Top MBA Colleges in the World that should be on your target list

Table of contents

1. What is an MBA degree?

2. What are the different types of MBA degrees?

3. Why MBA?

4. Best countries to pursue MBA

5. Top MBA colleges in the world 

6. Admission requirements

6.1. Eligibility for an MBA degree

6.2. Cost of study MBA in the top MBA colleges in the world

7. Career opportunities after an MBA degree from top MBA colleges in the world

8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an MBA all about?

Master of Business Administration provides people with the skills to accelerate their career in business. MBA is the most popular management degree in the world. The degree provides the students with the fundamental knowledge of management by developing a deep understanding of marketing, accounting, and finance.

Having an MBA degree makes you stand out from your competitors because it helps you build business knowledge and professional networks along with boosting your salary and career.

2. What are the different types of MBA degrees?

Majorly, there are three types of MBA degrees, i.e., full-time, part-time, and executive programs. Every degree is meant for different types of students. For instance, a full-time program helps students re-set their careers because it can help people accelerate their careers. Also, the students can choose the specializations of MBA degree according to their choices. For instance, candidates can have the option to choose from Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance, International Business, Healthcare & Hospital, Operations, Retail, Business Analytics, Supply Chain, and IT & Systems.

3. Why should you pursue MBA? 

Master's in Business Administration is a degree that many people these days consider pursuing. Of course, there could be many different reasons for everybody to go for MBA, but let us generalize the reasons to choose MBA for your post-graduation:

  • An MBA degree can help you get a salary jump instantaneously. Many people don't get enough salary after graduation; hence, an MBA degree can be helpful in such scenarios.
  • It can potentially help people to change their work profile.
  • Students can enhance their knowledge with an MBA degree.
  • The degree can be helpful for students who wish to start their businesses. It can provide the students with enough skills for entrepreneurship. 
  • MBA degree can help you network with more people by developing the related skills.

4. Let's discuss the top countries to study MBA.

Selecting the county to pursue an MBA program is crucial because it can affect everything about the study, course, and job opportunities. Making a correct decision is always crucial because networking and career opportunities highly depend on the choice of the study destination.

Let’s discuss the top 7 countries that should be on your target list if you want to study MBA abroad:

  • US (United States)- The United States indeed tops the list because of its highly-ranked business schools. The business schools of the US have the best program and infrastructure to help the students pursue MBA. The MBA degree in the United States is generally for two years and includes a summer-month internship. Colleges of USA allow the students to explore the companies and have real-world experience. As a result, students can easily explore career opportunities and build networks to fetch excellent jobs in business management.
  • UK (United Kingdom)- UK is in the second position after the USA because London is the most competitive financial center in the world. It has made the country the most attractive one to finance students. The UK has to offer many top schools to help students build a proper understanding of the management courses. These schools include London Business School, UCL, and London School of Economics.
  • Germany- Germany is the third-best country to study MBA degree because of the country's increase in innovation and technology. In addition, the business schools in the country provide the students with educational benefits and excellent networking opportunities.
  • Australia- Australia has become one of the popular choices among students pursuing an MBA for a few years. The reason lies behind the highly ranked business schools, enviable lifestyle, and strong entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Canada- Canada is another popular study destination for students because of its quality education and top-ranked business schools. For many years, Canada has been one of the top choices for students pursuing an MBA degree.
  • France- France was the first country to offer an MBA program in Europe. It is still the most competitive study destination for business education. In addition, Paris is the financial and business hub of the country that helps the students studying there, making it one of the best countries to pursue an MBA.
  • Switzerland- Switzerland is also one of the famous study destinations among students and is globally known for its financial institutions. 

5. Top MBA colleges in the world (In 2022) that should be on your target list

Here is the list of top MBA college that should be on your target

  • Stanford University- Founded in 1885, Stanford University is a private university that offers a full-time MBA program for 2 years. It is the top college in the world to study MBA and is situated at the heart of Silicon Valley. The school helps its students to develop skills involving Financial Accounting, Managerial skills, Ethics in Management, and Leadership labs. The University is ranked number 2 according to the QS ranking, 2021, and its MBA course is ranked #1 by QS rankings.
  • Harvard University- Harvard University offers 2 years long MBA program to students with a four-year bachelor's degree. Admission to Harvard University requires an online application, financial documentation, letter of recommendation, resume, and statement of purpose.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology- MIT is a private research institute founded in 1861. With almost 1,067 faculty members, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the top MBA colleges in the world. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers three courses for the MBA program, including STEM, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track, and Executive MBA. The full-time course is for the duration of 2 years while the executive MBA is for 20 months duration.
  • Columbia University- Established in 1754, Columbia University offers a 2 years long full-time MBA program. Located in New York, Cambridge University is the fourth among top MBA colleges in the world. In addition, the University is ranked #19 according to the QS University Rankings 2021.
  • Duke University- Located in Durham, Duke University is the fifth-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world. The University was established in 1838 and is a privately owned institute.
  • London Business School- London business school, is the sixth-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world. The college offers the 2 years international MBA program for students who wish to seek a career in management. It also offers an executive MBA program along with a full-time course.
  • Imperial College Business School- The school provides the students with truly international experience in business studies. Imperial College Business School is the seventh-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world.
  • Warwick Business School- Warwick Business School, is the eighth-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world. The school offers students a one-year MBA program that helps them quickly and easily adapt to business and management studies.
  • The University of Toronto-Rotman School of Management- The University of Toronto is the ninth-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world. It is one of the best businesses in the country, offering its students the best possible business environment.
  • Queen’s Smith School of Business- Queen’s Smith School of Business is the tenth-best University among the top MBA colleges in the world. Queen's school was ranked 5th in 2020 by QS University Rankings with its one-year-long MBA program.


