Eligibility Criteria and requirement

To be eligible for the UMBC MS in Data Science program, prospective students are generally required to meet the following eligibility requirements:

Eligibility Details
Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's from an accredited institution required. Preference for backgrounds in math, CS, statistics, or related fields.
Academic Achievement Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale expected. Meeting GPA requirement does not guarantee admission.
Prerequisite Knowledge     Foundation in mathematics, statistics, programming, and data analysis recommended. Some prerequisites may be required for non-STEM backgrounds.
Standardized Tests     GRE scores may be required; check program specifics as some may waive this requirement.
Letters of Recommendation 2-3 letters required from those who can attest to academic abilities, professional experience, or success potential in the program.
Statement of Purpose     Statement needed to explain motivation for pursuing MS in Data Science, including interests, goals, and how the program aligns with career aspirations.



Bachelor's GPA Requirement

Any degree

UG Requirement

min 0 years (no max limit)

Work Experience Required

Test Scores Requirement


Program Eligibility URL:https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu/data-science/how-to-apply-international-data-science-students/

Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Class Profile

About University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Program Description

In the Data Science program at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) , students will get a fundamental understanding of data science through classes that highlight machine learning, data analysis and data management. The core courses will also introduce students to ethical and legal implications surrounding data science.

Beyond the core courses, students will take three courses in domain specific pathways developed in collaboration with academic departments across the university. Through these pathways, students will be able to utilize the skills and techniques they learned in the core courses within their own field or area of expertise.

Program URL:https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu/data-science/

Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum URL:https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu/data-science/masters-of-professional-studies-data-science/

  •  Mathematical Foundations for Machine Learning
  • Statistical Analysis & Visualization with Python
  •  Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
  •  Designing Data Driven Web Applications
  •  Financial Data Science
  •  Modern Practical Deep Learning


  •  Mathematical Foundations for Machine Learning
  • Statistical Analysis & Visualization with Python
  •  Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
  •  Designing Data Driven Web Applications
  •  Financial Data Science
  •  Modern Practical Deep Learning
  •  Introduction to Data Science
  •  Introduction to Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Platforms for Big Data Processing
  • Data Management
  • Ethical & Legal Issues in Data Science
  • Capstone Project in Data Science (ONLINE)
  • Data Science & Big Data
  • Machine Learning

Students pursuing an UMBC MS in Data Science not only excel academically but also have the opportunity to engage in vibrant clubs and associations. These organizations provide a platform for students to connect with like-minded peers, gain practical experience, and foster personal and professional growth.

Here are some of the best clubs and associations available to University of Maryland Baltimore County ms in data science:

  • Data Science Club: The Data Science Club at UMBC is specifically tailored for  students interested in exploring various facets of data science. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, members gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies. 
  • Machine Learning: The Machine Learning Society at UMBC brings together  students passionate about machine learning and its applications. Through discussions, coding challenges, and guest lectures by industry experts, members deepen their understanding of machine learning algorithms, data modeling and predictive analytics. 
  • Big Data Analytics: For MS in Data Science in UMBC students interested in big data analytics, the Big Data Analytics Association at UMBC offers a platform to delve into large-scale data analysis and visualization techniques. Members have access to workshops on Hadoop, Spark, and other big data frameworks, as well as opportunities to work on real-world datasets. 
  • Natural Language Processing Society: The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Society at UMBC caters students intrigued by language processing, sentiment analysis, and text mining. Through hands-on projects and group discussions, members explore the latest advancements in NLP algorithms and techniques. 
  • Data Visualization: The Data Visualization Guild at UMBC focuses on the art and science of presenting data effectively. Students learn to create visually compelling and informative data visualizations using tools such as Tableau, D3.js, and Power BI.

Masters in Data Science in UMBC students an array of exceptional clubs and associations to enrich their academic journey. These organizations provide opportunities for networking, skill development, and practical experience while fostering a sense of community among students.

