Eligibility Requirements for California State MSc in Computer Science


California State University MS in CS Eligibility: When embarking on the journey of higher education, ensuring you meet the eligibility requirements is a crucial first step. At the California State University, Fresno, we take pride in offering a CSU MS  in Computer Science program that paves the way for academic excellence and professional growth. Let’s delve into the eligibility criteria that make you an ideal candidate for the California State University MS in CS program.

  • Academic Requirements: To embark on the journey of the California State University MS in CS program, prospective students should already possess a bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution. We take pride in maintaining high academic standards, ensuring that our students have a strong foundation in computer science or a closely aligned discipline.
  • Prerequisites (GRE): The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) plays a pivotal role in your readiness for the California State University MS in CS program. While a background in computer science concepts is essential, we recommend that applicants also possess a solid understanding of programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and computer architecture. This foundational knowledge empowers you to seamlessly navigate our comprehensive curriculum.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: At California State University, Fresno, diversity and inclusivity are not just words; they're integral to our identity. Our MS in CS program warmly welcomes applications from individuals with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Your unique perspective and experiences enrich the vibrant tapestry of our academic community.
  • A Passion for Learning and Innovation: The California State University MS in CS program is designed for individuals with an unwavering passion for learning and innovation. We actively seek students who are enthusiastic about exploring emerging technologies, tackling complex challenges, and making substantial contributions to the field of computer science.
  • English Proficiency: As the medium of instruction is English, demonstrating proficiency in the language is of paramount importance. International applicants may be required to provide evidence of English language proficiency through standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS


Bachelor's GPA Requirement

4 years Engineering degree

UG Requirement

Test Scores Requirement


Program Eligibility URL:https://www.calstatela.edu/ecst/cs/admission-prerequisites

California State MSc in Computer Science Class Profile

About California State University, Fresno Campus


Nestled within the vibrant academic landscape of California, the California State University, Fresno proudly stands as a beacon of learning and innovation. Home to an exceptional Master’s in Computer Science program, the California State University MS in CS is a testament to our commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and driving technological advancement.

The California State University Fresno MS in CS Program

A Glimpse into California State University

Founded on principles of academic excellence and community engagement, the California State University, Fresno offers a dynamic environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. With a rich history of producing skilled professionals across various disciplines, our institution has become synonymous with quality education and forward-thinking research.

Unveiling the MS in CS at CSU

The California State University MS in CS program encapsulates our dedication to fostering the next generation of computer scientists who will shape the future. With a curriculum designed to encompass both foundational knowledge and cutting-edge advancements, our program equips students with a holistic understanding of computer science.

Experiential Learning Beyond the Classroom

At the California State University MS in CS program, we recognize that real-world experience is paramount. That’s why we go beyond theoretical instruction, providing opportunities for hands-on learning and collaboration with industry partners. From hackathons to internships, you’ll have the chance to apply classroom concepts to real-world challenges.

Distinguished Faculty and Mentorship

Our faculty members aren’t just educators; they’re mentors, researchers, and industry experts. Their expertise extends beyond the classroom, enriching your learning journey with insights from the front lines of technology. The California State University MS in CS program connects you with thought leaders who are invested in your success.

Innovative Facilities for Innovative Minds

In the heart of our campus lies a state-of-the-art technological ecosystem that serves as a playground for innovation. Fully equipped labs, research centers, and collaborative spaces create an environment where ideas flourish and breakthroughs happen. The California State University MS in CS program empowers you to explore, experiment, and push boundaries.

A Network for Life

Enrolling in the California State University MS in CS program isn’t just about the years you spend on campus; it’s about becoming part of a lifelong network. Our alumni community spans the globe, with graduates making impactful contributions to various industries. The connections you forge here will open doors and shape your journey long after graduation.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse community fuels creativity and fosters innovation. The California State University MS in CS program celebrates individuals from all walks of life, fostering an environment where varied perspectives lead to breakthroughs. Your unique ex

California State MSc in Computer Science Program Description

Welcome to the heart of innovation and education—the California State University, Fresno. The renowned Master’s in Computer Science program is your gateway to unlocking a world of opportunities in the realm of technology. Let’s delve into the program description and understand why this journey is one you won’t want to miss.

