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Duke University is a common name among the best Engineering Management masters providers globally. A MEM Duke University can be somewhat worth thinking about before applying. The university is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina. Founded in the present-day town of Trinity, it was moved to Durham in 1892. And not just in Durham, Duke University is famous for its academics, programs, and quality of education.

MEM Duke University

Implementation of technical skills is essential in a modern dynamic environment. Unlike before, new challenges are a global concern. It demands individuals who can integrate necessary knowledge with business acumen to overcome. And that's precisely the motive of MEM Duke University. The course is designed to extend your science and engineering background and add business and management depth with real-world work experience.

There is always a specific targeted audience for a program, and it is valid for MEM Duke University as well. However, the MEM from Duke targets students with a science and engineering background. And with a substantial interest in its business and product management development. So if you are interested in a mere engineering management master, it may not be an optimal choice.

The Duke Master of Engineering Management is a tech-savvy alternative to the MBA. Comprising a core management curriculum and variety of electives, it is: interdisciplinary and flexible, focusing on application, global awareness, and the student experience

MEM Duke University : Elective Tracks

MEM from Duke allows you to choose courses that support your career goals. The elective track in the program is more student support focused. You will have options to choose from different career-focused profiles and professions. And if you are still not satisfied, you will have the option to Design an elective track to fit your goals. The significant areas of electives in the program are:

MEM From Duke: Program Requirements

The requirements for MEM Duke University are pretty standard. But it is subject to change. As such, your qualification and eligibility will be submitted; however, the process may differ. For instance, your MEM for Duke will ask you to upload a scanned unofficial copy of your transcripts from every institute you have attended. Therefore, check the program's official page to be entirely thorough with the process. Here are the standard requirements:

Eligibility Requirements

Starting with your CV/resume. Your secondary education transcripts and records are the first thing you will prepare for a recognized undergraduate degree with relevant subjects (if applicable). The MEM from Duke program will also require your grade scale. You will not be required to convert your grade point to a 4.0 scale; however, it should present a difference in passing marks and indicate a failing mark. Your application will also include a video introduction by yourself. In the video, you will be asked to answer a question with a given time of 60 seconds. 

Not to mention, an application fee for MEM  from Duke amounted US$75 is essentially required.

3 Short-Answer Essays

The MEM from Duke application will ask you to submit three short answer essays. These are to be submitted with your application. The topics of the three essays are:

  1. We can learn about your past experiences from your resume, but we're interested in learning about your plans. Why are you most interested in pursuing the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree from Duke University?
  2. Professionalism & The Five Principles are the pillars of the Duke MEM program. Choose one principle and explain how you plan to contribute in that way at Duke MEM and beyond.
  3. Do any of the elective tracks within the Duke MEM program appear to fit your needs? If so, which one and why? If not, and understanding you are free to change your mind later, list 3-4 electives within or outside MEM and how they will help you meet your career goals.

3 Letter of Recommendation (LORs)

Same as Essays, MEM Duke University will ask to submit three letters of recommendation (LORs). If you do not have obtained your degree, you must submit at least two LORs. The LORs can be academic and professional. For instance, if you are a student, one of the letters must be academic. And if you are working professionally, all three can be professional. You will also be submitting the contact details of the recommender. The institute will later email the recommender to grant access to the online recommendation form.

English Language Proficiency Test

While applying to the MEM Duke University, all international students must submit an English language proficiency test score. However, due to recent mishaps such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the institute has allowed students to submit Duolingo English Test Scores for the 2022 application cycle. The pandemic resulted in the closing of several located test centers. Therefore for MEM from the Duke program, you have options. If you have standard test scores like TOEFL, IELTS or PTE, those are perfectly fine.


The GRE or a GMAT score from MEM Duke is not mandatory. It is optional for students to submit as per their standings. However programs like MeM from Duke do appreciate standardized test scores. The particular test scores are a representation of your aptitude and abilities. GRE and GMAT scores are not just essential for business programs. The assessment methodology of these tests are recognized globally. The program is flexible with the submission of the test score, but it is recommended to submit it either way.


Through Slate Scheduler and Zoom or WebEx, the institute will conduct video interviews for the MeM from Duke admission. Keep in mind the interviews are by invitation only. The interview part is the last stage of your admission cycle. After that, the admission committee will make their decision. Post that, you will be informed of your application standings for MeM from Duke in a dedicated period. 

MEM From Duke: Tuition Fee

The MeM from Duke campus program offers a semester tuition fee of $29,4690 (2021-2022 cycle) taken at the university. Therefore, it would cost you a total of $58,920 to complete a year full of eight required courses. Tuition is subject to confirmation each May. If you choose to extend the program, you will be charged differently by semester. The MeM from Duke program extension to a three-semester requires no additional tuition but includes any student fees. While choosing to extend the program to four-semester requires you to pay by course unit in the fourth semester (including all student fees).

Return on Investment (ROI)

Within the six months of graduating from the MEM from Duke, over three-quarters of graduates are employed or pursuing further education. The numbers have been affected due to recent mishappenings and changes in the education sector. However, MEM Duke University has been consistent with providing extraordinary results. For recent past years the percentile of employed or pursuing further education students had been above 90% (in six months of graduation).

The earning records by graduates from MEM from Duke have presented consistent high numbers. In addition, the numbers remain relevant for all students and not a massive difference in average salary score.

75 percentile graduates    $90,000    $100,000    $101,100
25 percentile graduates    $70,750    $70,000    $75,000
Average    $83,060    $84,544    $89,918

MEM From Duke Online Program

If you are a working professional and can not allow your work to be inputted, MEM from Duke online program is for you. The primary reason to opt for the MEM from Duke online program is flexibility. MEM from Duke online programs offers:

  • Four core engineering elective courses
  • Four technical elective courses and
  • Three 1-Week Residencies

Rest assured the university guarantees that MEM from Duke provides the same high-quality curriculum and experience offered on campus. It's not uncommon to see working professionals pursuing online programs to meet their demands. Tough as mentioned earlier for the MEM from Duke, you need to stay extra sharp. Only if you are highly organized and self-motivated and have a supportive, flexible work environment, select MEM from Duke online program. Otherwise, a standard program from any other institute is enough. Also, the university asks you for a commitment to three one-week on-campus residencies for the program.


The Master of Engineering Management program from Duke University is a tech-savvy alternative to MBA (as quoted by the university itself). The program is widely popular among international students and act as a progressive step in tech and business management industry. With a unique core management curriculum and a number of electives, students are promised a number of opportunities, flexible study, global awareness and an immense student experience.

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