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Data science is the process of gathering expansive and varied unstructured data sets produced continually by businesses, people, and gadgets in order to extract pertinent knowledge and information from it that may assist organizations in making better business decisions. With a strong focus on performance trends and operational information, big data science analysts develop insights and patterns contained in data assets into language the company can understand. In doing so, they help organizations harness their data and use it for cost-saving, quicker and better decision-making, and the creation of new products that better meet the needs of their customers. They also address challenges and opportunities to apply predictive analytics to solve business issues. Today, data science in UK are highly sought and throughout the world. IT workers and other professions may specialize in this area to improve their career chances, and UK institutions provide some of the top postgraduate data science in UK and business analytics in UK programmes in the world. We all understand the importance of data in the modern digital age. Data science is the study of collecting this data and processing it to derive pertinent and usable information. This will assist firms in making wise judgements for their next operations. Due to the effective use of this digital era, the information and technology behemoths of the twenty-first century, like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others, are prospering. Their dominance in the market is a result of the money they make through digital advertising, which is done effectively using business analytics in UK. The data sector is now growing and is thought to be worth $40m. The immediate result of expansion is a rise in demand for data science in UK on a global scale. Because of this, the study of data science in UK or business analytics in UK is flourishing globally and becoming increasingly well-liked in UK universities. In response to this demand, UK universities are offering a wide range of postgraduate degrees that allow students to study and specialize in data science in UK and business analytics in UK.

MS in Data Science UK

A master's degree in data science in UK teaches students how to evaluate a sizable amount of data and draw insightful statistics from it. The implementation of the gathered data for the benefit of the customer or organisation is another key component of this programme. In-depth knowledge and skills in computational data analysis, machine learning, statistical principles of data analysis, insightful large-scale data analysis, understanding the ethical issues in the application of data data science science techniques, and starting independent data science projects are provided to students enrolled in master's programmes in data science in UK. Informatics Research Review, Informatics Project Proposal, Machine Learning, Statistics and Optimization, Databases and Data Management, Large-Scale Data Engineering, Technology, Innovation, Business, and Society, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, and Text Analytics are a few of the courses offered to MS in Data Science in UK graduates. Data science in UK abilities are in high demand in the job market, according to the research "Dynamics of Data Science talents." Workers with specialized data capabilities, such as data scientists and data engineers, have increased by more than 230% over the past five years. Over the same period, demand for all sorts of labor increased by 36%. Big data, machine learning, and data science are some of the most often required skills by businesses. Some well-known institutions with MS in Data Science in UK programs are offered. The MS in Data Science in UK program has a one-year full-time length, and only a few colleges offer this degree as a part-time option with a two-year maximum duration.

Top 10 Data Science and Business Analytics Colleges in the UK

1. Imperial College London

The only college in the UK that prioritizes science, engineering, medicine, and business is Imperial College London, founded in 1907. A premier public research university, that is. There are 150 master's programmes and 100 undergraduate courses from Imperial College London available here. More than 17000 students attend the school, of which 50% are international Imperial College London has students from 140 different countries. Imperial College London offers a one-year full-time degree providing education in both theoretical and practical statistics with a focus on data science in UK. Large-scale scientific data processing, data transformation and representation, data visualization, and related issues will be the core focuses of the courses.

  • Course Name: MSc Statistics (Data Science)
  • Eligibility: Three-year Bachelor’s degree with 75% or CGPA 8.5+
  • Course Fee: INR 30 Lakhs
  • Duration: One year

2. University of Edinburgh

The sixth-oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world, Edinburgh University was founded in 1582. With a graduate employability score of 34, it is now ranked among the top 50 institutions in the world. The institution has five campuses: Central Area, King's Building, BioQuarter, Western General, and Easter Bush. Through its 20 academic schools, the University of Edinburgh offers more than 800 courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Arts, Humanities & Social Science Business School, the College of Medicine & Vet Medicine, and the College of Science and Engineering are the three main divisions of these schools. The University of Edinburgh boasts one of the most diverse student groups in the UK, with approximately 14,600 international students from more than 150 different countries. The major focus of the MSc Data Science in UK programme at the University of Edinburgh will be on discovering patterns and making predictions from data, principles from databases and algorithms are required to create systems that scale to enormous data streams.

