Eligibility Criteria and Requirement

To be applicable for Kings College London Data Science program, you have to make sure of the following:

Eligibility Criteria Description
Academic Qualification Bachelor's degree with a distinguished 2:1 honours (minimum 65%) 
Additional Academic Background A solid foundation in fundamental mathematics, covering concepts like calculus, trigonometry, linear algebra, vectors, and matrix mathematics.
English Language Proficiency A demonstrated English language band: B proficiency. 
Academic Transcripts and
Degree Certificate
Submission of copies of official academic transcripts, mentioning subjects studied and marks obtained. 
Reference A single academic reference is requisite. However, applicants who completed their qualifications over five years ago may submit a professional reference.
Optional Candidates are encouraged to provide a CV (Resume) as a supplementary component of their application.


Personal Statement: 

You will be asked to submit the following documents in order for your application to be considered:

- Why are you applying for this specific program, and how does it fit with your future plans? (max 250 words). 
- How does your experience and education make you a suitable candidate for this program? (max 250 words).
- What do you hope to contribute to the computer science community, and how do you envision making a positive impact during your time in this program? (max 250 words).


Bachelor's GPA Requirement

Test Scores Requirement


Program Eligibility URL:https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/courses/data-science-msc

Kings College London Data Science Rankings

About Kings College London

The Kings College London Data Science is an ideal study pathway for graduates with a background in quantitative subjects, or who possess relevant work experience, who want to gain experience in current methods and techniques of data science.

King’s College London stands as a globally acclaimed university, offering outstanding education and leading-edge research. Our commitment is unwavering in fostering positive and lasting transformations in society, working towards our vision of creating a better world.

At King’s, we are focused on:

  • Educating Upcoming Leaders: Nurturing the next generation with the skills and mindset to drive positive transformations.
  • Challenging Ideas and Propelling Change Through Research: Engaging in groundbreaking research that challenges conventions and brings about meaningful change.
  • Giving Back to Society Through Meaningful Service: Contributing to society through impactful service that makes a real difference.
  • Working with Local Communities in London: Collaborating with and supporting our local communities in the vibrant city of London.
  • Fostering Global Citizens with an International Perspective: Cultivating a community of global citizens equipped with an international outlook and the ability to contribute positively to the world.

Career Prospects:

  • The Careers Service provides personalized sessions and a dedicated program for Informatics students, featuring skills sessions and insights from top employers.
  • Graduates have achieved success in general software consultancy, specialized software development, and IT departments of major institutions in finance, telecommunications, and the public sector.
  • Graduates engage in roles ranging from specialist programming and problem-solving to traditional software development, maintenance, and project management.
  • A significant number of graduates pursue research in software engineering, bioinformatics, algorithms, and computer networks, showcasing the program's versatility and academic impact.

King's College London MSc in Data Science Program Description

Data science is increasingly vital across various industries, driving innovation and decision-making processes. At King's College London, our Data Science program offers an enriching educational experience designed for graduates with a quantitative background or relevant work experience seeking to enhance their expertise in contemporary data science methodologies.

Assessment Methods

Assessment Method Description
Coursework Assignments and projects completed during the course.
Dissertation In-depth research project culminating in a written thesis.
Essay Academic paper discussing a specific topic or argument.
Multiple choice examination Test format with multiple-choice questions.
Online assessment Assessment conducted through online platforms or tools.
Oral assessment Evaluation through spoken communication, such as presentations or interviews.
Practical work Hands-on tasks or experiments demonstrating practical skills.
Thesis Extensive written work based on original research or analysis.
Written examination Formal test requiring written responses.
Other Additional assessment formats determined by individual modules or courses.

Program URL:https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/courses/data-science-msc

Curriculum Overview: Kings College London Data Science

Program Curriculum URL:https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/courses/data-science-msc

  • Individual Project (60 credits)
  • Computer Programming for Data Scientists (15 credits) or Big Data Technologies (15 credits)
  • Databases, Data Warehousing & Information Retrieval (15 credits)
  • Data Mining (15 credits)


  • Individual Project (60 credits)
  • Computer Programming for Data Scientists (15 credits) or Big Data Technologies (15 credits)
  • Databases, Data Warehousing & Information Retrieval (15 credits)
  • Data Mining (15 credits)
  • Machine Learning (30 credits)
  • Optimisation Methods (15 credits)
  • Artificial Intelligence Reasoning and Planning (15 credits)
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science & Big Data

The Kings College London Data Science program not only provides a strong academic foundation but also offers a thriving ecosystem of clubs and associations that enhance the student experience. These extracurricular activities focuses on collaboration, creativity, and personal growth while reinforcing the sense of belonging within the unique realm of Kings College London Data Science.

Some societies which are famous among the students are:

Society Description
KCL Data Science Society Engages students with aspects of Data Science including statistical learning, mathematics, and analytical skills.
Artificial Intelligence Society Focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, hosting workshops, panels with industry experts, and interactive events.
Robotics Innovators’ Hub The RoboMasters association dedicates itself to designing and constructing robots for various competitions.

