Eligibility Requirements for Kent State MSc in Computer Science

Kent State University MS in CS eligibility & requirements to ensure that applicants possess the necessary academic background and qualifications to succeed in the program. To be considered for admission into Kent State University MS in CS, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Academic Documents Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university 
Undergraduate GPA Minimum 3.000 undergraduate GPA on a 4.000 point scale 
Curriculum Core components of an undergraduate computer science curriculum1
Resume These transcripts provide evidence of academic achievement and coursework completed.
GRE Scores Submission of GRE scores is a requirement for consideration.
Letters of Recommendation Three letters of recommendation are required.
English language proficiency International students who are interested in MS in CS from Kent State University are required to demonstrate English language proficiency, unless they meet specific exceptions.
Proof of proficiency can be shown through a minimum score on one of the accepted tests: 525 TOEFL PBT score, 71 TOEFL IBT score, 74 MELAB score, 6.0 IELTS score, 50 PTE score, or 100 Duolingo English Test score.


Bachelor's GPA Requirement

4 years Engineering degree

UG Requirement


Maximum Backlogs Accepted

min 0 years (no max limit)

Work Experience Required

Test Scores Requirement


Program Eligibility URL:https://catalog.kent.edu/colleges/as/cs/computer-science-ms/#admissionstext

Kent State MSc in Computer Science Class Profile

The Kent State University MS in CS, exemplifies this diversity by bringing together students from varied backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations.

Class Profile

  • Global Representation: The Kent State University Masters in Computer Science is a global nexus where individuals from different corners of the world converge to pursue their passion for computer science. 
  • Diverse Educational Backgrounds: Whether you come from computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related field, class profile is a melting pot of skills and expertise, resulting in a dynamic exchange of ideas and collaboration.
  • Industry and Academic Experience: The program draws individuals with a range of experiences, from recent graduates to professionals with years of industry exposure. 
  • Gender and Cultural Diversity: The MS in CS from Kent State University class profile showcases a commitment to inclusivity and equity, reflecting the program’s dedication to fostering a welcoming space for all students.
  • Specializations and Interests: Some may be passionate about cybersecurity, while others gravitate towards artificial intelligence or software engineering. This diversity of focus leads to interdisciplinary collaborations that mirror the complexities of the tech industry.

About Kent State University

Looking for different institution option for MS in CS in USA? Look no further than Kent State University MS in CS —a powerhouse of education that blends innovation, expertise, and hands-on learning. As you step into the world of KSU MS in CS, you’re not just enrolling in a college; you’re joining a legacy of tech leaders and innovators.

Discovering Kent State University: Your Path to MS in CS Excellence

  • Unveiling Kent State University: Kent State University, a name synonymous with academic distinction, presents an ecosystem where aspiring computer scientists flourish. 
  • Academic Brilliance Meets Practical Application: At the heart of Kent State’s legacy lies a dedication to academic excellence, a trait that shines through MS in CS from Kent State University. The curriculum is meticulously designed to offer students a strong foundational understanding of computer science principles while providing ample opportunities to dive into practical applications. 
  • Faculty Excellence and Research Pioneers: Kent State’s commitment to excellence extends to its faculty, who are not only revered educators but also industry trailblazers. 
  • Empowering a Collaborative Learning Culture: Education isn’t just about textbooks and lectures—it’s about collaboration and experiential learning. 

Kent State MSc in Computer Science Program Description

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science is a degree that teaches students about the latest in technology and prepares them for jobs in tech industries. You can choose to do a big project (non-thesis option) or a research project with a report (thesis option), depending on if you want to work in the industry or continue studying for a Ph.D.

There are special areas you can focus on:

  • Computational Data Science:

You learn how to work with very big data that can't be handled by normal tools. This includes learning about algorithms, machine learning, and how computers and networks work together.

  • Computer Engineering:

This area is all about designing and managing smart devices and systems with computer control. You'll learn how to make these devices and systems work together.

  • Computer Security:

Here, you learn how to keep computer systems safe from attacks. This includes learning about how to protect data and networks.