  • Course Name: MSc Data Science
  • Eligibility: IELTS must be at least 6.0, and the TOEFL  must be at least 20.
  • Course Fee: INR 30.6 Lakhs
  • Duration:  Full Time 15 months

3. University College London

Public research institution In London, United Kingdom, University College London was established in 1826. It ranks as the second-largest university in terms of postgraduate enrollment and registration. 43,900 students are enrolled at University College London, which has 1800 international students from more than 150 different nations. More than 400 courses are offered in 18 important subject areas. Students may get ready in the Master of Data Science in UK programme at University College London by learning the fundamentals of statistics and machine learning. Starting with the basics, a number of other modules provide more advanced statistical computation and modelling abilities.

  • Course Name: MSc Data Science
  • Eligibility: A Bachelor's degree with a minimum overall CGPA of 7.75/10, 6.25/8.0, 5.75/7.0, 4.25/6.0, 3.3/4.0, or 60% where a GPA scale is not used
  • Course Fee: INR 32.1 Lakhs
  • Duration: One year

4. London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) was founded by Graham Wallas, Beatric Webb, and Sydney Webb, three members of the Fabian Society. The institution was formed in 1895, and its first degree programme was introduced in 1901 after collaboration with London University. LSE awarded the students their degree later that year. The creation of novel theories and research concepts is the main focus. The campus of the institution is situated in Houghton. It participated in the "Green Impact" programme, for which it received Gold honours in 2014 and 2016. Both teachers and students have housing options on campus. It ensures that pupils have access to the essential utilities. Visitors to schools may easily utilise public transit as well. On the property is also where you'll find the Global Centre for Social Sciences. A building for the department of government and international affairs is slated for the site while the school is currently undergoing development. The London School of Economics and Political Science teaches data science approaches to master's in data science in UK candidates. Statistical analysis, computational approaches, and fundamental data challenges will all be covered in the course. Alternatives include Statistical Computing, Distributed Computing for Big Data, and Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance, among others.

  • Course Name: MSc in Data Science
  • Eligibility: A 2:1 or equivalent in a related field, including a significant amount of mathematics.
  • Course Fee: INR 30.8 Lakhs
  • Duration: 12 months full-time

5. University of Warwick

The Institution of Warwick was established in 1965 and is a public research university with its main campus in London. It is a member of the Russell Group, the Midlands Innovation group, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, AACSB, EQUIS, Universities UK, and the European University Association. Its 22,278 students, who come from over 147 different countries worldwide, can choose from more than 220 University of Warwick undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick offers specialized training in analytics through its Master's in Business Analytics in UK degree programmes. The course comprises of a teaching component and a dissertation. Through the taught component, you may learn knowledge and practical skills in cutting-edge data analytics domains including computer security, data mining, natural language processing, and visualization. Additionally, you can obtain expertise in scientific methodology and project administration.

  • Course Name: Master’s in Data Analytics
  • Eligibility: IELTS 6.5 and a 2:1 undergraduate degree in a mathematical or scientific field.
  • Course Fees: INR 29.5 Lakhs
  • Duration: One year

6. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds was established in 1904 and is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. Specifically, a public research university. It is well known for providing excellent training and research on a global scale. The University of Leeds is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities. In addition, it was awarded the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2009, 2011, and 2021, the greatest accolade a university may earn in the country. The University of Leeds is ranked 127th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2022. It is listed as the 149th best international university in the world by U.S. News & World Report. It is one of the top 100 institutions in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings 2023. The University of Leeds is ranked 92 by QS in 2022. According to The Complete University Guide 2022, the university is rated 20th in the UK, yet according to The Guardian, it is placed 16th. Candidates for the Master's in Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics in UK) programme at the University of Leeds get instruction to set the groundwork for a number of subjects, including machine learning, systems programming, and algorithms.