Kings College London Data Science program also encourages students to embrace extracurricular activities that enhance their personal and professional growth.

Here, some of the extra activities that make the Kings College London Data Science experience truly exceptional are:

Extracurricular Activities Description
Hackathons Intensive events for innovation and problem-solving, providing students with real-world challenges to apply their technical skills.
Tech Talks and Workshops Regularly hosted events featuring guest speakers from leading tech companies and academia, offering insights and practical knowledge.
Research Opportunities Students engage in cutting-edge research projects, collaborating with faculty members on groundbreaking initiatives.
Student-Led Projects Opportunities for students to develop new apps, robotics projects, AI-based solutions, and other innovative ventures, turning ideas into reality.

King's College London MSc in Data Science Acceptance Rate

Kings College London Data Science program's acceptance rate for is 14%.

Program Fee & Related Expenses

Fees Estimated Cost (GBP)
Books  £300 - £500
Library fees and fines £50 - £100
Personal photocopies £30 - £50
Printing course handouts £50 - £80
Society membership fees £20 - £40
Stationery £30 - £60
Transportation £500 - £800

If you receive an offer for this program, you must pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

  • Home Deposit- £500
  • International Deposit- £2000

These are approximate figures, and actual costs may vary based on personal preferences and circumstances.

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Employment, Salary & Career Statistics

Employment Prospects for MSc in Data Science at King's College London
High graduate employability rate
Recent graduates have secured roles in IT companies, academic and industrial research, data analysis, and data engineering
Diverse career paths available for graduates, including statistics, actuarial professions, medical statistics, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning


Average Starting Salary

Companies Recruiting King's College London MSc in Data Science Graduates

Kings College London Data Science program is an entry ticket to a world of professional opportunities. The program’s reputation for academic excellence and a complete curriculum attracts some of the most famous names in the tech industry.

Here, we will discuss the top recruiters who actively seek out graduates from Kings College London Data Science:

Top Recruiters Description
Microsoft Values the program's emphasis on technology and seeks out well-prepared graduates.
Google Consistently looks for students with technical skills and problem-solving mindset.
Amazon Recognizes the value of the program's comprehensive curriculum, especially in data science and artificial intelligence.
Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) Actively recruits graduates skilled in areas like machine learning and cybersecurity.
Deloitte Seeks graduates to bolster their technology consulting teams, appreciating the program's focus on real-world problem-solving.

King's College Alumni Info

Some notable alumni from tech field of Kings College London Data Science program are:

  1. Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  2. 2013 Nobel Physics Laureate Peter Higgs, of Higgs Boson fame
  3. Authors Hanif Kureishi CBE, Sir Michael Morpurgo OBE DL, Susan Hill CBE and Alain de Botton
  4. Dame Katherine Grainger, five-times Olympic rowing gold medallist
  5. Dina Asher-Smith, Olympic and European Championship sprint medallist

Scholarships available for International Students

  1. The Chevening Scholarships

  2. Euraxess UK

  3. The Commonwealth Scholarships

  4. The Royal Society Grants

What makes King's College London MSc in Data Science unique?

King's College London offers a distinguished Data Science program characterized by interdisciplinary education, a robust curriculum, and practical skill development aligned with industry needs. Leveraging research excellence and industry partnerships, the program provides students with a global perspective on data science, preparing them for impactful careers in this dynamic field.

Key features - 

Key Features Description
Interdisciplinary Approach Integrates computer science, statistics, and domain-specific knowledge.
Cutting-edge Curriculum Incorporates the latest advancements in data science methodologies and technologies.
Industry-Relevant Skills Emphasizes practical, hands-on training with industry-standard tools and techniques.
Research Opportunities Engages students in meaningful research projects, fostering innovation and discovery.
Strong Industry Connections Facilitates real-world exposure through guest lectures, industry collaborations, and projects.
Global Perspective Offers an international outlook on data science challenges, preparing students for diverse environments.
Supportive Learning Environment Fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation through a supportive community of learners.
Career Development Focus Provides tailored support for successful career transitions, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for professional success in data science.

Kings College London Data Science Contact Information

Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?

Phone:  +44 (0)20 7123 4843*
Email:  newstudents@kcl.ac.uk 
WhatsApp: +44 (0)7858 988027

*Please note the + should be replaced by the exit code relevant to your country, which is normally 00.  Here’s a full list of country exit codes: https://www.howtocallabroad.com/codes.html

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King's College London MSc in Data Science

Conclusion: Should you apply to King's College London MSc in Data Science?

King's College London's Data Science program has distinctive interdisciplinary approach blends smoothly computer science and statistics within the curriculum, ensuring a thorough grasp of the subject. Emphasizing practical skills, the program facilitates hands-on learning and exposure to cutting-edge industry tools. The program's coupled with research opportunities and a supportive learning environment, sets King's MSc in Data Science apart as an enticing choice for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic realm of data science.

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