Program URL:http://catalog.kent.edu/colleges/as/cs/computer-science-ms/

Kent State MSc in Computer Science Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum URL:https://catalog.kent.edu/colleges/as/cs/computer-science-ms/#courseworktext

  • Computer Science III - Programming Patterns
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Advanced Database Systems Design
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • Probabilistic Data Management


  • Computer Science III - Programming Patterns
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Advanced Database Systems Design
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • Probabilistic Data Management

These are the program curriculum of Kent State University MS in CS.

Here are the titles formatted with the first letter capitalized and the rest in lowercase:

Human-Computer Interaction
Advanced Database Systems Design
Computational Health Informatics
Software Engineering Methodologies
Software Evolution
Image Processing
Multimedia Systems and Biometrics
Advanced Computer Graphics
Scientific Visualization
Information Visualization

  • Computer Science

The Kent State University MS in CS program doesn’t just offer a top-notch education; it provides a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and thrive through a variety of clubs and associations that are designed to enrich your academic journey and foster a sense of community.

Clubs and Associations

  • Community That Nurtures Excellence: The program places immense value on fostering a community that extends beyond academic pursuits. Clubs and associations within the program serve as dynamic hubs where like-minded individuals converge, sharing their passions, expertise, and collective drive to excel in the tech industry.
  • Tech-centric Organizations:, These clubs provide a space for students to explore emerging technologies, participate in hands-on projects, and engage in discussions that transcend the boundaries of the classroom.
  • Networking Opportunities: The power of networking cannot be underestimated in today’s interconnected world. The clubs and associations affiliated with the MS in CS from Kent State University provide ample opportunities to connect with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and even industry professionals. 
  • Hackathons and Competitions: Many of the Kent State University MS in CS clubs organize and participate in such events, providing you with platforms to test your abilities, learn from peers, and gain exposure to real-world challenges faced by the tech industry.

The Kent State University MS in CS program isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about embracing a world of extra activities that amplify your learning, enrich your journey, and shape you into a well-rounded tech professional.

Extra Activities: Beyond the Books

  • Unveiling the Universe of Extra Activities: These activities are designed to empower students to explore their passions, collaborate with peers, and develop skills that go beyond the realm of traditional academics.
  • Hackathons:  Hackathons foster critical thinking, teamwork, and the ability to thrive under pressure—qualities that are indispensable in the tech industry.
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops: The MS in CS from Kent State University offers a series of guest lectures and workshops led by industry experts, exposing students to the latest trends, technologies, and insights. 
  • Student-Led Initiatives: One unique aspect of the program is its emphasis on student-led initiatives. From organizing tech conferences to hosting coding challenges, students have the opportunity to take the lead, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the enrichment of the academic community.

Kent State MSc in Computer Science Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Kent State University MS in Computer Science is 88%.

Kent State MSc in Computer Science Fee Structure

Fees Amount($)
Tuition 19186
Books & Supplies 1200
Housing / Food allowance 11810
Personal Expense 3304
Transportation  3868
Loan Fees 150
Total 39518

The total fees of Kent State University MS in CS is  $39,518. This encompasses tuition, materials, and associated expenses in the Kent State University MS in CS Fees. Financial aid options and scholarships may be available to eligible students, helping to offset these costs.

Application Documents required

YOUR PATH TO KENT STATE BEGINS HERE are the application types- Kent State University MS in CS Program.


Mandatory Application Documents

  • Passport

  • 10th Marksheet

  • 12th Marksheet

  • College Transcript

  • Semester Marksheets

  • Consolidated Marksheets

  • Graduation/Provisional Certificate

  • Backlog/No Backlog Certificate


  • Medium of Instruction

  • GRE

    Program Application URL:https://www.kent.edu/admissions?au=international

    Kent State MSc in Computer Science Deadlines

    Kent State MSc in Computer Science Admission Process

    Let’s illuminate the admission process and guide you through the process of joining this esteemed program.

    Admission Process

    • Preliminary Exploration
    • Requirements and Prerequisites
    • Online Application
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
    • Transcripts and Test Scores
    • Application Fee
    • Document Submission Deadline

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    Employment, Salary & Career Statistics

    The employment outlook for graduates of the Kent State University MS in CS is promising, with a strong emphasis on both competitive salaries and high placement rates. Graduates from the program have consistently demonstrated their preparedness to enter the workforce with advanced skills and knowledge in computer science.

