Eligibility Criteria Requirements

In addition to fulfilling George mason university MS in CS requirements for graduate study, applicants must hold a (120-credit minimum) baccalaureate degree in an appropriate discipline from an accredited institution and have earned a GPA of 3.00 or better in the last 60 credits of undergraduate study.

Requirements to study MS in computer science from George Mason University - 

Eligibility Requirements Details
Educational Background Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree with coursework 
Academic Performance A cumulative GPA of 3.00 for the last two years of undergraduate work 
English Proficiency Non-native English speakers or those who haven't earned a degree from institutions in English-speaking countries must provide English proficiency exam scores.
GRE Scores GRE requirements are waived for all applicants from Spring 2024 onwards.


Bachelor's GPA Requirement

3 years degree

UG Requirement


Maximum Backlogs Accepted

min 0 years (no max limit)

Work Experience Required

Test Scores Requirement


Program Eligibility URL:https://mentr-me.com/blogs/unt-ms-in-cs-eligibility-and-requirements

George Mason MSc in Computer Science Class Profile


Class Size


Avg. Student Age


Avg. Bachelors GPA / Percentage


Avg. Work Experience (years)

About George Mason University

George Mason University, located near Washington, D.C., is Virginia's largest public research university. It was founded in 1949 initially as an adult education extension of the University of Virginia. Today, Mason enrolls nearly 40,000 students from all 50 states and 130 countries, emphasizing innovation, diversity, and accessibility. The university is renowned for its rapid growth and transformation into a major research institution with R1 status, indicating high research activity. George Mason University MS in CS is designed to prepare graduates for advanced careers in the field of computer science.

George Mason University offers a wide array of academic programs, including over 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees. It provides a rich campus life with numerous clubs and organizations, and it values free speech and inclusivity as part of its core missions. The faculty at Mason are highly regarded, with many holding prestigious awards and grants, contributing to Mason’s reputation as an academic powerhouse that's well-integrated with federal agencies and organizations in the capital region.

George Mason MSc in Computer Science Program Description

The George Mason University MS in CS program is designed to empower students with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the ever-evolving world of computer science. The program combines theoretical understanding with hands-on experience, preparing you to tackle real-world problems and shape the future of technology.

Our curriculum encompasses core computer science topics including data structures, algorithms, and programming languages. Students can also choose from a variety of electives, ranging from cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to data analytics and cloud computing. This flexibility allows you to tailor your studies to align with your career aspirations.

One of the distinguishing features of the George Mason University MS in CS program is our faculty - accomplished academics and industry professionals who are passionate about teaching and research.

Program URL:https://www.cise.ufl.edu/academics/graduate/masters-program/

Curriculum Overview: George Mason MSc in Computer Science

Program Curriculum URL:https://cs.gmu.edu/prospective-students/ms-programs/ms-in-cs/program-overview/

Some examples of elective courses that are offered by the university -

CS 540 - Language Processors
CS 545 - Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CS 554 - Computer and Network Security
CS 571 - Operating Systems
CS 672 - Distributed Systems
CS 685 - Advanced Topics in Data Mining
CS 688 - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS 690 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science


Some examples of elective courses that are offered by the university -

CS 540 - Language Processors
CS 545 - Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CS 554 - Computer and Network Security
CS 571 - Operating Systems
CS 672 - Distributed Systems
CS 685 - Advanced Topics in Data Mining
CS 688 - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS 690 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science

The core modules taught in the MS in Computer Science program at the George Mason University:

Artificial Intelligence and Databases

CS 580 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 550 – Database Systems
CS 584 – Theory and Applications of Data Mining

Programming Languages and Software Engineering

CS 540 – Language Processors
SWE 619 – Object-Oriented Software Specification and Construction
SWE 621 – Software Modeling and Architectural Design

Systems and Networks

CS 555 – Computer Communications and Networking
CS 571 – Operating Systems

Theoretical Computer Science

CS 583 – Analysis of Algorithms

Visual Computing

CS 551 – Computer Graphics

  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Software Engineering
  • MS Information Systems
  • MS Information Security and assurance

The clubs and associations at the university are - 

  • Computer Science Society (CSS)
  • Tech Innovators Guild (TIG)
  • Women in Computing (WiC)
  • Data Science Collective (DSC)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 

Some of the other clubs and societies that you be part of are as follows -

  • Code-Fest
  • Tech Connect Networking Mixer
  • Hack Mason: 
  • Tech Talks Seminar Series
  • CS Outreach

George Mason Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for applicants is around 73% at George Mason University.

