How can I apply to George Mason University MS in Computer Science program?

Asked by Shivangi Sahu about 1 year ago

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Ravi  Pandey

Ravi Pandey

Study Abroad Expert

The Computer Science graduate application prepares college students for research and professional practice in laptop science and associated technologies. The software consists of fundamentals and superior work in synthetic talent and databases, programming languages and software engineering, structures and networks, theoretical laptop science, and visual computing.

Graduate training is divided into fundamental classes with no graduate route prerequisite and superior classes with a graduate class as a prerequisite. Graduate instructions are generally provided in the late afternoon and evening. Financial resources in the form of graduate assistantships might also be available for full-time degree-seeking students.

The following are the prerequisites required to apply for MS in Computer Science program:

  • Applicants should have earned a cumulative GPA of three for the closing two years of undergraduate work, preferably with a primary in a technical subject such as computer science, mathematics, bodily sciences, engineering, or records systems
  • Applicants need to keep a baccalaureate degree that includes
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Data Structures)
  • Automata Theory and Formal Languages (Formal Methods and Models)
  • Computer Architecture includes Assembly Language (Computer Systems and Programming and Computer Systems Architecture).
  • Students also ought to have executed Calculus I and II

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