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Why choose MentR-Me as your Study Abroad Guide?
How working with us can benefit you:
Application Assistance
We help you enhance your strengths & boost your chances of admission to your desired school.
Personalized School Selection
We create a personalized list of schools which are ideal for your profile and career goals.
Expert Content Team
Content team dedicated to crafting flawless essays, resumes, and LORs tailored for you.
Counseling Team
Get personalized assistance from dedicated counselors committed to your application.
Unlimited Edits
Unlimited edits on all your essays, LORs, resume making sure that you are satisfied.
Scholarship Support
With nearly 40% of our clients securing scholarships, your chances are higher as well.
Who will Help you?
Admission Counselors
Leveraging years of experience, our team ensures prompt and flawless resolution of all your queries.
Content Experts
With expertise in crafting essays, resumes, and LORs, our experts help students secure admissions to the best colleges.
Alumni Team
Our alumni team oversees and proofreads your entire application and documents, increasing your chances of admission.

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How do we Help our Students?

Brainstorming Session

During this complimentary strategy session, you'll collaborate with our in-house experts to evaluate your educational background against global standards.
They'll offer guidance on next steps and facilitate connections with admissions experts.

Finalizing School List

The crucial stage of the application process revolves around crafting your school list. It's essential to gauge your likelihood of acceptance at each institution, which requires insight from experienced individuals. That's why our team of experts is on hand to assist you in categorizing schools into Dream, Competitive, and Safe categories. Once your school list is finalized, you can confidently commence the application process!

Expert Assistance

A dedicated consultant will support you throughout the entire process, ensuring someone is there to assist you as you confront the admissions committee directly. Each interaction in your applications should authentically convey your narrative, and our experts will ensure you secure that dream admission. We offer assistance with:
  • Resume, SOP & Essay writing
  • Application Forms & LOR
  • Interview Preparation and Support

Test Preparation Resources

Some countries mandate English proficiency tests for applicants. Our team of experienced teachers, with over 20 years of expertise, aids students in preparation for these exams. Given the widespread requirement of English proficiency tests by many schools, we offer complimentary assistance in preparing for IELTS and TOEFL. There's no need to incur additional expenses on preparation materials when you have our support!

Post Admit Services

If you're concerned about securing assistance with your documents to maximize funding opportunities or to prevent visa rejection, you're in the right hands. When it comes to documentation, even triple-checking may not suffice. Rely on us for the seal of confirmation to avoid any last-minute rushes or complications.

How our Inbox looks after School Results are announced!

Admit from: Boston University

Admit from: UCSD

Admit from: UCD

Admit from: University of Buffalo

Admit from: Northeastern University

Admit from: USC

Admit from: UCSD

Admits from: Purdue University and ASU

Admits from: Northeastern University and Babson College

Admit from: Boston University

Admit from: UCSD

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Photo of Romil

"MentR-Me provided invaluable support in enhancing both my profile and application for top-tier schools, resulting in successful admission into my dream university. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering assistance and guidance throughout this transformative and successful journey."

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2
Photo of Ankita

"For those aspiring to navigate the journey toward their dream school, MentR-Me emerges as the ideal companion. Their support was so helpful in clarifying my career goals and improving my profile. If you're committed to pursuing a master's degree abroad, take advantage of MentR-Me's services without hesitation."

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2
Photo of Kunal

"MentR-Me puts in its best efforts to understand the profile of the candidate in-depth. Another amazing service the team offers is multiple edits until you get the best. No limit to edits! They make sure to make the best profile! I thank the entire team of MentR-Me for supporting me throughout the process and ensuring my admit into top school."

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2
Photo of Supriya

"Choosing to work with MentR-Me was undoubtedly one of the most beneficial decisions. Their deep understanding of top schools proved invaluable, providing me with crucial insights and also their constant support kept me motivated. I am extremely satisfied with the services they provided, which undoubtedly played a pivotal role in securing my admission offer."

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2
Photo of Aditya

"After facing multiple rejections, I turned to MentR-Me in a state of concern regarding my admissions prospects. Their approach was nothing short of brilliance. The SOPs and LORs crafted for me were exceptional, effectively highlighting my experiences. As a result, I not only secured admission but also received a scholarship, which speaks volumes about how helpful they were."

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2
Photo of Kritika

"Even with a GRE score of just 312, gaining acceptance to such prestigious colleges underscores the invaluable contribution of MentR-Me to my application. All the counselors have firsthand experience navigating the application process. With their guidance, securing admission to one of my dream colleges became a reality for me. All thanks to them!"

Admits From:

Admitted From 1Admitted From 2

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  • Expert Personalized Counsellor
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The Process

  • SOP Brainstorming Call
  • Personalized SOP
  • Perfect LORs
  • Finalized Resume
  • Unlimited Edits
  • Access to Dashboard
  • University Shortlisting
  • End-to-End Support
  • Document Guidance
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Profile Building
  • GRE Material
  • IELTS Classes

Post Admit Help

  • Loans Assistance
  • Visa Guidance
  • Accomodation Assistance
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