    Upon completing the Kent State University MS in Computer Science program, graduates have access to a wide range of employment opportunities in various industries. The program's curriculum, designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles and applications, prepares them for roles in fields such as software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.

    One of the key highlights for the program is the impressive average salary earned by its graduates. With an average annual salary of $68,727, program graduates are well-positioned to achieve financial success and stability in their careers. This strong earning potential is a testament to the value that employers place on the skills and expertise cultivated within the program.

    Furthermore, the program boasts a remarkable placement rate of 87%, reflecting the university's commitment to ensuring that its graduates successfully transition into the workforce. This high placement rate underscores the program's effectiveness in equipping students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required by today's employers. Graduates of Kent State University are well-equipped to secure meaningful employment opportunities shortly after completing their studies.

    The success of the graduates in the job market is a result of the program's dedication to academic excellence and its focus on preparing students for real-world challenges. The curriculum's emphasis on both theoretical concepts and hands-on practical experience allows graduates to confidently tackle complex problems in their respective fields.

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    Average Starting Salary

    Companies Recruiting Kent State MSc in Computer Science Graduates

    Technology Financial Consulting and Professional Software and IT Automotive and Manufacturing
    Microsoft JPMorgan Chase & Co. Deloitte Infosys General Motors
    Amazon Goldman Sachs Accenture TCS Ford Motor Company
    Google Citibank PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Wipro Boeing
    Apple Morgan Stanley Ernst & Young (EY) HCL Technologies Toyota
    IBM Fidelity Investments McKinsey & Company Tech Mahindra Siemens
    Oracle American Express Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Cognizant 3M

    Employment Overview URL: https://www.kent.edu/employment

    Kent State MSc in Computer Science Alumni Info

    Kent State University MSc in computer Science Alumni:

    • Akhil Reddy Nalla
    • Pavan Kumar Reddy Gunnala
    • Uma Maheshwar Amanchi
    • Waylon Luo
    • Sai Venkata Vybhav Ampabattuni

    Letter of Recommendation for Kent State MSc in Computer Science

    A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a written endorsement from a person who can attest to your qualifications, skills, character, and potential. For admission to Kent State University, LORs play a pivotal role in providing the admissions committee with an external perspective on your abilities and suitability for the program. They offer insights into your academic and personal qualities that go beyond what your application materials can convey.

    Tips for securing impactful Letters of Recommendation for your application to Kent State University:

    • Choose the Right Recommenders

      : Select recommenders who know you well academically or professionally and can speak to your abilities and potential. Professors, research advisors, employers, and mentors are ideal choices. Their credibility and familiarity with your work are essential.
    • Establish Strong Relationships

      : Build genuine relationships with your potential recommenders. Engage actively in classes, projects, or work settings, and seek guidance when needed. Establishing rapport ensures that your recommenders can write personalized and meaningful letters.
    • Provide Adequate Notice

      : Reach out to your recommenders well in advance of the application deadline. This gives them sufficient time to craft thoughtful letters that highlight your strengths and contributions.
    • Share Your Goals

      : Discuss your academic and career goals with your recommenders. Help them understand why you’re applying to the specific program at Kent State University and how their letter can support your aspirations.
    • Provide Relevant Information

      : Offer your recommenders an updated resume, transcripts, and any relevant information about your accomplishments, projects, and extracurricular activities. This information aids them in writing specific and impactful letters.
    • Communicate Clearly

      : Clearly explain the requirements and deadlines for submitting the LOR. Provide them with details about the program, its focus, and any specific qualities Kent State University is seeking in applicants.

    Statement of Purpose for Kent State MSc in Computer Science

    A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a vital component of your application when seeking admission to Kent State University MS in CS program. It’s a written essay that provides insight into your background, aspirations, and reasons for pursuing the program. A well-crafted SOP offers the admissions committee a glimpse into your personality, motivations, and potential contribution to the academic community.

    kent state university ms in cs sop tips

    Tips for writing a compelling SOP specifically for the Kent State University MS in CS program:

    • Clarity of Purpose

      Clearly state your motivation for pursuing the Kent State University MS in CS program. Discuss how the program aligns with your academic and career goals. Highlight what specifically attracts you to the program—whether it’s the curriculum, faculty expertise, specializations, or industry connections.
    • Tailor Your SOP