George Mason MSc in Computer Science Fee Structure

Tuition and Fees
George Mason University fees for MS in CS program offer exceptional education and resources for aspiring computer scientists. The following is a breakdown of the tuition and fees associated with the program:

Annual Tuition Fee for George Mason University MS in CS: $35,677

Additional Costs per year

Living Expenses $15,335
Other Fees $ 4,511

Application Documents Required

Mandatory Application Documents

  • Passport

  • 10th Marksheet

  • 12th Marksheet

  • College Transcript

  • Semester Marksheets

  • Consolidated Marksheets

  • Graduation/Provisional Certificate

  • Backlog/No Backlog Certificate


    Program Application URL:https://mentr-me.com/blogs/george-mason-university-ms-in-cs-application

    Masters in Computer Science Deadlines

    George Mason MSc in Computer Science Admission Process

    The application must be submitted online, including all necessary supplementary materials by the specified deadlines. For Spring 2024, the standard deadline is October 15, 2023, with late submissions accepted on a space-available basis under certain conditions. For more detailed instructions and to start your application, you should visit the George Mason University admissions page for prospective CS graduate students.

    George Mason University offers flexibility with its MS in Computer Science program, including an option for a 100% online format which can be a suitable choice for working professionals. The program aims to prepare students for advanced roles in computer science and related technologies, emphasizing areas like artificial intelligence, software engineering, and systems networks.

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    Employment, Salary and career Statistics

    The George Mason University MS in CS program boasts an 87% placement rate, with graduates earning an average salary of $87,000. Its rigorous curriculum and practical experience through internships and research projects prepare students for top-tier tech careers, supported by strong career services and an extensive alumni network.


    Average Starting Salary

    George Mason MSc in Computer Science Employment Statistics

    Various job roles and their salaries at George Mason University MS in CS.

    Job Role Median Salary
    Software Engineer $90,180
    Project Engineer $86,189
    Senior Software Engineer $134,479
    Software Developer $84,242
    Data Analyst $63,993
    Management Consultant $85,770
    Data Scientist $91,875

    Companies Recruiting George Mason MSc in Computer Science Graduates

    Here are some companies that have historically recruited graduates from the George Mason University  in computer science:

    • IBM
    • Amazon
    • Capital One
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • Fidelity Investments
    • Deloitte
    • Accenture
    • PwC

    Employment Overview URL: https://mentr-me.com/blogs/george-mason-university-ms-in-cs-salary

    George Mason MSc in Computer Science Alumni Info

    • Ben Gelman: Graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2014 and completed his MS in Computer Science in 2016.
    • Yao Liu: Earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2013 and currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Binghampton University.
    • Sam Blasiak: Obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2013 and works as a Software Engineer at Google.

    Letter of Recommendation for George Mason MSc in Computer Science

    A Letter of Recommendation is a written assessment and endorsement of your academic abilities, personal qualities, and potential for success. It is typically provided by individuals who know you well, such as professors, employers, or mentors. These letters play a pivotal role in the admission process George Mason University MS in CS program.

    Tips to get a Good LOR for George Mason University MS in CS Program

    • Choose the Right Recommenders:

    Select individuals who know you well and can speak to your strengths, achievements, and potential. Ideal recommenders include professors, employers, supervisors, mentors, or professionals who have worked closely with you in relevant contexts, such as coursework or projects related to the George Mason University program.

    • Early Communication and Planning:

    Reach out to potential recommenders well in advance. Discuss your goals, the program's specifics, and why you believe the George Mason University program aligns with your aspirations. Providing context early ensures your recommenders have ample time to craft thoughtful and well-considered letters.

    • Provide Relevant Information:

    Supply recommenders with relevant information about the George Mason University MS in CS program, including its strengths, mission, and any specific qualities you hope to highlight in your application. Sharing your academic achievements, projects, and experiences within the field can help them tailor their letters to the program's expectations.