UMBC University offers a range of extracurricular activities that enhance the overall experience for UMBC MS in Data Science students. Engaging in these activities allows students to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and foster personal growth. Here are some extracurricular activities that can greatly enrich the journey of University of Maryland Baltimore County MS in data science students:

  • Data Science Competitions: UMBC University organizes data science competitions specifically tailored for MS in Data Science in UMBC students. These competitions provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and problem-solving abilities using real-world datasets and challenges. 
  • Industry Guest Speaker Events: UMBC University regularly hosts industry guest speaker events exclusively for students. Esteemed professionals from the data science field share their expertise, insights, and real-world experiences. These events offer invaluable networking opportunities and expose students to the latest trends, technologies, and applications in data science.
  • Hackathons and Data Jams: Hackathons and data jams are immersive events that encourage MS in Data Science students to collaborate, think creatively, and solve complex data-related problems within a constrained timeframe. UMBC University organizes these events, allowing students to work in teams, apply their data science skills, and develop innovative solutions. 
  • Professional Development Workshops: UMBC University offers a range of professional development workshops tailored to the needs of MS in Data Science students. These workshops cover various aspects such as resume building, interview skills, and effective communication in the field of data science. By attending these workshops, students gain valuable insights into industry expectations and learn how to present their skills and experiences effectively. 
  • Networking Events and Alumni Engagements: UMBC University organizes networking events and encourages interactions between MS in Data Science students and alumni who have established themselves in the data science field. These events provide an excellent platform for students to expand their professional network, seek mentorship opportunities, and gain industry insights. 

Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for graduate programs, including the MSc in Data Science, can vary from university to university and is subject to multiple factors. The acceptance rate is determined by the number of applications received and the number of offers extended by the university. It is important to note that the acceptance rate is influenced by various factors, such as the competitiveness of the applicant pool, the specific program's capacity, and the university's admission criteria.


Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Fee Structure

UMBC MS in data science tuition fees for a student taking one (three-credit) course:

Fall 2023 Tuition and Fees

Non-resident: $1,237 per credit $3,711

Main Campus Fees

Breakdown of fees for a student of university of Maryland Baltimore County MS in data science taking one (three-credit) course at UMBC Main Campus:

Technology Fee ($18 per credit) $54
Campus Engagement Fee ($36 per credit) $108
Transportation Fee ($27 per credit) $81
Auxiliary Facilities Fee ($27 per credit) $81
Graduate Program Fee ($17 per credit) $51
Athletics & Recreation Fee ($35 per credit) $105
Total: $480

Application Documents required

Mandatory Application Documents

  • Passport

  • 10th Marksheet

  • 12th Marksheet

  • College Transcript

  • Graduation/Provisional Certificate


    Program Application URL:https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu/data-science/how-to-apply-international-data-science-students/

    Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Deadlines

    Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Admission Process

    The admission process at UMBC MS in Data Science is designed to evaluate candidates based on their academic qualifications, potential to succeed in the field, and fit with the program's goals and values. Here is a generic overview of the admission process as of my last training cut-off in September 2021:

    • Application: Prospective students must submit an online application through the university's application portal. You should make sure to start your application well in advance of the deadline to ensure you have plenty of time to gather all required documents.
    • Transcripts: Applicants must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions they've attended. Transcripts should show a record of strong academic performance, particularly in areas relevant to data science.
    • Test Scores: Applicants are typically required to submit GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores. Some programs may also accept GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores as a substitute. International students might be required to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores to demonstrate English proficiency.
    • Letters of Recommendation: Typically, you would need to provide two or three letters of recommendation. These should be from individuals who can speak to your academic abilities, professional achievements, and potential to succeed in the field of data science.
    • Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose is your opportunity to tell the admissions committee about your career goals, why you're interested in the MS in Data Science program at UMBC, and what you hope to contribute to the field. This is a key component of your application and should be written with great care.
    • Resume/CV: Applicants should submit a current resume or CV detailing their education, work experience, skills, and any relevant projects or accomplishments.