The California State University MS in CS Program

  • Program Overview: The California State University MS in CS program stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. It’s a comprehensive academic journey meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and insights required to thrive in the ever-evolving world of computer science.
  • Holistic Curriculum: Our curriculum is more than a collection of courses—it’s a well-crafted roadmap that guides you through the multifaceted landscape of computer science. From foundational subjects that lay the groundwork to advanced topics that delve into the latest innovations, the California State University Masters in CS program ensures you’re well-versed in all aspects of the field.
  • Specialization Opportunities: Diversity in specialization is a cornerstone of our program. Whether you’re drawn to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, or software engineering, the California State University MS in Computer Science program offers tailored pathways that align with your passions and career aspirations. This flexibility empowers you to carve your own unique niche in the tech industry.
  • Research and Innovation: We believe that innovation is born from curiosity. That’s why research is woven into the fabric of the California State University MS in CS program. Engage in groundbreaking research projects, collaborate with faculty mentors, and contribute to the creation of knowledge that pushes the boundaries of technology.
  • Hands-on Learning: Theoretical knowledge finds its true value when applied to real-world scenarios. Through practical projects, hands-on labs, and experiential learning opportunities, the csu ms in computer science program ensures you’re not just learning concepts—you’re gaining the practical skills needed to excel in your career.

Program URL:https://www.calstatela.edu/ecst/cs/graduate

California State MSc in Computer Science Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum URL:https://mentr-me.com/blogs/california-state-university-ms-in-cs-curriculum

  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Advanced Web Application Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Software Development and Environments
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computer Graphics
  • Combinatorial Algorithms 
  • Theory of Computation 
  • Automata Theory 


  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Advanced Web Application Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Software Development and Environments
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computer Graphics
  • Combinatorial Algorithms 
  • Theory of Computation 
  • Automata Theory 
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms 
  • Introduction to Computability
  • Introduction to Research in Computer 
  • CSCI Colloquium
  • Computer Organization 
  • Computer Architecture
  • Programming Language Principles


  • Computer Science

When pursuing your Master's in Computer Science at California State University, academic excellence is just one part of the equation. Engaging with clubs and associations can enhance your overall university experience, offering opportunities for networking, skill-building, and personal growth.

Here are the top 5 clubs and associations at California State University MS in CS:

  • Tech Innovators Club: A platform for creative minds, this club fosters innovation through hackathons, coding challenges, and tech-related workshops. Connect with fellow students who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology.
  • Cybersecurity Society: Dive into the world of cybersecurity with this society. Participate in discussions on cyber threats, attend workshops on ethical hacking, and develop skills to protect digital landscapes.
  • AI Enthusiasts Alliance: For those intrigued by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this alliance offers a space to explore AI trends, share research, and collaborate on projects that leverage cutting-edge technologies.
  • Women in Tech: With a mission to empower and support women pursuing careers in tech, this club hosts events, mentorship programs, and workshops that promote diversity and inclusivity in the field.
  • Coding for Good: This club focuses on leveraging coding skills for social impact. Collaborate on projects that address real-world challenges and make a positive difference in the community.

California State MSc in Computer Science Fee Structure



Tuition & Fees 15488
Health Insurance 1602
Textbooks 900

Living Expenses

Total 27990

This is the estimated fees structure (1 year) for California State University MS in CS Fees.

  • Tuition & Fees ($15,488): The tuition and fees for the CSU MS in Computer Science are a fundamental component of your education investment. These costs cover essential academic services, faculty support, and campus resources.
  • Health Insurance ($1,602): Health insurance is a crucial consideration for international students studying in the United States. California State University ensures that you have access to quality healthcare during your stay.
  • Textbooks ($900): Textbooks are an essential part of your academic experience. They provide the knowledge and resources necessary to excel in your coursework. It's important to budget for these materials when planning your expenses.
  • Living Expenses ($10,000): Living expenses encompass a wide range of costs, including accommodation, meals, transportation, and personal expenses. California offers a diverse range of living options, and your choices will impact your overall budget.