    • Highlight Your Goals and Achievements:

    Share your personal and professional goals with your recommenders. Outline specific accomplishments, experiences, and challenges you've overcome, especially those that pertain to the George Mason University program. This information helps them highlight your suitability for the program.

    • Share Your Resume and Statement of Purpose:

    Provide your recommenders with your resume and Statement of Purpose (SOP). These documents give them a comprehensive overview of your background, goals, and why you're interested in the George Mason University program. This information can guide them in writing relevant and impactful recommendations.

    • Discuss Your Relationship:

    Remind your recommenders of specific instances, projects, or classes where you interacted closely. Providing context about your relationship helps them recall your strengths and contributions, enabling them to write more detailed and authentic letters in George Mason University MS in CS.

    • Show Gratitude and Keep Them Informed:

    Express your gratitude for their willingness to write a recommendation. Once your recommenders submit their letters, let them know the outcome of your application process. Sharing your success and expressing appreciation for their support can strengthen your professional relationships.

    • Follow Up and Provide Deadlines:

    Keep track of deadlines and politely remind your recommenders ahead of time. Provide them with clear instructions for submitting their letters, including any specific submission methods required by the George Mason University program.

    • Offer to Help and Be Respectful:

    Be respectful of your recommenders' time and commitments. Offer to provide any additional information they may need and be open to answering their questions about the George Mason University MS in CS program or your goals.


    Statement of Purpose for George Mason MSc in Computer Science

    A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a written essay or statement that outlines your academic and professional background, your goals, and your reasons for applying to a specific educational program or institution. It is an essential part of the application process for admission into academic programs.

    Tips to Write a Compelling SOP for George Mason University MS in CS Program

    • Research and Specificity:

    Begin by thoroughly researching the George Mason University MS in CS program. Identify its unique features, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and any specific courses or projects that resonate with your interests. Mention these details in your SOP to show your genuine interest and understanding of the program.

    • Personalized Introduction:

    Open your SOP with a concise, engaging introduction that highlights your passion for computer science and your reasons for applying to the George Mason University program. Discuss how your background and experiences have led you to pursue this specific program.

    • Relevance of Background:

    Elaborate on your academic and professional background, focusing on experiences that align with the George Mason University MS in CS program. Discuss relevant coursework, projects, internships, and research endeavors. Highlight how these experiences have prepared you for the challenges and opportunities within the program.

    • Clear Career Goals:

    Clearly articulate your short-term and long-term career goals within the field of computer science. Explain how the George Mason University program will help you achieve these goals. Discuss specific aspects of the program, such as faculty expertise or research facilities, that align with your aspirations.

    • Connection to GMU:

    Showcase your understanding of what sets the George Mason University MS in CS program apart. Discuss how the program's strengths align with your academic and professional objectives. Mention any renowned professors, research centers, or industry partnerships that you're excited to be a part of.

    • Contributions to the Community:

    Highlight how you intend to contribute to the George Mason University MS in CS. community. Whether through research collaborations, participation in student organizations, or mentoring peers, emphasize how you plan to enrich the academic environment.

    • Personal Motivation:

    Share personal anecdotes or experiences that have shaped your passion for computer science and your decision to pursue the George Mason University MS in CS program. A genuine and heartfelt connection to your chosen field and program can resonate with the admissions committee.

    • Strong Writing and Proofreading:

    Write concisely and clearly, avoiding jargon or overly technical language. Use active voice and vivid descriptions to keep the reader engaged. Proofread your SOP thoroughly to eliminate grammatical errors or typos that could detract from your message.

    • Revision and Feedback:

    Craft multiple drafts of your SOP and seek feedback from professors, mentors, or colleagues familiar with the application process. Their insights can help refine your narrative and ensure your SOP effectively communicates your enthusiasm and qualifications for the George Mason University program.

    • Demonstrate Fit and Enthusiasm:

    Throughout your SOP, weave in references to the unique aspects of the George Mason University MS in CS program that resonate with you. Showcase your enthusiasm for the program and your genuine belief that it is the ideal place for your academic and professional growth.

