Eligibility Requirements for Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS)

Eligibility Requirements mads

The Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science (MADS) program offers a comprehensive pathway for students looking to advance their careers in data science. The application process for the upcoming cycle is streamlined and digital, ensuring that candidates can submit their materials conveniently online.

Below, you will find a structured breakdown of the key dates, requirements, and submission guidelines for the MADS program application.

Eligibility criteria  Description
Academic Background  Undergraduate and graduate transcripts of all institutions where you have attended and/or graduated
Standardized Test TOEFL,
Duolingo scores
Transcripts Provide official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities showing satisfactory academic performance.
Letters of recommendation Submit letters of recommendation from academic or professional references highlighting abilities and potential for success in the program.
Statement of purpose Write a statement outlining your academic and professional background, research interests, and reasons for pursuing the MS in Data science.

Test Scores Requirement


About Carnegie Mellon University

Nestled as a private, global research university, Carnegie Mellon has etched its mark among the world's most distinguished educational institutions, boldly  steering its unique course. With over 14,500 students from 100+ countries, this academic hub thrives on diversity, creating a dynamic and vibrant community.

Faculty diversity mirrors this international flair, with 1,300+ professors hailing from 50+ countries. It's a global symphony of knowledge, where  varied perspectives converge to shape a rich academic experience.

Amidst this financial success lies the heartbeat of CMU – a realm where cutting-edge brain science, trailblazing performances, and  innovative startups converge. The hands-on learning experience catapults students into a world of big data, driverless cars, and big ambitions.

Nobel and Turing prizes punctuate CMU's journey, validating its commitment to excellence. Here, the university  don't just imagine the future; they craft it with their own hands, fueled by a passion for exploration and a whole lot of robots.

Carnegie Mellon stands not as a mere institution but as a beacon of innovation, beckoning those who dare to dream and create. In this global melting pot, ideas flourish, boundaries vanish, and the future unfolds in the hands  of those who call CMU home.

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Program Description

Carnegie Mellon's Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) program, is a nine-month odyssey spanning two dynamic semesters. The essence of this professional master's degree lies in cultivating industry-valued competencies among its students, weaving a narrative around data analysis, statistical computing, and professional skills that resonate in the real-world landscape.

For those seeking a swift entry into the fast-paced, high-growth industries of the United States upon graduation, the Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science (MADS) program is the catalyst for success. It's more than a curriculum; it's a gateway to a thriving career.

The program meticulously constructs a foundation of skills in statistical computing and data analysis. However, its ambition extends beyond academics. MADS is a compass guiding students toward industries and positions aligned with their unique aptitudes and interests. It's a roadmap through the intricacies of the job market, sculpting graduates into adept navigators poised for triumph in their post-graduation careers.

As the Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program unfolds, graduates emerge as success stories in diverse sectors. Picture a spectrum that spans banking, sports, health care, government, and the ever-evolving tech industry. This is not just a degree; it's a ticket to becoming a data scientist, a data analyst, or a data engineer – roles coveted in today's data-driven world.

Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science (MADS) program is not about theoretical knowledge confined to lecture halls. It's about empowering individuals to wield data as a tool for innovation to dissect complexities, and to envision solutions. It's an immersive experience where the line between learning and doing blurs, where the journey itself becomes the destination. 

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum URL:https://www.cmu.edu/dietrich/statistics-datascience/academics/mads/curriculum/index.html

Electives at Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program offer students a vibrant canvas of choice, allowing them to tailor their academic journey to their passions and career aspirations. MS in Data Science USA offers electives such as:

  • Statistical Methods in Finance
  • Text Analysis
  • Sports Analytics
  • Computational Public Health 


Electives at Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program offer students a vibrant canvas of choice, allowing them to tailor their academic journey to their passions and career aspirations. MS in Data Science USA offers electives such as:

  • Statistical Methods in Finance
  • Text Analysis
  • Sports Analytics
  • Computational Public Health 

Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program prides itself on a robust set of core courses that form the bedrock of academic excellence. the core courses are as follows:

Fall Schedule Core Curriculum (required)

  • Professional Skills for Statisticians I 
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Engineering
  • Applied Linear Models
  • Statistical Computing

Spring Schedule Core Curriculum (required)

  • Professional Skills for Statisticians II
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Time Series 
  • Statistical Practice

Statistics & Data Science

Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science (CMU) isn't just a place of academic pursuit; it's a thriving ecosystem of interests and passions. With over 400 student-run organizations, the campus is a mosaic of diversity, catering to a vast array of pursuits that  enrich the student experience. These organizations, recognized and supported by the university, span a spectrum of interests, ensuring there's a place for every student to connect and engage.