Name of the SchoolLocationType of MBA course offeredDuration (For full-time MBA course)
Stanford UniversityStanford, USA
  • Full-time MBA course
2 years
Harvard UniversityBoston, USA
  • Full-time MBA program
2 years
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, USA
  • Full-time MBA program
2 years
Columbia UniversityNew York, USA
  • Full-time MBA program
2 years
Duke UniversityDurham, USA
  • Full-time MBA program
22 months
London Business SchoolLondon, United Kingdom
  • Full-time MBA program
  • Executive MBA program
15 to 21 months
Imperial College Business SchoolLondon, United Kingdom
  • Full-time MBA program
  • Executive MBA program
  • Part-time MBA program
  • The distant learning MBA program
12 months
Warwick Business SchoolCoventry, United Kingdom
  • Full-time MBA program
  • Executive MBA program
  • Distant learning MBA program
12 months
The University of Toronto- Rotman School of ManagementToronto, Canada
  • Full-time MBA program
  • Executive MBA program
  • Part-time MBA program
  • Dual MBA program
2 years
Queen’s Smith School of BusinessKingston
  • Full-time MBA program
  • Executive MBA program
  • Part-time MBA program
  • Dual MBA program
2 years


6. Admission requirements

6.1 Eligibility for an MBA degree

Note that only the eligible candidates can pursue a Master’s of Business Administration degree. Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria to get admission to the top MBA colleges in the world:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business or something similar.
  • A work experience of at least 3 years.
  • Language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. It is meant to test the English proficiency of the candidates.
  • GMAT exam. The candidate has to clear the entrance examination to get admission to MBA colleges abroad.
  • One resume and one personal statement.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
6.2 Cost of studying MBA in top MBA colleges in the world

Let’s discuss the university-wise cost to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration in the top MBA colleges of the world:

UniversityTuition fees (per annum)
Stanford University73,548 USD
Harvard University73,440 USD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology76,510 USD
Columbia University77,376 USD
Duke University69,000 USD
London Business School83,244 USD
Imperial College Business School77,482 USD
Warwick Business School62,396 USD
The University of Toronto- Rotman School of Management

56,552 USD (For Domestic Students)

And 84,082 USD (For International Students)

Queen’s Smith School of Business83,571 USD


7. What are the career opportunities after an MBA degree from the top MBA colleges in the world?

MBA degree offers the candidates the most fantastic career opportunities after completing the course. These include domains such as sales & marketing, finance, Human resources, Operations, IT and Systems, and Supply Chain management. Let's explore them one by one:

  • Career opportunities in Sales & Marketing- Sales & Marketing are one of the primary reasons candidates opt for an MBA. After an MBA in Sales & Marketing, job profiles include brand manager, marketing manager, sales manager, media partner, internet marketing manager, and market research analyst. 
  • Career opportunities in HR- After completing an MBA degree, the candidates can join as HR executives in any sector such as Corporate, education, service, banking, and manufacturing. An HR has to go for many tasks, including recruitment, managing competition, coordinating with the employees, training & development, and payroll management.
  • Career opportunities in Operations- MBA in operations means that the candidate can quickly get job opportunities in sectors including IT, e-commerce, telecom, and manufacturing. After an MBA in operations, the job profiles include Supply Chain Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Project Manager, Logistics Manager, and Operations Manager.
  • Career opportunities in IT and Systems- IT sector is the growing one, and hence it offers vast career opportunities with good pay packages. After completing the MBA in IT and Systems, the candidates can work in the profiles including Project Manager, Analytics Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Executive, IT Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Analysts, and Information Systems Managers.
  • Career opportunities in Supply Chain Management- Supply Chain Management is significant in the sectors such as retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing. An MBA degree facilitates the increase in efficiency of the candidates by implementing various cost-effective solutions. After completing an MBA in Supply Chain Management, the candidates can get the jobs in the profiles including Demand Planning Analyst, Purchase Manager, Logistics and Transportation Analyst, Supply Chain Consultant, Warehouse Operations Manager, and Distribution Center Supervisor.


8. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Which branches of MBA offer the highest-paying job?

A. Top highest-paying domains of MBA include Finance, Information Technology, Real Estate, International Business, Information Security, Marketing, and Healthcare Management.

Q. What are the top job areas after an MBA degree?

A. The top areas after an MBA degree include Banking, Sports, Finance, Digital Marketing,  Resource Management, Marketing, and Branding & Advertisement.

Q. What are the top job positions after the MBA degree?

A. The top job positions include Account Manager, Marketing Manager, Entertainment Manager, Consultant, Project Manager, and Brand Manager.

Q. Name a few top companies that recruit MBA graduates.

A. Too recruiter companies include Amazon, JP Morgan, Accenture, McKinsey, Apple, Bain & Company, Deloitte, and Citigroup.

Q. What is the average salary that a candidate can expect after the MBA degree?

A. The salary for an MBA graduate can go as high as 13,22,614 USD, and the average salary is around 52,900 USD.

Q. What are the top companies to pursue your dream of MBA?

A. The top countries to pursue MBA are the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

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