    Scholarships for International Students

    George Mason University provided opportunities to access world-class education and advance their careers in the field of computer science - 

    • CS Excellence Scholarships
    • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships
    • Research and Innovation Scholarships
    • Merit-Based Scholarships
    • Alumni Legacy Scholarships


    What makes it unique?

    The several reasons below make the university unique -

    • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program's curriculum balances fundamental computer science principles with cutting-edge technology topics, allowing students to stay at the forefront of the tech industry.
    • Diverse Electives: A wide array of electives in emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and data analytics enables students to customize their studies in line with their career goals.
    • Esteemed Faculty: The faculty at the George Mason University MS in CS program are industry leaders and passionate researchers, bringing a wealth of practical experience and novel perspectives into the classroom.
    • Research Opportunities: The program offers numerous opportunities for students to engage in ground breaking research projects, fostering technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and a spirit of innovation.
    • Hands-on Experience: Emphasis on practical experience through internships, co-op programs, and capstone projects ensures students are well-equipped to tackle real-world challenges.
    • Inclusive Community: Students join a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic community of learners, creating a vibrant learning environment.
    • Global Perspective: The program prepares students to thrive in a globally interconnected world, fostering a broad-minded perspective and cross-cultural understanding.

    George Mason Contact Information

    Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

    For assistance and further details regarding our Master of Science (MS) programs, please direct your inquiries to:-csgrad@gmu.edu

    Useful Links

    Photos & Videos of George Mason MSc in Computer Science

    university of george mason ms in cs


    In conclusion, if you're considering pursuing an advanced degree in the field of computer science, the George Mason University MS in CS presents a compelling opportunity for your academic and professional growth. With a well-established reputation and a commitment to excellence, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


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    Hello, I'm a student of Bachelor of science in computer science and application (BSc. Computer applications). I wanted study in Canada and I want to pursue MS computer science or MS A.I.?

    If you are confused I can help you to understand the difference in both computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). Maybe this will help you to make a choice. I’ll try to include as much information relevant to Canada as possible.

    See, mainly computer science graduates are more common. CS had a bigger area to work in Canada and in out of the country. So if you go with MS CS, you will be more secured with job opportunities. The job switch to another sector will be easy. And since Canada is a developed country, the use of computer applications are vast there.

    University of British Columbia (UBC) and University of Toronto are the best ones in Canada to do a MS course in computer science.

    For MS in AI, you will be regulated towards a more dedicated area of science and technology. Canadian A.I. graduates generally earn more than CS graduates at any point of their career. The average salary of an A.I. The salary in Canada is around 50 lakh per annum. While CS graduates earn like 40-45 lakhs at maximum. Clearly, MS A.I. is more lucrative in Canada.

    York University and Queen’s University are your best options in Canada if you are interested  in MS artificial intelligence.

    I hope this has helped you to get some points straight. If you want to see which course fits you the most, share your profile with me. I can evaluate your record and check your options accordingly. 

    Can One pursue a master's of computer science without a bachelor's degree in computer science?

    The straight answer to your question can be YES. It is most possible to pursue a master in computer science without a bachelor in computer science degree. But it is a little complicated. Given your condition, it is understandable you have a different bachelor degree other than CS. The primary factor to consider here is which bachelor degree you have. We can play with two different scenarios here:

    You have a relevant bachelor degree. In this particular case, it is most likely that you can land any quality MSCS program in most institutes globally. In general, institutes do not limit students to enter for MSCS programs without a bachelor in CS. The reason here is the relevant subjects you have taken in your bachelor's. CS uses computer and scientific principles to deal with software systems and computational functions. So, if you are from an engineering background, you have most likely studied computational principles and foundations. Basically any computer related bachelor is a way to go.

    You do not have a relevant bachelor degree. In this scenario too, you can apply for a MSCS program. The only limitation is that many institutes specify subject tests for the program. And if the requirement is not flexible, you may get rolled out. It does not fit the conception of a master program as it is more common for under graduation. However it would be a good choice for you to aim for some programming experience to utilize the MSCS program better. Aslo, if you are not eligible for your choice program, consider services of Udemy, Coursera, EdX etc. They provide valuable certificates in computer science without any requirements.

    For Which university I’m eligible to get MS in computer science in Canada?I had done Btech computer science with 7.46 cgpa and 6.5 IELTS?