Some prominent clubs are:

1. Carnegie AI Safety Initiative
Category: Educational, Professional/Academic, General Interest, Technology

At the intersection of education, professionalism, general interest, and technology lies the Carnegie AI Safety Initiative. Recognized by the   Student Government, this initiative delves into the complexities of artificial intelligence with a focus on safety, making it an inclusive space for students from various backgrounds and interests.

2. 180 Degrees Consulting CMU Branch
Category: Professional, Civic Engagement

Empowering students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges, the 180 Degrees Consulting CMU Branch stands as  a beacon of professionalism and civic engagement. Recognized for its commitment to making a positive impact, this organization serves as a bridge between academic prowess and community-driven solutions.

3. AB Tech
Category: Technology

AB Tech emerges as a tech-centric powerhouse within CMU's student organizations. Acknowledged by the Student Government, AB Tech  focuses on all things technology, providing a platform for enthusiasts to explore, innovate, and stay abreast of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Category: Professional/Academic, Technology

The ACM@CMU organization seamlessly blends professionalism and academia with a strong focus on technology. Recognized by  the Student Government, ACM@CMU creates an environment where students can delve into the academic and professional aspects of technology, fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals.

You can explore further at https://tartanconnect.cmu.edu/club_signup.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) prides itself on not only delivering top-notch academics but also fostering a vibrant and holistic student experience. Embracing the ethos that education extends beyond the classroom, CMU offers a plethora of extra activities, exciting events, and invaluable student resources.

Diverse Clubs for Every Interest

One remarkable facet of CMU's student life is the array of clubs available, catering to a diverse range of interests. Whether you're into robotics, debate, or even medieval sword fighting (yes, it exists!), CMU has a club for you. These clubs aren't just about shared hobbies; they're hubs of connection, where like-minded individuals come together to forge lasting friendships and enrich their college journey.

Epic Events that Elevate Campus Life

CMU doesn't just stop at classes and assignments; it's a bustling hub of events that breathe life into the campus. From electrifying concerts to thought-provoking speaker series, the events at CMU are designed to stimulate not just the intellect but also the spirit. Imagine the thrill of attending a hackathon where innovative minds collide, or the joy of a cultural festival that celebrates diversity. These events aren't just extra; they're essential threads in the tapestry of a CMU education.

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Acceptance Rate

Recent reports unveil that Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program boasts an acceptance rate of 13.5%. This figure signifies the proportion of applicants who successfully secure admission to the university, showcasing the institution's selective and competitive admission process.

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Fee Structure

The cost of tuition for the Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science program for the 2023-2024 academic year is $56,630, with additional mandatory fees of around $960. MADS students may have the opportunity to receive a stipend by working as an educational assistant or teaching assistant within the Department of Statistics & Data Science, depending on their eligibility and qualifications. No other funding opportunities are available through the program beyond these assistantships.

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Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Employment

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) isn't just about classrooms and textbooks; it's a launchpad for future careers. The employment landscape for CMU graduates is a dynamic canvas, with top-notch employers seeking the talent that CMU cultivates.

Diverse Employers, Limitless Opportunities

CMU alumni have spread their wings across a spectrum of industries, with giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta leading the charge. The employment search is akin to a treasure hunt, with Amazon taking the crown with 59 opportunities, closely followed by Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Meta. It's not just about quantity; these names represent pathways to diverse and exciting career trajectories.

Job Titles as Varied as Talents

The job titles at CMU resemble a mosaic of possibilities, reflecting the diversity of talents nurtured within its walls. Whether you're inclined towards coding wizardry as a Software Engineer, envisioning the next big thing as a Product Manager, or delving into the realms of Artificial Intelligence as a Machine Learning Engineer, CMU has a niche for your aspirations. The job titles aren't just labels; they're invitations to embark on fulfilling professional journeys.

Average Salaries that Speak Success

Numbers don't lie, and the average salary of CMU graduates echoes success. At an impressive $140,349, this figure isn't just a sum; it's a testament to the value that employers place on the education and skills acquired at CMU. With 255 reported salaries, this isn't just a statistic; it's a reflection of the vast CMU network making waves in the professional sphere.


