How good is George Mason University and its computer science MS program?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav about 1 year ago

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Ravi  Pandey

Ravi Pandey

Study Abroad Expert

George Mason University and its computer science MS are amazing for students. Each classification is presented at nighttime (the earliest ones begin at 4:30, as far as I recall.) While most students choose the no-thesis choice (by taking ten classes), it is feasible to write a thesis if you so choose. Another option for those who like lookup is taking a seminar class, SWE 795; the content material varies from semester to semester.

Admission is aggressive, but if your undergraduate GPA is decent and your declaration of purpose and resume are strong, you will likely have no problems getting admitted. If your undergraduate GPA is desirable, they can waive your GRE, as it befell me. Good pointers won’t hurt - attempt to get at least one from your former professors, no longer simply from bosses and coworkers.

There is a large selection of classes; only 4 are mandatory. You can also take non-SWE electives; if you choose to do so, please make sure you consult a listing of accredited electives.

From my experience, my great colleges in the branch are Dr Amman and Dr Offset. Try your best to take at least one category from each of them. Also, if you are curious about software program assignment management, take SWE 625 from Dr Ni differently. I hope he is still teaching. 

I hope this might help you.


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