    You have a pretty decent cgpa and even your IELTS score is okay. I won’t say that it’s great but don’t worry, it’s not bad. You can get certain universities on this profile. I suggest you take the FREE School Explore Tool here. Just add a few more of your profile details and the tool will generate a personalised school list based on it. I’m sure it will make the entire school shortlisting process a lot easier. 

    Once you have your school list, I’m sure you would also have questions like how to apply, what are the documents required etc. Let me know, and I will help you with relevant information. 


    What are the things I need to apply for the George Mason University computer science master program?

    George Mason University is the largest public research college in Virginia, enrolling over 38,000 students each and every year. International college students from one hundred thirty nations throughout the world are seeking admissions to 78 undergraduate, 1 professional, ninety-five master, and 38 doctoral packages at George Mason University. Admission to George Mason University opens for two intake sessions, Fall and Spring. Prospective college students need a minimum GPA of three on a 4 scale (83-86%) for admission to the graduate programs at GMU. 

    Admission to George Mason University is lightly selective with an acceptance fee of 89.2%. Applications for admission are invited for the fall and spring semesters. International applicants are influenced to practice at least 60 days before the application deadline. The admission decisions at George Mason University rely on tutorial performance, recommendations, curriculum, motivation, leadership skills, and work experience. The college presents over 82 undergraduate majors to students. Applicants inclined to observe for admission at any of the undergraduate packages at George Mason can follow through both of the 2 utility portals. The utility charge is uniform across all UG courses.

    Admission Requirements:

    • Completed online utility and application fee
    • Official transcripts from all secondary colleges attended
    • Cumulative high college GPA from grades 9-12
    • Secondary college report
    • Counsellor LOR
    • Personal statement
    • List of extracurricular things to do and community provider participation
    • Audition or portfolio for admission to majors supplied via the College of Visual and Performing Arts
    • English proficiency test rankings (for non-native English-talking applicants)

    Do you have any more questions to be answered?

    How good is George Mason University and its computer science MS program?

    George Mason University and its computer science MS are amazing for students. Each classification is presented at nighttime (the earliest ones begin at 4:30, as far as I recall.) While most students choose the no-thesis choice (by taking ten classes), it is feasible to write a thesis if you so choose. Another option for those who like lookup is taking a seminar class, SWE 795; the content material varies from semester to semester.

    Admission is aggressive, but if your undergraduate GPA is decent and your declaration of purpose and resume are strong, you will likely have no problems getting admitted. If your undergraduate GPA is desirable, they can waive your GRE, as it befell me. Good pointers won’t hurt - attempt to get at least one from your former professors, no longer simply from bosses and coworkers.

    There is a large selection of classes; only 4 are mandatory. You can also take non-SWE electives; if you choose to do so, please make sure you consult a listing of accredited electives.

    From my experience, my great colleges in the branch are Dr Amman and Dr Offset. Try your best to take at least one category from each of them. Also, if you are curious about software program assignment management, take SWE 625 from Dr Ni differently. I hope he is still teaching. 

    I hope this might help you.

    How can I apply to George Mason University MS in Computer Science program?

    The Computer Science graduate application prepares college students for research and professional practice in laptop science and associated technologies. The software consists of fundamentals and superior work in synthetic talent and databases, programming languages and software engineering, structures and networks, theoretical laptop science, and visual computing.

    Graduate training is divided into fundamental classes with no graduate route prerequisite and superior classes with a graduate class as a prerequisite. Graduate instructions are generally provided in the late afternoon and evening. Financial resources in the form of graduate assistantships might also be available for full-time degree-seeking students.

    The following are the prerequisites required to apply for MS in Computer Science program:

    • Applicants should have earned a cumulative GPA of three for the closing two years of undergraduate work, preferably with a primary in a technical subject such as computer science, mathematics, bodily sciences, engineering, or records systems
    • Applicants need to keep a baccalaureate degree that includes
    • Data Structures and Algorithms (Data Structures)
    • Automata Theory and Formal Languages (Formal Methods and Models)
    • Computer Architecture includes Assembly Language (Computer Systems and Programming and Computer Systems Architecture).
    • Students also ought to have executed Calculus I and II

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