      : Customize your SOP for Kent State University. Research the program thoroughly and incorporate specific details that demonstrate your genuine interest. Mention faculty members, courses, research opportunities, or clubs that resonate with your goals.
    • Show Your Fit

      : Articulate how your background and experiences make you an ideal fit for the KSU MS in CS program. Discuss relevant coursework, projects, internships, or extracurricular activities that have prepared you for the challenges and opportunities the program offers.
    • Unique Contributions

      : Highlight what sets you apart from other applicants. Discuss your unique strengths, skills, and qualities that make you a valuable addition to the Kent State University MS in CS community. Showcase your ability to contribute positively to the program’s collaborative environment.
    • Goals and Aspirations

      : Share your short-term and long-term career goals. Explain how the program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve those goals. Discuss how you envision yourself making a meaningful impact in the tech industry post-graduation.
    • Be Authentic

      : Your SOP is a reflection of you. Write in your own voice, and be sincere and authentic in your expression. Avoid using clichés or exaggerated claims. Admissions committees appreciate honesty and genuine passion.

    Scholarships for International Students

    The pursuit of academic excellence and innovation is at the heart of the Kent State University MS in CS program. Recognizing the value of nurturing talented individuals, the program offers a range of scholarships tailored to support and empower students who aspire to make a meaningful impact in the world of computer science. Let’s delve into the scholarships available for the MS in CS from Kent State University program.


    • Championing Merit and Potential
    • The MS in CS from Kent State University Scholarship Fund:
    • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships
    • Excellence in Research Scholarships
    • International Student Scholarships

    What makes it unique?

    In the bustling landscape of computer science education, the Kent State University MS in CS program emerges as a beacon of distinctiveness. What truly sets this program apart? Let’s unravel the unique facets that make the KSU MS in CS a transformative experience, shaping future tech leaders like no other.

    Unveiling Uniqueness: What Sets Kent State University Apart

    • Innovative Curriculum Tailored to Your Passions: What sets this program apart is its flexibility to tailor the learning journey according to your interests. With an array of specializations such as Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, and Data Science, you can align your studies with your passions and career aspirations, paving the way for a customized educational experience.
    • Renowned Faculty, Real-world Insights: What sets these mentors apart is their dedication to bridging the gap between academia and industry. Through their expertise, you gain insights into the latest industry trends and real-world challenges, ensuring that your education transcends theoretical boundaries.
    • Collaboration as a Catalyst for Growth: Kent State’s commitment to fostering collaboration sets the KSU MS in CS program apart. The tech industry thrives on teamwork, and this program mirrors that reality by promoting collaborative learning environments.
    • Industry Integration for Real-world Success: What truly distinguishes Kent State University is its strategic integration with the industry. Through networking events, career fairs, and internship opportunities, you’re not just preparing for a career; you’re immersing yourself in the professional world. 

    Kent State MSc in Computer Science Contact Information

    Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

    Phone No.: 330-672-1628

    Mail id: curriculum@kent.edu

    Address: 800 E. Summit St. Kent, OH 44240

    Photos & Videos of Kent State MSc in Computer Science


    The MS in CS from Kent State University is more than just a degree it's a transformative experience that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to thrive in the tech industry. With its innovative curriculum, esteemed faculty, industry connections, and opportunities for personal growth, the program is designed to shape you into a well-rounded, sought-after tech professional.

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    Can One pursue a master's of computer science without a bachelor's degree in computer science?

    The straight answer to your question can be YES. It is most possible to pursue a master in computer science without a bachelor in computer science degree. But it is a little complicated. Given your condition, it is understandable you have a different bachelor degree other than CS. The primary factor to consider here is which bachelor degree you have. We can play with two different scenarios here:

    You have a relevant bachelor degree. In this particular case, it is most likely that you can land any quality MSCS program in most institutes globally. In general, institutes do not limit students to enter for MSCS programs without a bachelor in CS. The reason here is the relevant subjects you have taken in your bachelor's. CS uses computer and scientific principles to deal with software systems and computational functions. So, if you are from an engineering background, you have most likely studied computational principles and foundations. Basically any computer related bachelor is a way to go.