Average Starting Salary

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Employment Statistics

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Carnegie Mellon University, the journey from student to professional is a well-traveled path, and the employment statistics offer a fascinating glimpse into this transition.

1. Working Warriors: 76%

A whopping 76% of CMU graduates swiftly transition from campus to career, embracing the professional realm with enthusiasm. These working warriors, numbering 2,936 strong, embark on diverse career paths, contributing their freshly honed skills to industries far and wide.

2. Median Salary Soars: $124,360

As these graduates dive into the workforce, they are met with a median salary that soars to an impressive $124,360. This figure showcases the value placed on the skills and knowledge gained during their time at CMU, propelling them into roles that offer substantial financial reward.

3. Continuing Education: 16%

A group of trailblazers, constituting 16% of graduates (609 individuals), opts for a different route—continuing their education. This cohort delves deeper into academic pursuits, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to further expertise in their chosen fields.

4. Average Salary Peaks: $121,617

For those who take the plunge into the professional arena, the average salary peaks at an impressive $121,617. This statistic underscores not only the caliber of CMU graduates but also the high demand for their skills in the competitive job market.

5. Job Seekers on the Horizon: 6%

A smaller yet determined group, comprising 6% (244 individuals), embarks on the journey of job seeking. Armed with their CMU education, they venture into the professional landscape, ready to carve out their niches and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.

6. Diverse Career Trajectories: Other 1%

A dynamic 1% of graduates (50 individuals) take unique paths beyond conventional employment or continued education. Their trajectories, diverse and intriguing, reflect the individuality and innovative spirit nurtured at CMU.

Companies Recruiting Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Graduates

The top recruiters are as follows:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Meta 
  • Apple

Employment Overview URL: https://www.cmu.edu/career/outcomes/post-grad-dashboard.html

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Alumni Info

Delving into the expansive alumni network, boasting a staggering 109,900+ members representing 140+ countries, we witness the global impact of Carnegie  Mellon's education. The alumni are ambassadors of innovation and change, scattered across the world, bringing the university's essence to every corner.

Notable alumnus:

  • Prof. Sayam Sen Gupta
  • Alan Eaton
  • Maurice Parent 
  • Y-Vonne Hutchinson


Application Essay for Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS)



Letter of Recommendation for Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS)

Your Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science (MADS) application requires 3 LOR and you are needed to answer the following questions:

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? Please clearly indicate your position regarding the applicant (i.e. - professor/instructor, direct supervisor, mentor, advisor, colleague, etc.).
  2. Do you believe the applicant gives her/his maximum effort and perseveres toward the stated goal when given a task, assignment, or project? Please provide details to support your answer.
  3. Discuss how the applicant works in a group (including interpersonal skills) and/or functions in a leadership role.
  4. Describe the applicant's ability to communicate in oral and written form.
  5. Provide an example where the applicant worked to solve a problem or handled a difficult situation professionally.
  6. If you are able, please describe the applicant's understanding of, background in and commitment to this academic/professional field.
  7. Please share any additional information about the applicant's personal qualities, maturity, academic or professional record which you believe would be helpful to the admissions committee.

In the labyrinth of admissions, a beacon of support comes in the form of a Letter of Recommendation (LOR). This document, crafted by someone who knows you well academically or professionally, is your advocate, offering a window into your abilities, character, and potential for success in the academic or professional realm.

Here's your map to securing a robust LOR:

1. Choose Wisely

The alchemy begins with your choice of recommender. Seek someone who not only knows you well but can also articulate your academic or professional prowess. Whether it's a professor, employer, or supervisor, choose a recommender who has witnessed your capabilities firsthand.

2. Timing is Everything

Timing is the magic potion. Request the recommendation well in advance, giving your recommender ample time to weave their insights into the letter. Be courteous in your request, explaining the purpose, providing context, and expressing sincere gratitude for their support.

3. Information is Key

Arm your recommender with the necessary details. Share information about the program you're applying to, your career aspirations, and specific points you'd like them to underscore in the letter. The more they know, the more tailored and impactful the recommendation.

4. Showcase Your Victories

Don't be shy about flaunting your victories. Share your academic and professional achievements, projects, or experiences you'd like your recommender to spotlight. This not only adds substance to the recommendation but also helps in crafting a more personalized narrative.