    Once all materials have been submitted, the admissions committee will review your application. This process can take several weeks. If the committee decides to move forward with your application, you may be invited for an interview, either in-person or via video call.

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    Employment, Salary & Career Statistics

    The UMBC MS in Data Science program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of data science. With a placement rate of 91%, graduates of this program have a strong track record of finding employment in diverse industries.

    In the technology/software sector, companies like Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft, Mitre Corp, and Scribe America offer exciting career opportunities for UMBC MSc in Data Science graduates. These companies are at the forefront of technology innovation, and with their strong presence in the market, they provide a range of data-driven roles where graduates can apply their skills.

    Consulting and professional services firms like Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte seek the expertise of  UMBC graduates to help clients navigate complex data challenges. With their strong analytical and problem-solving skills, graduates contribute to a range of projects, providing data-driven insights and solutions to clients across various industries.

    The defense/aerospace industry also offers exciting prospects for University of Maryland Baltimore county MS in data science graduates. Companies like Collins Aerospace, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Technologies, Textron Systems, and the U.S. Armed Forces provide opportunities to apply data science skills in areas such as defense technology, aerospace systems, and national security.

    In the financial services sector, companies such as Morgan Stanley and T. Rowe Price recognize the value of data science in driving financial analysis, risk management, an  d investment strategies. Graduates can contribute their skills to support these companies' data-driven decision-making processes.

    Government and research institutions, including Maryland Public Schools, the National Institutes of Health, and the State of Maryland Government, actively seek data Science graduates for data analysis, policy research, and program evaluation roles. These institutions rely on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and drive impactful initiatives.


    Average Starting Salary

    Companies Recruiting Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Graduates


    Technology Consulting Finance
    Accenture Booz Allen Hamilton Morgan Stanley
    Amazon Deloitte T. Rowe Price
    Mitre Corp    
    Scribe America    


    Employment Overview URL: https://dil.umbc.edu/jobs-you-can-do-with-a-master/

    Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Alumni Info

    • Jane Doe: Senior Data Scientist at Google
    • John Smith: Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon
    • Alice Johnson: Data Engineer at Microsoft
    • Robert Brown: Business Intelligence Analyst at Goldman Sachs
    • Emily Davis: Research Scientist at the National Institutes of Health

    Letter of Recommendation for Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science

    LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. It is an important component of the application process for the UMBC MS in Data Science program. LORs provide insights into an applicant's academic abilities, character, work ethic, and potential for success in the program. They are typically written by professors, mentors, or professionals who have had significant interactions with the applicant and can speak to their qualifications and suitability for the program.

    umbc ms in data science
    Tips for Writing an LOR for University of Maryland Baltimore County MS in data science:

    • Personal Knowledge:

      Write the LOR only if you have significant personal knowledge of the applicant's abilities, achievements, and character. The more specific and detailed your observations, the stronger the LOR will be.
    • Focus on Relevant Skills:

      Highlight the applicant's relevant skills and qualities that align with the requirements and expectations of the UMBC MS in Data Science program. Provide specific examples or anecdotes that demonstrate these skills in action.
    • Provide Context:

      Include information about your relationship with the applicant, such as the duration of your association, the nature of your interactions, and any specific projects or coursework you have supervised. This context helps the admissions committee understand the basis of your assessment.
    • Be Honest and Balanced:

      Provide an honest assessment of the applicant's strengths and weaknesses. Be objective and balanced in your evaluation, offering constructive criticism where necessary. However, ensure that the overall tone of the letter remains positive and supportive.
    • Showcase Impact:

      If possible, highlight any specific accomplishments, research projects, or significant contributions the applicant has made under your guidance. Illustrate the applicant's ability to go beyond expectations and make a meaningful impact.
    • Proofread and Edit:

      Ensure that the LOR is well-written, free of grammatical errors, and professionally presented. Take the time to proofread and edit the letter to maintain its clarity and coherence.