Application Documents required

Mandatory Application Documents

  • Passport

  • 10th Marksheet

  • 12th Marksheet

  • College Transcript

  • Semester Marksheets

  • Consolidated Marksheets

  • Graduation/Provisional Certificate

    Program Application URL:https://mentr-me.com/blogs/california-state-university-ms-in-cs-application

    California State MSc in Computer Science Deadlines

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    Employment, Salary & Career Statistics

    California State University MS in CS program provides graduates with a strong foundation to excel in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Alumni from this program are highly sought-after by a diverse range of employers, including tech giants, startups, government agencies, and research institutions. With a curriculum designed to instill advanced technical skills and problem-solving abilities, graduates are well-prepared for roles in software development, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more.

    MS in CS at CSU program's emphasis on hands-on projects and practical applications ensures that students are equipped to tackle real-world challenges. Additionally, CSU's extensive network and industry connections provide ample opportunities for internships and job placements, further enhancing employment prospects for its graduates. The average salary after the California State University MS in CS Program may vary as per the job role & experience.


    Average Starting Salary

    Companies Recruiting California State MSc in Computer Science Graduates

    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Boeing
    • Cisco
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • HP
    • Microsoft
    • Oracle
    • Schneider Electric
    • VMWare

    Letter of Recommendation for California State MSc in Computer Science

    A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a document in which someone who knows you well, such as a professor, employer, or mentor, writes about your qualifications, character, and potential as a student or professional. LORs are often required as part of the application process for educational institutions and job applications. They provide valuable insights into your abilities and help the admissions committee or employers assess your suitability for a program or position.

    Importance for Admission into California State University MS in CS:

    LORs hold significant importance in the admission process for California State University's MS in Computer Science program for the following reasons:

    Third-party Validation: LORs provide an objective assessment of your abilities, adding credibility to your application.

    Different Perspectives: They offer insights from individuals who have worked closely with you, providing a well-rounded view of your capabilities.

    Complementing Your Application: LORs can reinforce the claims you make in your Statement of Purpose (SOP) and academic transcripts.

    Showcasing Qualities: They help showcase your qualities, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and dedication, which are important for success in graduate programs.

    Highlighting Relevant Skills: LORs can emphasize your skills and qualities that are directly relevant to the field of computer science.

    Tips for writing a compelling LOR for California State University's MS in CS program:

    • Choose the Right Recommender: Select someone who knows you well, preferably a professor, supervisor, or mentor in the field of computer science. Ensure that the recommender can speak to your academic abilities and character.
    • Provide Context: Ask your recommender to briefly explain their relationship with you, including how long they have known you and in what capacity.
    • Discuss Your Qualities: Request that your recommender focus on specific qualities and skills that are relevant to your pursuit of an MS in CS.
      For example, highlight your problem-solving abilities, programming skills, dedication to learning, or teamwork.
    • Share Your Goals: Discuss your academic and career goals with your recommender, so they can tailor the letter to align with your aspirations.
    • Share Your Achievements: Share your academic achievements, research projects, or professional accomplishments with your recommender to assist them in highlighting your strengths.

    Statement of Purpose for California State MSc in Computer Science

    A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a crucial document in the application process for universities and colleges, particularly for graduate programs. It is essentially a written essay in which a prospective student explains their academic and professional background, reasons for pursuing a particular course, and why they are a suitable candidate for admission. SOPs allow applicants to showcase their motivation, qualifications, and aspirations to the admissions committee.

    Importance for Admission into California State University MS in CS:

    The SOP is highly significant when applying for admission to California State University's MS in Computer Science program for several reasons:

    • Demonstrates Fit: It helps the admissions committee understand why you are interested in their program specifically and how your academic and career goals align with what they offer.
    • Personalizes Your Application: An SOP adds a personal touch to your application, allowing you to stand out from other candidates with similar academic backgrounds.
    • Showcases Your Motivation: It is an opportunity to articulate your passion for the field and your desire to excel in the program, which can be a decisive factor in the admissions process.
    • Highlights Relevant Experience: You can elaborate on your relevant academic and professional experiences, demonstrating your readiness for the program.
    • Communication Skills: Admissions committees also use SOPs to evaluate your communication skills, which are vital for success in a graduate program.