5. Forge a Personal Connection

If possible, choose someone with whom you share a meaningful connection. Personal anecdotes add depth and humanity to the recommendation, making it resonate with the reader.


Statement of Purpose for Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS)

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is your golden ticket, the key to unlocking the doors of Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program. It's not just a document; it's your narrative, a story of academic prowess, professional aspirations, and the unique essence that makes you, well, you.

1. A Captivating Introduction

Picture this – your SOP kicks off with a bang! State loud and clear that you're diving headfirst into the MSc in Data Science program at CMU. Express your excitement for the field with gusto, setting the stage for an engaging journey through your SOP.

2. Academic Odyssey

Take a quick tour through your academic journey. Highlight those courses and victories that shout, "I'm ready for advanced studies in Data Science!" Showcase the academic foundations you've laid, forming the stepping stones for your next big venture.

3. Professional Chronicles

For those with a professional chapter in their story, this is your time to shine. Explain how your work experiences have fueled your fascination with data science. Illuminate projects or roles that scream, "I'm not just ready; I'm over-prepared for the MSc program!"

4. The Heart of It All

Dive deep into your soul – why Data Science? And more importantly, why CMU? Spell out the specifics that make CMU the perfect match for your dreams. Is it the program structure, the faculty brilliance, or the wealth of resources? Unveil your motivations and let them resonate.

5. Research Dreams

If specific research interests tickle your fancy, spill the beans. Show how your curiosities align with the wizards of knowledge at CMU. Let them know you're not just here to learn; you're here to contribute to the ever-evolving realm of Data Science.

6. Mapping the Future

Paint a vivid picture of where you see yourself in the future. How does the MSc in Data Science fit into this grand narrative? Explain how it's not just a degree; it's a compass guiding you toward your professional North Star.

7. Contributions and Individuality

What makes you a vibrant thread in CMU's academic tapestry? Highlight those quirks, skills, and experiences that add flavor to the mix. Your uniqueness is not just welcomed; it's celebrated.

8. Steer Clear of Generic Waters

Beware of the generic trap. Dive into specifics, provide examples, and let your individuality sparkle. Generic statements are the snooze button; be the wake-up call.

9. A Powerful Conclusion

Wrap it up with finesse. Reiterate your commitment to excellence, your thrill for the program, and the exciting prospect of contributing to CMU's academic community. Leave them with an impression that lingers.

10. Polish Your Gem

Lastly, polish your gem. Ensure your SOP sparkles without grammatical hiccups. Seek feedback; let others help chisel your narrative into a masterpiece.

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Scholarships available for International Students

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) understands that investing in higher education can be weighty. Fear not, as CMU is firmly committed to ensuring that the dream of a CMU education is within reach for all students, including international ones. The financial aid program at CMU encompasses scholarships and grants, helping alleviate the financial burden of college expenses.

Scholarships and Grants:

Scholarships and grants stand as pillars of support for students, offered not just based on academic merit but also considering financial needs. The beauty of these awards lies in the fact that, unlike loans, they're not a debt hanging over the student's head. CMU believes in nurturing talent and enabling aspirations without creating a financial labyrinth.

Exploring Scholarships

For incoming students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a passion for information security, the CyberCorps® Scholarship for Service (SFS) program is a beacon of opportunity. This program doesn't just offer financial assistance; it provides full financial coverage for a select number of highly qualified applicants. Interested students can express their intent for consideration during the admissions process, completing a request for funding   form. If admitted to the M.S. in Information Security (MSIS) program and meeting all requirements, candidates will receive further details, deadlines, and instructions for the final steps of the application process.

Unlocking Potential: Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP) – DoD Cyber Exchange:

Sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Office and administered by the National Security Agency (NSA), the DoD CySP program at CMU aims to enrich technical education in computer systems and security. It opens doors to research and development opportunities, honing expertise in securing data, networks, systems, and services. Aspiring students can indicate their interest in funding on their admissions application, and eligible candidates admitted to the INI will receive direct communication via email, providing information on DoD CySP application details, deadlines, and instructions.

What makes Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) unique?

