Best Courses That You Should Choose After Your BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA program is one of the most highly preferred academic choices for management courses. Right after they pass out of school, students interested in pursuing a career in management opt for BBA.

BBA is designed to make the study industry-ready with the kind of knowledge, managerial skills, and practical exposure it imparts to students. After successful completion of the course, a candidate can land a lucrative job both in the government as well the private sector.

The course provides great career prospects for graduates and paves the way for higher education. In addition, it is a great way to kickstart your management career.

BBA, which is a professional course, opens up several placement opportunities for fresh graduates to launch their careers after acquiring their bachelor's degree in business administration. Another great option is to go ahead with a master's degree in business administration MBA.

You've just completed your BBA and are wondering where to head next. Well, we are here to help! In this article, we have covered all the things that you need to know about your future education.

Whether or not you should opt for future studies after your BBA and what post-graduate courses you should apply for in case you want to pursue further studies after your BBA program.

Benefits of BBA

Does the question arise why you should consider the option for higher studies? Does the BBA degree not suffice? Of course, the BBA degree is enough in itself, but going ahead with a master's for the same adds that cherry on the cake.

It enhances your theoretical knowledge and managerial abilities. The more equipped you are with the right skills, the better remuneration you can expect, not just in the field of business administration but in any field of study.

That is the thing with education, there is no limit to the knowledge you can gain, and there shouldn't be. A knowledgeable person can contribute greatly to society and industry. With their expertise, they can create larger impacts not just limited to their personal growth and development.


The industry also gives preference to MBA graduates over BBA, basis their abilities and expertise in the field.

Most often, people go for a general B.B.A. course and then choose their specialization for their MBA.

If, after you've finished your BBA, you are considering the option of switching your field, you can always opt for an alternate management field for your post-graduate. Adding a post-graduate degree to your resume from one of the top colleges makes your resume outshine the rest.

You get that edge over the others, and the chances of getting hired increase considerably because it will serve as your key highlight.

After your bachelor's degree in business administration, there is a wide array of options you can choose from. A post-grad degree will help you draw out a career path for yourself. We listed some of the best post-graduate programs you can apply to.

MBA is the number one choice for BBA graduates, it takes you one step ahead in your management career, and it further builds a strong foundation on the basic principles that the student has already been taught in his BBA graduate studies.


The average MBA course fee in India ranges from Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000 and can very well extend beyond that depending on the ratings of the MBA colleges you are applying to. The top colleges in MBA, having great national and international reputations, have comparatively higher fees.

However, despite such high fees, the colleges draw a massive number of applications each year because MBA continues to be a popular course known for the magnificent returns it offers. Moreover, an MBA degree opens the doors for you to the most lucrative jobs in the industry.

Whether government sector or private sector, there is never a lack of opportunities for MBA graduates. It is for you to decide which sector you are willing to step into; this will help you choose `1 the right specialization for your MBA degree accordingly.

Top Universities for Doing MBA.

There are over 6500 universities in India offering MBA degrees. Here are a few of the top-ranking MBA colleges in India and the world:

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  • VELS University
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford (CA), United States
  • Penn (Wharton), Philadelphia (PA), United States
  • MIT (Sloan), Cambridge (MA), United States
  • Harvard Business School, Boston (MA), United States
  • HEC Paris, Jouy en Josas,France

If not MBA, you can opt for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) which many Canadian Universities and institutes offer.


PGDM is another great choice for BBA graduates. The course curriculum is so much in line with the MBA curriculum that most often, PGDM is referred to as MBA courses. The point of the major difference between MBA and PGDM is that the institutes offering post-graduate diplomas in management need not be affiliated with a university.

The course curriculum undergoes regular updates as these are autonomous institutes. PGDM courses offer a wide variety of specializations, and the future career prospects are a lot like MBA; however, MBA as a degree has a higher value than PGDM.

The following are some of the most high-ranking PGDM institutes in the country. You can give these a try if a post-graduate diploma in management is something you would like to go for.

  • Jagannath International Management School (JIMS)
  • Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed University (MMDU)
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM)
  • EDC Paris Business School
  • Seneca College
  • Thompson Rivers University


A very high number of students decide to go for an LLB after BBA. Acquiring a degree in law along with a degree in management can enrich a person's profile. It works great in their favor, both professionally and financially.

As an LLB graduate, students can opt for cases in their particular field of interest and specialization. They can even switch from a career in business administration or management to a career in law. In addition, students get a lot of fantastic job opportunities because of several skills under their belt.

Let's say, for instance, a management employee works for an organization that regularly reaches out to a third-party lawyer and seeks assistance from law firms in matters of legal counseling. Let's say that an employee gets an additional LLB degree in that scenario, and his company would consider going to him in regard the legal matters instead of spending big bucks on corporate lawyers and law firms.