    Here are some tips for writing a compelling SOP for CSU MS in CS program:

    • Start with a Strong Introduction: Begin with a captivating anecdote or a clear statement of your goals and interests in the field of computer science.
    • Be Concise and Focused: Keep your SOP within the recommended word limit, Avoid vague or generic statements. Be specific about your intentions and aspirations.
    • Explain Your Motivation: Describe what inspired you to pursue computer science and why you are passionate about it.
      Discuss any experiences that solidified your interest in the field.
    • Highlight Relevant Experience: Detail your academic achievements, research projects, internships, or work experience that relates to computer science, Emphasize how these experiences have prepared you for the program.
    • Connect with the Program: Explain why you are interested in California State University's MS in CS program.
      Mention specific courses, faculty members, or resources that align with your goals.

    Scholarships available for International Students

    The average annual cost of study, including tuition fees and living expenses is around USD$35,000 per year. However, this can rise dramatically as your day-to-day living expenses will vary depending on what state or city you live in.Below are some scholarships you can avail to reduce your study abroad expenses drastically.

    1. The Global Study Awards

      The Global Study Awards is a competition for successful IELTS test takers who have shown exceptional promise. You can enter the competition if you plan to use your IELTS results to apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in an English-speaking country.

    2. Gary Saitowitz Scholarship

      Gary Saitowitz founded the Gary Saitowitz Scholarship with the objective of assisting one deserving student in reducing the stress and also the overall financial burden of costly higher education.

    3. Form Swift Scholarships Program

      The scholarship program is for driven, up-and-coming, entrepreneurs who are ready to commit to building a better world through their business ideas.

    What makes it unique?

    In a sea of educational options, the California State University MS in CS program at California State University, Fresno shines as a beacon of innovation and excellence. What sets this program apart, you might ask? Allow me to illuminate the unique aspects that make this academic journey an extraordinary one.

    Holistic Approach to Education

    The California State University’s program isn’t just about delivering lectures and assigning projects; it’s about nurturing well-rounded professionals. We understand that true excellence extends beyond the technical realm, which is why our curriculum incorporates elements of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving—skills that are essential for success in any industry.

    Specialization Tailored to You

    One size doesn’t fit all, especially in the world of computer science. Our program acknowledges this truth and offers an array of specializations, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, and more. This diversity empowers you to carve a unique path that aligns with your passions and career goals, setting you up for success in your chosen niche.

    Collaborative Learning Ecosystem

    The California State University MS in CS program thrives on collaboration. We foster an environment where students learn not only from faculty members but also from each other. Engaging in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and group projects enhances your ability to approach challenges from various perspectives—a skill that’s prized in the tech industry.

    Industry Integration and Networking

    Bridging the gap between academia and industry is a cornerstone of our program. Through tech talks, workshops, and networking events, you’ll interact with professionals, gaining insights that go beyond textbooks. These connections provide a glimpse into the real-world applications of your education and may even open doors to exciting career opportunities.

    Mentorship that Matters

    Our faculty members aren’t just educators; they’re mentors who invest in your growth and success. With a wealth of experience in academia and industry, they provide guidance that extends beyond the classroom. The California State University MS in CS program is a place where your aspirations are nurtured by those who’ve walked the path you’re embarking upon.

    California Contact Information

    Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

    • Email: hcecotti@csufresno.edu
    • Phone: 559.278.2905


    So, should you apply to California State University, Fresno Campus MSc in Computer Science? The resounding answer is yes. This program offers more than just an education; it offers an experience that will shape your future, challenge your limits, and connect you with a community of innovators. It's an investment in your potential, your dreams, and your journey towards excellence.

    As you embark on this exciting path, remember that your decision is not just about where you study but about who you become. Join us at California State University MS in CS and let your journey towards excellence begin.

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    Can i do masters in CS ( Computer Science ) in USA after doing B.Sc Computer Science?