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is no ordinary academic institution; it's a mosaic of uniqueness, standing tall for several reasons that set it apart:

  • CMU embraces an unconventional approach to education and research, weaving connections across diverse departments and schools. This collaborative spirit not only fosters innovation but also molds individuals into well-rounded visionaries.
  • A symphony of technology, computer science, robotics, and the arts echoes through CMU's corridors. This blend of technical prowess and creative expression crafts graduates with a versatile skill set, ready to tackle the challenges of a dynamic world.
  • CMU's School of Computer Science stands as a global powerhouse. Its consistent top-ranking status underscores its contributions to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human-computer interaction, shaping the future of technology.
  • A global tapestry unfolds within CMU's community, drawing students and faculty from around the world. This diversity enriches both the cultural and academic spheres, creating a vibrant environment.
  • An entrepreneurial flame burns bright at CMU, igniting numerous successful start-ups and spin-off companies born from cutting-edge research and innovation.
  • The Robotics Institute at CMU pioneers advancements in robotics and automation, contributing ground breaking research that propels the field forward.
  • Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CMU enjoys the benefits of a city with a thriving cultural scene and a burgeoning tech industry. The collaborative dance between the university and the city amplifies opportunities for students.
  • CMU's research and graduates leave an indelible mark globally, influencing technology, policy, and the arts. The university stands proud for producing alumni who excel in diverse fields worldwide.

Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS) Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

Mail Address: Teraya White, Academic Program Manager, Department of Statistics, Baker Hall 232L
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Contact: (412) 268-2717

E-Mail: mads-admissions@stat.cmu.edu

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Conclusion: Should you apply to Carnegie Mellon University MSc in Applied Data Science (MADS)?

In conclusion, for those seeking a transformative journey in applied data science, Carnegie Mellon University MS in Data Science MADS program  beckons with its unique blend of academic rigor, interdisciplinary excellence, and global impact. The decision to apply is not just a choice; it's an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where innovation knows no bounds, diversity is celebrated, and success is not just a goal but a tangible reality. The MADS journey at CMU is an opportunity to not only learn but to shape the future of data science.

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I want to become a data scientist...what should I choose in my masters...CS or data science?Or Can I do my masters in CS and become a data scientist ?I'm a CS major !?

Data Science is an important aspect of many industries because it helps people understand big data and how it can be used effectively in businesses or organisations with the scope of communication and programming. Data science works with structured and unstructured data, which subject matter experts sort to form a product or explanatory analysis. Data Science has advanced technology and made it easier to connect and communicate. Masters in Data Science Course Eligibility:

English Proficiency Test: IELTS or PTE or TOEFL
Entrance Exam: GRE and GMAT (depends on the specific university)
Bachelor’s degree from a relevant university
Letter of Recommendation
Over 90% of individuals working in this field pursue an MS in Data Science abroad because the career requires an explicit understanding of the methods, modules, and processes. The Masters of Data Science programme is popular among Indian students due to the broad scope of learning, growth, and career opportunities. The most common university programme is the MSc Data Science or MS Data Science. If you have any further questions just ask me.


What are the top career options for data analytics and data science?
Data analytics and data science are often considered as one, but there is a difference. Data science is a vast career, and data analytics is a subset of data science. A large number of people today are inclining toward data analytics and data science careers. Well, there are various reasons for this inclination, such as :

This is a field where there is a high average salary of individuals. 
The industry is growing at a fast pace, and there is a huge demand for skilled personnel. 
There is a lot of room for advancement in a career in this field. 
So let’s now discuss the various job roles. As I have mentioned that data analytics and data science are two different fields, here are the top two career options for each of them separately. 

Career options in data analytics: 

Data analyst: This is the most common job role in the field of data analytics. But it does not mean that this does not have a wide career scope. We have already discussed that this field industry is facing a huge shortage of skilled individuals. The role of a data analyst is to analyze huge chunks of data and maintain databases. 
Business Intelligence Analyst: Every moment, there is a huge momentum in the market, competitors, customers, anything that may take a huge turn at any moment, and that will have a huge impact on the business and its future. Therefore it is important for a business to analyze these shifts and turns in the market and make correct decisions accordingly. This is where the role of a Business Analyst comes to play. They analyze the shifts in market trends so that management can make appropriate decisions timely. 

Career options in data science: 

Data Engineer: This role is within the field of data science so this field will require more technical skills, and the problems will be more complex. The role of a data analyst requires maintenance of databases, the responsibilities of a data engineer are one step ahead. They are also responsible for updating those databases and data structures. 
Project Manager: Project managers work with a team of data analysts and track their team's efficiency and progress. Project managers also maintain coordination with the data analysts and data scientists to maximize productivity and deliver the best results.

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