  • Eligibility: A first-degree with the same standing as a 2:1 in the UK.
  • Course Name: MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • Course Fees: INR 25.3 Lakhs
  • Duration: One year

7. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow was established in 1451 and is one of the oldest institutions in the UK. The University of Glasgow has campuses at Gilmorehill, Garscube Estate, and Dumfries. The main site, the Gillmore campus, is spread across 14 acres of land. The Dumfries campus is located on 85 acres of land, while the Garscube Estate campus is situated on 200 acres of land. According to The Guardian's university rankings, The Complete University Guide placed The University of Glasgow at number 16 overall and number one in the nation for the year 2022 (UK). In 2022, THE (Times Higher Education Institution) ranked the University of Glasgow as the 86 greatest university in the world, while QS ranked it as the 73 best university in the world. The University of Glasgow's Master of Data Science in UK programme has a strong focus on learning from data in terms of both statistical modelling and computation.

  • Course Name: MSc Data Analytics
  • Qualifications: Possession of a bachelor's degree from an accredited central or state university in India, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 1st division or better throughout all academic years.
  • Course Fees: INR. 25.4 Lakhs
  • Duration: One year

8. University of Liverpool

One of the best universities in the UK, the University of Liverpool, was founded in 1881. In well-known subjects including management studies, science and engineering, health and life sciences, and humanities and social sciences, it offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, graduate, and research programmes. It also offers a selection of online classes. The University of Liverpool has been a center for cutting-edge study and research ever since it was established. Liverpool is a founding member of the Russell Group of Universities and the N8 Group for Research Cooperation. 94% of its graduates were either employed or engaged in additional study within six months of getting their certificates. The renowned University of Liverpool offers a master's degree in data analytics in UK to develop students' leadership and analytical skills. Students will gain knowledge of precise analytical techniques and how to apply big data insights to enhance all business operations through efficient planning and decision-making.

  • Course Name: M. Sc. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Course Fees: ₹22 lakh

9. University of Oxford

The oldest higher education facility in England is the University of Oxford. One of the best universities in the world was created in 1096 and is called Oxford University. For more than a decade, organizations like THE World Rankings and QS Global Rankings have ranked Oxford among the top 10 institutions in the world. You have your choice of more than 400 courses at Oxford University. The courses in business, law, medicine, and the humanities are the most popular. If you plan to attend Oxford University, save aside between 27 and 39 lakh Indian rupees per year for tuition. The cost of living in England will range from 10-15 Lakh INR/year, depending on your lifestyle.

  • Course Fees- ₹23.2L/Year
  • Course Duration: 2 years

10. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is recognized as the second-best university in the world in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. The fourth-oldest institution, Cambridge Institution, was established in 1209 and has distinguished itself for excellence over the years. The University of Cambridge is well-known to all other students in India. There are more than 150 different nations represented among the applicants for admission to Cambridge University each year. The exceptionally difficult admissions procedure at the University of Cambridge is supported by its 23% overall acceptance rate. Graduate programmes at Cambridge University require applicants to have a minimum GPA of 60 to 70%. It is advised that international candidates get top exam scores to increase their chances of being admitted to study in the UK.

  • Course Fees- ₹30.72L/Year
  • Course Duration: 18 months

Jobs Related to Data Science in UK 

The present industrial strategy of the UK government lays a strong focus on AI and Data Science in order to position the country at the forefront of the data revolution. The state's budget has been greatly increased. According to research by Roland Burger and France Digitale, the UK has the most AI-related patents in Europe, and data science in UK companies there have received $1.241 billion in funding over the last five years. The need for data engineers has tripled over the previous five years, according to the Royal Society. Technology jobs sometimes pay more, 42,578 pounds yearly as opposed to 32,477 pounds (non-digital). Large IT companies have acquired businesses like DeepMind, Evi Technology, Swiftkey, and others. With less than a year of experience, a data scientist may anticipate making an average starting pay of between 25,000 and 30,000 pounds annually, which increases with experience.


Studying business analytics in UK provides several advantages, including opportunities for work with leading corporations nationwide, degrees that are recognized across the world, high-caliber research, etc. It's time to pick the best choice now that you have all the necessary knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is UK good for MS in Business Analytics?

UK is home to top companies, has several well-ranked universities and holds high rankings for MS in Business Analytics courses. This proves that the country is a great choice to study this field.

Apart from the UK, some of the best places to study Masters in Business Analytics are the US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and France, and Germany.

UK is one of those many countries that pay the highest salaries to MS Business Analytics graduates. The average salary for a Business Analyst is £47,302/year. For a senior Business Analyst, it is £63,746/year.

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