    An MS in computer science in the USA takes 1-2 years and is available at many educational universities. To secure admission in MS in Computer Science program, international students should have a four-year undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline with good scores in the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) and one of the
    English language proficiency tests.  
    To pursue MS in computer science in the USA for Indian students means complying with the requisite criteria. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

     Candidates should have Bachelor’s or undergraduate degrees equivalent to Bachelor’s program in Computer Science in the USA. They may also have a degree in any technical discipline which is relevant. Aggregates of 3.0 GPA are a must out of 4.0 GPA. It means a minimum B grade with 83-86% of marks. 
     Another MS in computer science in USA eligibility criteria pertains to the GRE score. Students need to score anywhere between 292-328 to boost their chances. Most universities accept GRE cut-offs in this segment. For example, Stanford University takes GRE 328, while GRE 292 is good enough for Harvard University. Carnegie Mellon University accepts scores of 316, while the University of Washington takes 300. 
     Good scores are necessary for English language proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum IELTS cut-off is usually 7, although institutions like the University of Southern California may accept 6.5 scores while some like Carnegie Mellon University insist on IELTS 7.5.

    What is the difference between Columbia's MS in Data Science and Columbia's MS in CS with the machine learning track?

    First of all, Columbia's MS in Data Science and Computer Science are both excellent programs. But I do want to suggest you know it with some elements. You see, even with MS computer science with the machine learning track, it offers way too many options. So, you can choose from numerous courses under the MS computer science with machine learning. Whereas MS in data science is more of statistics and analytics. In a way you kind of stick with it, which by the way is not a bad thing.

    This option delivers to more individuals who are interested in the field. You may not know how many students change their career paths while in their masters. In this case MS in CS with a machine learning track is far more viable.

    Now, this may seem a bit technical, but important if you want to figure out the difference. The MS in data science does consist of computer systems and operations, machine learning etc. But it's far more directional. The course options for MS in data science will be more focused on data science principles. Of-course it goes for MS CS with machine learning as well. However, MS CS machine learning track will offer a wider CS learning.

    As complicated as it seems, it's just a matter of limit on availability in both programs. You can either go for a rather more universal opinion or a directional one. Simple right? And if your career modules are already set, just go for the required elective options keeping the subject approach in mind.

    Hi. I completed my bachelor's in 2017. Now I want to pursue my Masters in the USA. Can I do my masters with the Duolingo test, or should I go with IELTS?

    Masters in USA or MS in the USA is a 2-year diploma program that is presented in around 70% of US universities. MS principally consists of STEM guides (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) programs in the US. International college students planning for an MS popularly opts for publications like MS in Business and Management, MS in IT, MS in Computer Science, etc. 

    International students willing to apply for admission to Masters in the USA in 2022 want sixteen years of education and a common GPA of 3 (80%) on a 4 scale and above. Additionally, you need to fulfill the TOEFL score requirement. For an Indian scholar planning to learn about MS in the USA, this value is around 9.76-75.1 lakh INR, primarily based on the preference of university and specialization. 

    Admission procedure
    There are numerous requirements that should be fulfilled by global college students in order to pursue greater training in the USA. Various test scores, helping documents, proof of subjects studied, mark sheets, transcripts, etc. are supposed to be submitted by way of global college students seeking admission to a college in the USA. 

    Admission Deadlines
    The closing dates for applying for a Masters in the USA are common during the Fall session. Application closing dates are in December for Fall and October for Spring. Deadlines for every college or chosen MS specialization additionally differ in some cases. Applications are familiar between December and January at most US universities. After confirmation of application, the choice is intimated candidates have to confirm inside 2-4 weeks for admission to MS in the USA. Officially they have to take delivery of the offer of admission in May.
    Some universities have rolling admissions. Thus, applicants can apply at any time for the duration of the year.

    Admission Requirements

    • 3 to four years bachelor's degree in applicable field
    • 3.5 or greater GPA, equal to 87% in bachelor
    • GRE rating of 330 or above
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Research Internships/ Published Research Papers
    • Project work/Seminars
    • 2-3 Letter of Recommendation
    • Social 

    Yes, you can pursue master's with the Duolingo test as well as with IELTS. 

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