What are the top career options for data analytics and data science?

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

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Data analytics and data science are often considered as one, but there is a difference. Data science is a vast career, and data analytics is a subset of data science. A large number of people today are inclining toward data analytics and data science careers. Well, there are various reasons for this inclination, such as :

This is a field where there is a high average salary of individuals. 
The industry is growing at a fast pace, and there is a huge demand for skilled personnel. 
There is a lot of room for advancement in a career in this field. 
So let’s now discuss the various job roles. As I have mentioned that data analytics and data science are two different fields, here are the top two career options for each of them separately. 

Career options in data analytics: 

Data analyst: This is the most common job role in the field of data analytics. But it does not mean that this does not have a wide career scope. We have already discussed that this field industry is facing a huge shortage of skilled individuals. The role of a data analyst is to analyze huge chunks of data and maintain databases. 
Business Intelligence Analyst: Every moment, there is a huge momentum in the market, competitors, customers, anything that may take a huge turn at any moment, and that will have a huge impact on the business and its future. Therefore it is important for a business to analyze these shifts and turns in the market and make correct decisions accordingly. This is where the role of a Business Analyst comes to play. They analyze the shifts in market trends so that management can make appropriate decisions timely. 

Career options in data science: 

Data Engineer: This role is within the field of data science so this field will require more technical skills, and the problems will be more complex. The role of a data analyst requires maintenance of databases, the responsibilities of a data engineer are one step ahead. They are also responsible for updating those databases and data structures. 
Project Manager: Project managers work with a team of data analysts and track their team's efficiency and progress. Project managers also maintain coordination with the data analysts and data scientists to maximize productivity and deliver the best results.


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