    You do not have a relevant bachelor degree. In this scenario too, you can apply for a MSCS program. The only limitation is that many institutes specify subject tests for the program. And if the requirement is not flexible, you may get rolled out. It does not fit the conception of a master program as it is more common for under graduation. However it would be a good choice for you to aim for some programming experience to utilize the MSCS program better. Aslo, if you are not eligible for your choice program, consider services of Udemy, Coursera, EdX etc. They provide valuable certificates in computer science without any requirements.

    Hello. My name is Om Aherrao. I am doing bachelor of computer applications. I am thinking to pursue my master degree in computer science in USA. So I want to know that can I do MS in CS after BCA?

    Computer Science aka an MS or M.Sc. (depending on the country) is both a principle or research-based problem or a combination of both, depending on the university you enroll in. 

    Yes, you can do MS in Computer Science or MS in IT after BCA from precise universities. But, some reputed universities in the US ask for four years of bachelors as their minimum criteria. And for Germany, it is challenging to get admission to Public universities as they do not cost tuition fees. So, it is very hard to get admission to German Universities. They ask for 4 years of Bachelors and some work experience.

    Some of the basic requirements to be eligible to practice for MS abroad include:

    • An exact rating in IELTS or comparable English language talent tests. IELTS band score of a minimum 6 is required.
    • A precise GRE score. A rating of 310 – 320 is preferable.
    • An excellent academic profile. You want to have proper tutorial scores in your undergraduate degree.
    • Apart from these, you will require an incisive SOP/LOR.
    • Recommendation letters and other monetary archives are a must. Note that some universities, especially the ones in the U.S., ask for either 15 years or 16 years of undergraduate research to practice for a master’s.

    Share your profile to get evaluated!

    As a ECE student I want to do Masters in computer engineering in USA but currently working in IT industry. Can you please suggest best course for me between computer engineering and computer science.?

    In terms of high-quality education and better career opportunities, the United States of America (USA) is the land of opportunity. The United States is home to some of the world's best colleges and universities that offer Master in Computer Science degrees. An MS in computer science takes 1-2 years and is available at many educational universities in the United States. International students seeking admission to the MS in Computer Science program should have a four-year undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, high scores on the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), and one of the English language proficiency tests. The following are the reasons why students pursue an MS in Computer Science in the United States:

    The United States provides a multicultural and welcoming environment with over one million international students.
    According to the 2022 QS World Rankings, the top 15 universities in the United States consistently rank among the world's top 50 universities for computer science.
    With the expanding scope of research in emerging fields, the United States offers attractive salaries for computer science graduates.
    There is a high demand for skilled computer scientists in various fields such as gaming, software solutions, AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, and automation.
    If you have any further questions just ask me.


    Is Kent, Ohio a good place to stay?I want to pursue computer science at Kent State University?

    Only seven Ohio public institutions made the renowned list of the Best National Universities, with Kent State being the highest-ranked university in northern Ohio. In addition, the 2022-2023 Best Colleges edition includes numerous lists on which Kent State is mentioned.

    The history of computer science at Kent State University is extensive. As one of the largest universities in the state, it has a wide selection of minors and electives to offer in your pursuit of a degree. In addition, they were one of the first four public colleges in the state to provide a Ph.D. in computer science.

    Estimated organisations rated Kent State University's MS in Computer Science worldwide. Such acknowledgement demonstrates the course's relevance and value in the current environment.

    Application prerequisites

    • Online Application
    • Application Fee
    • English Language Proficiency
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Three Letters of Recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Résumé

    The Kent State University campus offers students who want to launch or further pursue their professions a life-changing experience with its world-class instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Overall, earning an MS in Computer Science at Kent State University is a fantastic opportunity to advance your career and change the world.

    What is the tution fee for Kent University.?

    The University of Kent in the UK had a tiered fee structure for undergraduate students, which varied depending on a student's domicile (i.e. where they are from) and the course they are studying.

    UK and EU students:

    1. For most undergraduate courses, the tuition fee was £9,250 per year.
      International students:
    2. For most undergraduate courses, the tuition fee was £18,000 per year.

    It is important to note that these fees are subject to change and it is best to check with the university for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, some courses may have specific fees, for example, laboratory or field trip fees. It's also important to consider that there are other costs associated with the university, such as accommodation, books, and living expenses.

    I hope that answers your question. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further doubts.

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