It would be a win-win situation for this employee as his law degree would give him that upper hand. Needless to say, the hike he would receive would be exceptional.

A few high-ranking LLB colleges in India you can consider for getting a Bachelor of Legislative Law are mentioned below.

Given below are some of the good options for LLB colleges you can consider after BBA.

  • Harvard University, US
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • Columbia University, US
  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, Pune
  • Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi

Charted Accountant

Another great career option BBA graduates can go for is Chartered accountant. This course gives BBA students a chance to venture into the field of financial management and analysis. For students who have completed their BBA in finance or accounting or any similar discipline, a course in CA can prove to be extremely beneficial.

This will broaden the range of career opportunities for students. A CA course can also be taken up parallel along with MBA if required, but that can get a bit too much to handle, and you might tend to feel overburdened. It is always ideal that you do your prior research if you intend to take up both simultaneously, study course modules, structure, and time duration and decide accordingly.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales and The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India are the most prestigious institutes offering the course of chartered accountancy.

The ICAI has global recognition and reputation. So, if you're a CA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, your chances of getting hired anywhere in the world are extremely high.


The banking and financial sector witnessed an overwhelming number of applications from BBA graduates who are willing to pursue a post-graduate diploma PGD in Bank Management. The course trains and educates the student in the field of banking and finance so they can achieve a successful career.

Data Science

Although it may seem a bit unconventional, Data Science is a field you can explore, and yes! You don't need to be a B-tech graduate to enter the field of data sciences. You can become a data scientist with a bachelor's degree in hand.

You don't even require any prior experience in coding etc.

Data scientists are responsible for extracting data and insights from structured and unstructured data and applying this knowledge to make decisions, develop plans and solve problems. They learn about tools like Python, MySQL, statistics, machine learning, etc.

As a BBA graduate with a certification or diploma in the Data Science field, you can secure a position as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, or Machine Learning Engineer.

Public Services (UPSC)

The vast majority of individuals are interested in obtaining a government job because of the advantages and privileges that come with it. To join government jobs after finishing your BBA, you can appear for the prestigious UPSC exam.

The Union Public Service Commission examination for civil services is conducted every year, and based on the merit of results, candidates are selected for civil services, administrative service, police service, foreign services, and so on.

The UPSC exam is one of the toughest in the world and requires months of grueling preparation. On average more than a million candidates appear for the preliminary exam, but only a select few manage to get through. The civil servants manage government bodies and convey the government's policies to the public.

Become a Digital Marketer

One of the most trending careers these days is that of digital marketing. The digital marketing industry experienced this boom because almost every business nowadays is shifting to the online medium as the online industry has experienced a vast expansion and is growing rapidly. Currently, the digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion.

So, after your BBA is done, you can take up a short-term digital marketing course or PG certification and get going into the field as a digital marketing expert. As a digital marketer, you will become accustomed to digital marketing tools and analytics, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, etc., and use them to help businesses create a popular presence online.

With a digital marketing certification, you will be able to work as a Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, SEO Specialist, etc.

Product Manager

After your undergraduate degree, you can attain a product manager certification and work as a product manager, product analyst, product marketing manager, product designer, etc. Project managers are responsible for product planning and execution.

They work cooperatively with the sales team, engineers, and marketers to ensure the product becomes a hit. In addition, the course teaches you tools and techniques like Balsamiq, Marvel, Google Analytics, and Mixpanel, which are used for performing product analysis and planning the development of the product accordingly.

As a BBA graduate, you will be able to exploit the business and management skills that you have learned during your graduate studies and use them to the best of your abilities.

If you are familiar with bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you would have an idea about how it has completely changed the concept of money for people.


These concepts opened our eyes to the world of blockchain technology- the technology on which cryptocurrency and bitcoin run. As a result, various industries, from finance to software and healthcare industries, are looking for blockchain experts.

By taking up a Blockchain Technology Management program, you can become a Blockchain professional. In addition, as a BBA grad without any prior coding experience, you can start a tech career.

The Blockchain technology management program teaches several blockchain concepts like P2P networks, cryptography, ICOs, etc. After completing the program, you will have the option of becoming a Blockchain Application Architect, Business Analyst, Blockchain Manager, or Blockchain Consultant. As a blockchain expert, you will develop solutions, prototypes, and proofs of methodologies based on this technology.


What you select or choose in your career option influences the rest of your future. Thus, making the correct decision at the right moment may transform your life. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy and gives you the inner satisfaction to give your all in your chosen vocation. These are some of the BBA job paths you can choose after earning your bachelor's degree in one of the BBA concentrations.

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