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MS in Business Analytics in USA is an interdisciplinary study that combines the concepts of computer science, statistics, data science, information theory, and business intelligence. All these concepts are applied to commercial applications. Business analytics has gained quite a lot of popularity among the younger generation as well as the working professionals due to its attractive salary packages and interesting work profile. 

People who are good with numbers, analyzing data, and presenting data in the form of graphs, charts, etc., using statistical information to derive meaningful insights into data will have an upper edge in this domain. But wait is it all about just analyzing and presenting data ??? Well no!! a major part of business analytics involves collecting, cleaning, and extracting meaningful data from either structured or unstructured databases. How to do that ??? Well here comes the role of various computer languages do must be well-versed with. Good knowledge of computer Science like SQL, NoSQL, Python, Java, and advanced excel are the baby steps to get you started in the field of business analytics. 

Table of Contents:

  • What’s great about doing MS in Business Analytics in USA?
  • Top-notch USA universities offering MS in Business Analytics
  • Eligibility Grounds
  • Documents you will need for admission in MS Business Analytics
  • Costs you will need to bear to study MS in business Analytics in the USA
  • Job Prospects in the USA after MS in Business Analytics
  • FAQ’s

What’s Great About Doing MS in Business Analytics in USA?

The USA is always on the top when it comes to studying MS in business analytics. The USA is the hub of the best educational institutions around the globe. Now the demand for skilled business analysts, data engineers, data scientists is on the rise like never. Here are some pointers that will compel you, even more, to apply for MS in business analytics in the USA: 

  • Lack of skilled professionals: The USA is currently thriving for skilled professionals possessing great analytical skills.
  • Flexible study plans: Students can transfer their subject credit to the next semester until they are fully prepared to the give the exams.
  • Booming data industry: The entire world is loaded with data starting with your smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. This data is used to often optimize customer experiences by analyzing their current and future needs. The more is the data the more is the need to analyze it. Thereby, increasing the number of jobs in the field of data analytics.
  • Quick employability: Graduates in MS in Business Analytics in USA are offered jobs within 3-6 months 

Top-notch USA Universities Offering MS in Business Analytics 

The USA is home to the best universities around the globe for MS in Business analytics. Here is a list of 10 best colleges along with their world university rankings, degree offered, duration of the course, and annual fees(USD) for MS in Business Analytics in USA, you would not want to miss: 

UniversitiesWorld RankingDegree offeredDuration of the courseAnnual Fees (USD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1Master of Business Analytics1 year82,000
UCLA40MS Business Analytics 15 months26,544
UC San Diego48MS Business Analytics11 months26,544
The University of Texas at Austin67MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics)10 months48,000
Purdue University 116MS Business Analytics and Information Management-48,600
UC Davis 138MSBA1 year26,544
Michigan State University157Master’s in Business Analytics12 months39,000
University of Minnesota186MS Business Analytics1 year65,250
Arizona State University216MSBA 9 months55,488
University of Notre Dame222MS Business Analytics1 year55,308

Eligibility Grounds

Every university in the USA has set different eligibility criteria for admission to MS in Business Analytics in USA. Overall, the major requirements remain the same for all the universities, but the minimum marks/percentages of various entrance tests might vary. International students willing to pursue MS in Business Analytics in USA will require a minimum 3 GPA out of 4 in their bachelor’s degree. English-proficiency tests are compulsory, especially for international candidates. In addition to this, you must give GRE/GMAT, the scores for which differ for each university. Check out the detailed list of requirements of some of the top colleges offering MS in Business Analytics in USA:

UniversitiesAcademic QualificationsGRE/GMAT scoreMinimum IELTS/TOEFL scores required
  • 3-year bachelor’s degree is accepted.
  • Average GPA required- 3.9
  • Interview is required.
Average GRE score in quant. Section- 168


IELTS- 7.0

The University of Texas at Austin87-89% in an undergraduate program.Minimum GRE score in quant. Section- 157

TOEFL- 100

IELTS- 6.5

University of Norte Dame One statistic and two business courses are required.GMAT required


IELTS- 7.0

Arizona State University 87-89% in an undergraduate program.

Average GRE- 310

Average GMAT- 641


IELTS- 6.5

University of Minnesota
  • 80-82% in bachelors 
  • Computer programming skills 
  • Work experience required

TOEFL- 105

IELTS- 7.0

UCLA Minimum 3.0/4

Minimum GRE quant section- 167

GMAT- 710


IELTS- 7.0

Michigan State University (Eli Board)87-89%

Average GMAT- 650

Wavier is offered to 3.25 GPA candidates

TOEFL- 100

IELTS- 7.0

Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz College)

No minimum requirement

Interview is required

GMAT or GRE scores


IELTS- 7.0

UC San Diego 3.0/4.0No minimum requirement

TOEFL- 105

IELTS- 7.0

UC Davis 3.0/4.0Average GMAT score- 718

TOEFL- 105

IELTS- 7.0

 Documents you will need for admission in MS in Business Analytics in USA:

Now, that you have decided to pursue MS in Business Analytics in the USA, all you need to know about the documents you must submit are listed below:

  1. Complete the Application form: The first key step that is obvious is buying and filling the application form. Finally, submit the form online along with the prescribed fees.
  2. Academic documents: These include all passing certificates, detailed mark sheets, and other relevant documents of your bachelor’s degree. The candidate must have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree in the relevant field of study with an average GPA score of 3.4 or above.
  3. Letter of motivation/Recommendation Letters: This letter will somehow justify your credibility. It is usually written by a previous/current professor/employer. This letter puts light on your strengths, weaknesses, and past work experiences in a favorable manner. You will require at least 2-3 letters of recommendation stating the candidate’s academic achievements as well as professional work history.
  4. Language Proficiency Exams results: Scorecards for English-proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL are required. 
  5. Statement of Purpose: It is usually a detailed essay on why you are interested in joining a particular university for a particular course. In this essay, you must justify your purpose of joining the university.
  6. Resume: A resume is required to show relevant work experience in some colleges. Remember!! In case you have not taken the GRE/ GMAT tests, you could use your work experience as a wavier for the same.
  7. F-1 Visa: This visa is a pre-requisite for international students desirous of pursuing full-time study in the US. This visa is temporary. It is awarded by the US Department of State.

Costs You Will Need to Bear to Study MS in Business Analytics in the USA

The US is considered one of the best yet expensive destinations for students to pursue higher studies. The following costs are to be incurred by the student willing to study MS in Business Analytics in USA:

1) Pre-arrival costs: These costs are to be paid by the student for buying the application, visa, entrance exams, English-proficiency exams, etc.

  • Application Fees for the course- $100-200.
  • Visa Application Fees- US $160.
  • IELTS Fees- US $185-190.
  • TOEFL Fees- US $160-250.
  • GRE Fees- US $205-230.
  • GMAT Fees- US $250.

2) Tuition Fees: The tuition fees to be paid by a student for MS in Business Analytics in USA are somewhere between 27,000 USD- 82,000 USD. However, tuition fees might vary for different colleges.

3) Cost of living: These include costs like accommodation, food, rent, transportation, personal expenses, health insurance, etc.

Cost categoriesAverage monthly expenses (USD)
Accommodation inside the campus1,000
Rent of accommodation outside the campus600-800
Personal Expenses300-600
Health Insurance400-700
The total cost of living expenses1,570-2,813

Important fact: Unlike other popular education destinations, the US charges its students more for on-campus housing facilities. 

So, the Overall annual cost of studying MS in Business Analytics in USA lies between USD 50,544- USD 1,06,000. MIT is the most expensive university among the lot with an annual cost of study being USD 1,06,000. Annual costs of study to be incurred in UC Davis university are comparatively lower than other US universities with around USD 50,544.

Job Prospects in the USA After MS in Business Analytics in USA

The USA is the best place for fresh graduates to get hired. Fresh graduates after completing MSBA (MS in Business Analytics), have a higher chance of getting hired by top brands like BCG, McKinsey, IBM, and BMW. 

Graduates of the course find successful career opportunities in areas such as market study, supply chain management, project management. Some of the popular job profiles along with their average salary packages are listed below:

Job ProfilesAnnual Average Salary (USD)
Business Analyst 110,000
Financial Analyst93,800
Data Scientist80,500
Management Analyst83610
Business Data Analyst80,000
Business Management Analyst83,000


One of the most popular places for students looking to seek MS in business analytics in USA. One of the top STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programmes in the USA is the Master's in Business Analytics, which comes with extended post-study work visas, fantastic research possibilities, and promising career prospects. The US is one of the best places to study abroad for a master's in business analytics, with more than 210 prestigious universities providing courses in the field. The USA, which is home to some of the best companies in the world, is the best country in the world to learn business analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the USA a popular choice for pursuing MS in Business Analytics?

The business analytics industry is worth USD 29.53 billion approx. Also, many highly ranked universities like MIT(Sloan), UCLA, Michigan State University are situated in the US. Also, the USA offers good job opportunities to fresh graduates from top universities in the US.

Data science requires mathematical as well as computer language skills, also most universities prefer students from either computer science or engineering backgrounds only. However, business analytics can be pursued by students from any quantitative field of study like finance, statistics, etc. Data science is the upper step of business analytics. Hence, its scope of work is greater than business analytics.

Yes, but this criterion can be waived off by some colleges if you have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the relevant fields of study.

MIT Sloan Business School, University of Rochester, Krannert School of Management, Carlson School of Management, etc. are some of the top colleges offering MS in business analytics in the USA.

The basic eligibility criteria remain the same for all universities, but the minimum score requirement for GRE/GMAT exams and English-proficiency tests might vary from college to college. A minimum GPA score of 3.0 out of 4.0 is mandatory for all international students. Some colleges may waive off the GRE/GMAT score requirement in case you have more than 2 years of work experience in the relevant field of study.

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