


McGill University31
Australian National University31
The University of Melbourne41
University of New South Wales44
Monash University55


Over the years, China has become one of the preferred study destinations for international students. Despite having the largest population globally, China has established itself as one of the top key players in engineering and technology.

The education system in the country is well advanced, and the education cost is much more affordable than education in developed countries.

Therefore, many aspiring engineering students who can't afford to go overseas to pursue engineering due to financial constraints can easily find a university in China that delivers quality education.

For this reason, many students give preference to China to earn an engineering degree. Besides, a degree from China is recognized by most countries.

The Chinese government recently signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications with some countries, including Britain, the United States, France, Japan, and 65 other countries, for a richer learning experience.

Being one of the fastest-growing economies globally, China has a lot to offer to its international candidates apart from its education. In addition, the country offers a rich cultural experience for its international students and provides work opportunities.

Furthermore, China is one of the key players in the world economy, generating ample employment opportunities in Engineering. Therefore, with an internship or full-time job in China, you can surely get hands-on experience and industrial exposure from top-notch companies in the field of engineering.

According to the recent QS Top University rankings, Tsinghua University of China is ranked 6th among "QS Top 50 Universities under 50 in Asia" and 9th in "QS World University Ranking," leaving behind several other top universities.

Here's a list of engineering universities in China that you can opt for without having a shadow of a doubt:


Tsinghua University, Beijing9
Shangai Jaio Tong University, Shanghai26
Peking University, Beijing22
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou32
Fudan University, Shanghai50


Well-known as a high-tech nation, Japan is an ideal country if you plan to pursue an engineering degree overseas. According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Japan is ranked first for research and development in the world.

Moreover, the quality of research and development in Japan's engineering universities is advanced because of its thirst for innovation, technology, and engineering.

Japan boasts leading and world-renowned engineering and technology companies such as Sony, Honda, Hitachi, Nikon, Canon, etc. The comprehensive network makes it easy for engineering graduates in Japan to find a job in this country.

If you're considering pursuing an engineering degree in Japan, here are the top engineering universities you need to know:


The University of Tokyo23
Osaka University67
Kyoto University35
  Tohoku University77
Tokyo Institute of Technology58


Home to s of the world-renowned engineers and scientists like M. Visvesvaraya and APJ Abdul Kalam, India is one of the best destinations in the world to pursue an engineering degree.

India is one of the fastest emerging countries with ample opportunities in engineering, be it computer engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

Students are attracted to the leading universities in India like the IITs and IISc for their longstanding tradition of imparting world-class education on, extraordinary commitment to teaching coupled with experiential learning.

The country prepares future engineers to attract lucrative opportunities and offers an opportunity to work closely with experts in various engineering fields.

Using indicators such as academic reputation, research citations per paper, the H-index (which is a way of measuring the impact and productivity of published words and k), and employer reputation, we have compiled a list of a few leading Indian Engineering universities for your consideration:


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay172
Indian Institute of Science185
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi193
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras275
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur314
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur350

List of Top 100 Best Engineering Schools in the World

According to Times Higher Education World University rankings, here is a list of 100 top best engineering schools in the world for higher education.

  1. Stanford University
  2. California Institute of Technology
  3. University of Oxford
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of Cambridge
  7. Princeton University
  8. Peking University
  9. National University of Singapore
  10. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  11. Imperial College London
  12. Georgia Institute of Technology
  13. Carnegie Mellon University
  14. University of California, Berkeley
  15. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  16. the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  17. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  18. University of Michigan
  19. Delft University of Technology
  20. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  21. Cornell University
  22. Technical University of Munich
  23. Tsinghua University
  24. Northwestern University
  25. RWTH Aachen University
  26. Purdue University
  27. Columbia University
  28. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  29. University of Texas at Austin
  30. University of Toronto
  31. University of Hong Kong
  32. University of California, Santa Barbara
  33. Seoul National University
  34. University of California, San Diego
  35. Johns Hopkins University
  36. University of Tokyo
  37. UCL
  38. KU Leuven
  39. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  40. University of Science and Technology of China
  41. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  42. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  43. Kyoto University
  44. Technical University of Berlin
  45. University of Washington
  46. University of Edinburgh
  47. University of Manchester
  48. Fudan University
  49. Sungkyunkwan University
  50. Rice University
  51. Zhejiang University
  52. Eindhoven University of Technology
  53. Ohio State University
  54. Pohang University of Science and Technology
  55. Pennsylvania State University
  56. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  57. Texas A&M University
  58. Monash University
  59. Technical University of Denmark
  60. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  61. City University of Hong Kong
  62. Tohoku University
  63. University of British Columbia
  64. University of Melbourne
  65. The University of Southern California
  66. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  67. Australian National University
  68. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  69. Brown University
  70. University of New South Wales
  71. University of California, Davis
  72. McGill University
  73. University of Maryland, College Park
  74. University of Queensland
  75. University of Minnesota
  76. University of Bristol
  77. University of Sydney
  78. University of Stuttgart
  79. Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  80. Chalmers University of Technology
  81. Nanjing University
  82. National Taiwan University
  83. École Polytechnique
  84. University of Waterloo
  85. University of Sheffield
  86. Aalborg University
  87. Norwegian University of Science & Technology
  88. University of Southampton
  89. University of Freiburg
  90. Indian Institute of Science
  91. Polytechnic University of Milan
  92. University of Colorado Boulder
  93. Tongji University
  94. North Carolina State University
  95. TU Dresden
  96. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  97. Lund University
  98. University of Wollongong
  99. Osaka University
  100. Aalto University
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