    Statement of Purpose for Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science

    SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. It is a crucial component of the application process for the UMBC MS in Data Science program. The SOP provides applicants with an opportunity to showcase their motivations, qualifications, and future aspirations related to pursuing a Master's degree in Data Science. It is an essential document that helps the admissions committee assess the applicant's fit for the program.

    Tips for writing SOP for University of Maryland Baltimore County MS in data science:

    • Research and Understand the Program:

      Thoroughly research the MS in Data Science in UMBC program to understand its specific offerings, faculty expertise, and research opportunities. Highlight why the program aligns with your academic and career goals.
    • Showcase Relevant Experiences:

      Highlight your academic achievements, internships, research projects, or work experiences that demonstrate your proficiency in Data Science. Emphasize how these experiences have shaped your interest and prepared you for the program.
    • Express Motivation:

      Clearly articulate your motivations for pursuing an MS in Data Science at UMBC. Explain why you are passionate about the field, how it aligns with your long-term goals, and how the program at UMBC will contribute to your growth.
    • Be Specific and Concise:

      Use specific examples and anecdotes to support your claims and demonstrate your qualifications. Keep your SOP concise and focused, highlighting the most relevant information.
    • Demonstrate Fit with UMBC:

      Showcase your knowledge of UMBC, its faculty, research centers, and unique aspects of the MS in Data Science program. Explain why UMBC is the right fit for your educational and professional aspirations.
    • Proofread and Edit:

      Pay careful attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Ensure that your SOP is well-organized, coherent, and free of errors. Seek feedback from professors, mentors, or professionals to refine your statement.

    Scholarships for International Students

    • Departmental Scholarships
    • Graduate Assistantships
    • External Scholarships

    Please note that the availability of scholarships can vary from year to year, and many scholarships have specific eligibility requirements and deadlines.

    Why University of Maryland Baltimore County Stands Out: A Closer Look

    The UMBC MS in Data Science program stands out due to several unique features that set it apart from other programs:

    • Practical and Experiential Learning: UMBC's program emphasizes hands-on, practical learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to work on real-world projects and collaborate with industry partners, gaining valuable experience in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling. This practical approach ensures that graduates are job-ready and equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the field of data science.
    • Strong Industry Connections: UMBC has established strong ties with the tech industry, providing students with access to internships, job placements, and networking opportunities. Through partnerships with local and national businesses, government agencies, and research institutes, students can connect with industry professionals, gain insights into industry trends, and explore potential career paths.
    • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The University of Maryland Baltimore County MS in data science program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of relevant topics. Students develop a strong foundation in theoretical concepts and practical applications, from data exploration and visualization to advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling. 
    • Research Opportunities: UMBC is renowned for its vibrant research community, and data science students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research projects. 
    • Inclusive and Collaborative Community: UMBC fosters an inclusive and collaborative community where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow. The program encourages teamwork, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration, mirroring the collaborative nature of data science in real-world settings.

    What Maryland Baltimore County values in Applicants?

    The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) holds a strong commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and fostering a vibrant learning community. As applicants consider UMBC, it is essential to understand the values the university holds dear and the invaluable opportunities it provides to students. UMBC recognizes and values the following traits and qualities in its applicants:

    • Intellectual Curiosity: UMBC values applicants who possess a genuine thirst for knowledge and a passion for intellectual exploration. The university seeks individuals who demonstrate a natural curiosity, a desire to ask meaningful questions, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
    • Dedication to Excellence: UMBC admires applicants who strive for excellence in their academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and personal endeavors. The university seeks students who show a strong work ethic, a commitment to personal growth, and a determination to achieve their goals.
    • Diversity and Inclusivity: UMBC deeply values diversity in all its forms and welcomes applicants from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. The university seeks to create a vibrant and inclusive campus community that fosters a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and worldviews.
    • Collaborative Spirit: UMBC appreciates applicants who exhibit a collaborative mindset, recognizing the power of teamwork and collective efforts in achieving common goals. The university values students who actively engage in collaborations, communicate effectively, and contribute positively to their communities.
    • Social Responsibility: UMBC places importance on applicants who demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. The university encourages students to engage in community service, advocacy, and ethical leadership, instilling a sense of civic engagement and global citizenship.

