I want to study abroad. Please suggest any college which is within my budget of 15-20 lakhs?

Asked by Mohd Uvais almost 2 years ago

Answers 1

I understand finances play a huge role in the decision-making process of studying abroad and not everybody is privileged enough to not worry about the expenses. Now, there are various universities that can be considered under your budget but what will be the point of me suggesting you computer science universities if you are planning to pursue digital marketing? 

What I mean here is, that you need to first confirm your course and the specialization that you wish to pursue because the tuition fee varies across courses and schools. 

Another way to make your masters abroad even more affordable would be availing scholarships and loans. The scholarships that you can apply to or the loans that you can get, again, depends on the course and school that you’ll be applying to. 

So tell me more about the course that you are interested in and based on that I would be able to help you with accurate information. 



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