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In the field of computer science, pursuing a Master of Science (MS) degree in the United States can open doors to exciting career opportunities. Apart from the academic and professional growth it offers, many students are also attracted to the competitive salaries associated with an MS in Computer Science (CS) in the USA. This article explores the various aspects of MS in Computer Science in USA Salary, including average salary ranges, factors influencing salaries, top universities, job prospects, and more.

Average Salary of MS in Computer Science 

The average salary of MS in CS graduates in the USA varies depending on several factors, including job role, industry, location, experience, and skills possessed. On average, however, MS in CS graduates can expect higher salaries compared to those with only a bachelor's degree. According to recent data, the average salary range for MS in CS graduates in the USA falls between $80,000 and $120,000 per annum.

Career opportunities following a Master's in Computer Science in the United States, data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics indicates a projected 13% growth in employment within the computer and information technology sector from 2020 to 2030. Fields such as cloud computing, big data, information security, gaming, robotics, and automation are anticipated to be in high demand. 

According to, the average base salary of MS in CS in USA is around $110,000 per year. However, this number can vary on your experience level and other factors.

Highest Paying Universities in USA

When it comes to pursuing an MS in CS in the USA, several universities are renowned for their exceptional programs, faculty, and research contributions. Some of the top universities offering MS in CS programs in the USA include:

Highest Paying Jobs: Location-wise

The location is one of the factors influencing earnings and jobs after MS in CS in USA. The base salary varies based on the state or city you live in and the demand in the industry you want to work in. The following are some of the highest-paying MS in Computer Science in USA Salary: 


Highest Paying Salary


Software Engineer: $95,000
Data Scientist: $94,000
Mechanical Engineer: $90,000


Software Engineer: $110,000
Senior Software Engineer: $140,000
Mechanical Engineer: $79,000


Mechanical Engineer: $78,000
Project Engineer: $79,000
Software Engineer: $81,000


Software Engineer: $75,000
Mechanical Engineer: $66,000


Software Engineer: $77,000
Mechanical Engineer: $68,000
Software Developer: $68,000


Software Engineer: $81,000
Project Manager: $74,000


Software Engineer: $92,000
Senior Software Engineer: $122,000
Mechanical Engineer: $74,000


Software Engineer: $79,000
Mechanical Engineer: $71,000
Electrical Engineer: $77,000


Software Engineer: $76,000
Mechanical Engineer: $74,000
Electrical Engineer: $75,000


Software Engineer: $72,000
Mechanical Engineer: $67,000
Software Developer: $65,000

Top Sectors Hiring

The salary figures for Master of Science in Computer Science (MS in CS) graduates in the USA can vary widely depending on the sector, location, and level of experience. However, There are approximate average salary ranges for each of the sectors mentioned:

Top SectorsApprox. Average Paying ($)
Tech Giants and Startups$139,916
Healthcare Tech$87,020
Financial Services and Fintech$127,660
Automotive and Smart Transportation$76,558
Gaming and Entertainment$86,200
Government and Cybersecurity$90,500

Factors Affecting MS in CS in USA

Pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science (MS in CS) in the USA involves various factors that can significantly impact the experience and outcomes. These factors collectively influence the experience and success of pursuing an MS in CS in the USA. It's important to research and consider each aspect carefully when planning your education journey. Here are the key factors:

Academic PreparationYour background in computer science or related fields is crucial. This includes your undergraduate GPA, relevant coursework, and research experience.
Standardized Tests

GRE scores are often required for admission. Some universities also require TOEFL or IELTS scores to demonstrate English proficiency.

Research Interests and SpecializationsAligning your research interests with the strengths of the university and its faculty can be a critical factor in both admissions and your academic success
University Reputation and RankingThe reputation and ranking of the university can impact not just the quality of education but also job prospects post-graduation
Cost and Financial AidThe cost of tuition and living expenses in the USA is high. Availability of scholarships, assistantships, and other forms of financial aid is a significant consideration
LocationThe university's location can affect cost of living, internship opportunities, and lifestyle. Universities in tech hubs like Silicon Valley or Boston might offer more opportunities in tech fields
Curriculum and FlexibilityThe structure of the program (thesis vs. non-thesis, course options) and the flexibility to explore various subfields within computer science are important
Internship and Job OpportunitiesThe access to internship and job opportunities, both during and after the program, is a crucial factor. This is influenced by the university's industry connections and career services
Cultural and Social AdaptationAdjusting to a new cultural and social environment is a significant part of studying abroad. Support systems like student organizations and counseling services can be vital
Visa and Immigration PoliciesUnderstanding and navigating the student visa process, as well as potential pathways to work visas or permanent residency post-graduation, are important considerations
Alumni NetworkA strong alumni network can be an invaluable resource for career advancement and mentorship
Work-Life BalanceThe intensity of the program and the need to balance academic work with personal life, part-time jobs, or internships is an important aspect to consider

Return on Investment (ROI)

The USA is a well-developed nation, which means living there can be expensive. International students planning to study there should know about the costs they'll face. For example, completing a Master of Science degree in the USA typically costs about $51,414 on average. Computer science majors top the list for the best 20-year net return on investment, as highlighted in Payscale's Colleges ROI for CS in the USA.

 The top three colleges for computer science are all great choices financially. It's clear that computer science majors can look forward to one of the highest financial returns compared to other degrees in the College ROI Report.

Top CollegesAnnual ROI (%)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)10%
Stanford University10%
Carnegie Mellon University9%
University of California-Berkeley (1)13%
Harvard University10%



Pursuing an MS in CS in the USA opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, higher earning potential, and exposure to cutting-edge research and technologies. The field of computer science is dynamic and offers a multitude of specializations and industries to explore. By choosing reputable universities, preparing a strong application, and leveraging funding options, individuals can embark on a successful journey in the field of computer science.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a job guaranteed after MS in Computer Science USA?

Jobs after MS in Computer Science in USA are abundant around the world. MS in Computer Science in USA is an in demand degree with numerous job opportunities available for graduates. An MS in Computer Science degree from a technologically advanced country like USA is well appreciated around the world.

The average salary after MS in Computer Science in USA is 97,430 USD (80 lakhs INR) according to the latest report of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This amount is more than twice the national average income of 45,760 USD (37.55 lakhs INR) for all occupations.


The minimum salary after MS in Computer Science in USA is 73,900 USD (61 lakhs INR) per year. This salary gradually increases up to 249,000 USD andbeyond based on experience, location, skills, leadership abilities and achievements.

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