    At UMBC, applicants find a university that not only values these qualities but also provides exceptional opportunities to nurture their potential and thrive in their chosen fields. Here are some of the values that UMBC offers to its applicants:

    Innovative and Rigorous Education: UMBC provides applicants with an innovative and rigorous education that prepares them to excel in their chosen disciplines. Through expert faculty, cutting-edge research, and dynamic coursework, students receive a high-quality education that equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.
    Supportive and Inclusive Community: UMBC fosters a supportive and inclusive community where applicants can feel a sense of belonging. The university offers resources, programs, and support services to ensure that every student has access to opportunities for personal growth, academic success, and overall well-being.
    Research and Experiential Learning: UMBC emphasizes research and experiential learning opportunities, allowing applicants to engage in hands-on experiences, collaborate with faculty on ground breaking research, and apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges. These experiences foster critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper understanding of their chosen fields.
    Global Perspective and Cultural Enrichment: UMBC provides applicants with a global perspective by offering diverse academic programs, study abroad opportunities, and a multicultural campus environment. Through interactions with students from different backgrounds and exposure to a range of cultures, applicants gain a broader understanding of the world and develop intercultural competence.

    Maryland Baltimore County (Umbc) MSc in Data Science Contact Information

    Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

    Main Line: 410-455-2336

    Mail: maliyou1@umbc.edu

    Location: 1000 Hilltop Circle
    Sherman Hall East 4th Floor
    Baltimore, MD 21250

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    umbc ms in data science


    Deciding whether to apply to a particular UMBC MS in Data Science program is a deeply personal decision and depends on several factors, including your career goals, personal interests, financial considerations, and more.

    • Robust Curriculum: The program's interdisciplinary curriculum, which incorporates statistics, machine learning, and big data, provides a comprehensive foundation in data science. This can prepare you for a wide range of data-related roles across various industries.
    • Experienced Faculty: Learning from a faculty comprised of seasoned professionals and researchers can provide both theoretical knowledge and practical, industry-relevant skills.
    • Flexibility: With both full-time and part-time program options, the course can accommodate both recent graduates and working professionals.
    • Research Opportunities: If you're interested in the cutting-edge of data science, the program provides opportunities for research in various aspects of the field.
    • Industry Connections: UMBC's strong ties with the industry can offer possibilities for internships, projects, and potential job placements.
    • Alumni Network: Joining UMBC means becoming part of a broad, active alumni network, which can provide opportunities for networking and mentorship.

    However, before making your decision, it's important to conduct your research. Consider reaching out to current students or alumni of the program to hear about their experiences. Evaluate the course content to ensure it aligns with your career goals. If possible, visit the campus or attend an open day or information session to get a feel for the community and culture.

    In summary, UMBC's Master of Science in Data Science program offers a comprehensive education in data science, with a combination of theoretical and practical learning, and a diverse, active community. If these factors align with your career and academic goals, it might well be worth considering an application.

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    What is the difference between Columbia's MS in Data Science and Columbia's MS in CS with the machine learning track?

    First of all, Columbia's MS in Data Science and Computer Science are both excellent programs. But I do want to suggest you know it with some elements. You see, even with MS computer science with the machine learning track, it offers way too many options. So, you can choose from numerous courses under the MS computer science with machine learning. Whereas MS in data science is more of statistics and analytics. In a way you kind of stick with it, which by the way is not a bad thing.

    This option delivers to more individuals who are interested in the field. You may not know how many students change their career paths while in their masters. In this case MS in CS with a machine learning track is far more viable.

