What are the career options for Data Science and Data Analytics differences?

Asked by Raveena Tomar almost 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

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Well, they are not much different except that data analytics is a part of data science. You can consider them separate based on how significant data analytics is but the jobs and responsibilities all fall under data science. See, it is like a branch of the subject. Just like Mechanical and the Engineering itself.

I think you would be more satisfied with knowing the basic difference between these two. Maybe you will find something you are looking for this way. So data science is basically finding meaningful correlations between large datasets. Here, it doesn't have to be any specific kind of result or relation. Like even if you find unwanted statistics from a database, it still falls under data science.

On the other hand, data analytics is used to find specific information. For example, the goal can be finding correlations between different data or maybe just the average values. It basically means that you need data analytics to carry out set tasks and roles. It's a branch of data science that is focused on specific answers to data science questions.

This must have given you an idea of how their career options differentiate. For example, a data scientist can work as a data analyst, and they will have a wider industry to play with. Whereas for a data analyst, the job roles are more specific. Like you will have directional areas to work with. Let me explain it in a different way. The main points you need to see for a data analyst career are:

higher average salaries.
fast-growing industry with skilled workers.
nice career advancement options

These are your career options as a data analyst. For data science, you will be free to join more sectors and work in different job roles. Any task and operation related to data fall under data scone. In a data science MS degree, your main concern will be your elective in your final year. They will decide which job you are going to join after graduation. For specifics, these are the points you need to know for a data science career:

wider subjects to cover like Python, SQL, database etc.
connected with many other sectors.
one of the top subjects and professions in undeveloped countries.

I hope this clears some of your doubts. The jobs in both areas can be the same given the job title. Data experts are very high in demand nowadays and the jobs in these fields are paid handsomely. If you are interested in any branch of data science, I suggest you start building a profile right now. Because most international students are targeting data science courses in universities abroad. Better to be safe than sorry.


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