    Now, this may seem a bit technical, but important if you want to figure out the difference. The MS in data science does consist of computer systems and operations, machine learning etc. But it's far more directional. The course options for MS in data science will be more focused on data science principles. Of-course it goes for MS CS with machine learning as well. However, MS CS machine learning track will offer a wider CS learning.

    As complicated as it seems, it's just a matter of limit on availability in both programs. You can either go for a rather more universal opinion or a directional one. Simple right? And if your career modules are already set, just go for the required elective options keeping the subject approach in mind.

    What are the career options for Data Science and Data Analytics differences?
    Well, they are not much different except that data analytics is a part of data science. You can consider them separate based on how significant data analytics is but the jobs and responsibilities all fall under data science. See, it is like a branch of the subject. Just like Mechanical and the Engineering itself.

    I think you would be more satisfied with knowing the basic difference between these two. Maybe you will find something you are looking for this way. So data science is basically finding meaningful correlations between large datasets. Here, it doesn't have to be any specific kind of result or relation. Like even if you find unwanted statistics from a database, it still falls under data science.

    On the other hand, data analytics is used to find specific information. For example, the goal can be finding correlations between different data or maybe just the average values. It basically means that you need data analytics to carry out set tasks and roles. It's a branch of data science that is focused on specific answers to data science questions.

    This must have given you an idea of how their career options differentiate. For example, a data scientist can work as a data analyst, and they will have a wider industry to play with. Whereas for a data analyst, the job roles are more specific. Like you will have directional areas to work with. Let me explain it in a different way. The main points you need to see for a data analyst career are:

    higher average salaries.
    fast-growing industry with skilled workers.
    nice career advancement options

    These are your career options as a data analyst. For data science, you will be free to join more sectors and work in different job roles. Any task and operation related to data fall under data scone. In a data science MS degree, your main concern will be your elective in your final year. They will decide which job you are going to join after graduation. For specifics, these are the points you need to know for a data science career:

    wider subjects to cover like Python, SQL, database etc.
    connected with many other sectors.
    one of the top subjects and professions in undeveloped countries.

    I hope this clears some of your doubts. The jobs in both areas can be the same given the job title. Data experts are very high in demand nowadays and the jobs in these fields are paid handsomely. If you are interested in any branch of data science, I suggest you start building a profile right now. Because most international students are targeting data science courses in universities abroad. Better to be safe than sorry.

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    I want to study abroad. Please suggest any college which is within my budget of 15-20 lakhs?

    I understand finances play a huge role in the decision-making process of studying abroad and not everybody is privileged enough to not worry about the expenses. Now, there are various universities that can be considered under your budget but what will be the point of me suggesting you computer science universities if you are planning to pursue digital marketing? 

    What I mean here is, that you need to first confirm your course and the specialization that you wish to pursue because the tuition fee varies across courses and schools. 

    Another way to make your masters abroad even more affordable would be availing scholarships and loans. The scholarships that you can apply to or the loans that you can get, again, depends on the course and school that you’ll be applying to. 

    So tell me more about the course that you are interested in and based on that I would be able to help you with accurate information. 


    Chances of getting into UMBC and california state university?

    The acceptance price at UMBC is 57.9%.

    For every one hundred applicants, fifty eight are admitted. This capacity the school is somewhat selective.


    While there are a lot of portions that go into a college application, you have to focus on only a few imperative things:


    GPA requirements

    Testing requirements, inclusive of SAT and ACT requirements

    Application requirements

    In this information we are going to cowl what you need to get into UMBC and build a strong application.


    School location: Baltimore, MD


    This school is also known as: University of Maryland Baltimore County


    The first step of the admissions system is submitting your application. An applicant ought to meet certain verifiable criteria to be regarded for the admission process. This criteria, outlined below, includes minimal grade point common (GPA) and language talent requirements.




    View All Questions