Will I be able to get an admission in good universities like University of Texas, University of Michigan, University at buffalo (SUNY) as I'm changing my stream from Mechanical to Data Science?

I am 22 years and a Mechanical Engineering graduate from VIT university, Vellore. I graduated in August 2021 and had been doing a job in Triad software as Software Development trainee . I have 8.56 CGPA. I took IELTS and achieved 7.5 while in GRE I got 307. I want to pursue Masters in Data Science. I am aiming for good universities. Will I be able to get an admission in good universities like University of Texas, University of Michigan, University at buffalo (SUNY) as I'm changing my stream from Mechanical to Data Science?

Asked by Yeshwanth Madhav about 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

Well, the answer is not that simple. Even if all three universities you mentioned are excellent, their GPA requirement differs. Like it is true that you need good scores for good universities, but it’s not necessary that a bigger university will ask for a bigger GPA. Because there are many other aspects of your profile that a university considers as important.

But before going into that, first of all, I would like to inform you that your current profile looks very good to me.  You have done a degree in science and engineering, and you have some work experience at the age of 22; that’s impressive. Plus, your 8.5 CGPA equals to GPA score of 3.52, which is, by the way, more than impressive. This score falls under grade A and is very good to apply to lots of top universities.

On top of all these, an IELTS  band of 7.5 and GRE 307 is quite impressive. Combining all these, you have an excellent profile that will be enough for applying to tier-A universities in the USA (like the ones you mentioned). You can definitely get into good universities even by changing your stream from mechanical to data science. Only the University of Michigan has a higher average GPA, around 3.8, than the other two; the University of Texas and Buffalo have lower average GPAs and requirements.

I would say that most universities similar to the ones you named are good to go. You can definitely apply to them with your current profile. You only need help with the profile building like your application, documents, SOPs, LORs etc. Because it is important to know what details are important and what isn’t. I recommend getting in touch with study abroad experts here for FREE. They can prepare a complete profile layout for you and help you ace your application. Hope this helps!

Abhiyudaya Chauhan

Abhiyudaya Chauhan

MentR-Me Team

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Hope you are doing well, We've helped many students navigate similar transitions successfully.

Transitioning from Mechanical Engineering to Data Science can be a rewarding move, and top universities like the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, and the University at Buffalo (SUNY) are open to admitting candidates from diverse academic backgrounds. 

To maximize your chances of admission, it's essential to demonstrate your passion for data science and showcase your relevant skills and experiences. 

This may include taking relevant courses, completing online certifications, participating in data science projects or internships, and highlighting any relevant achievements in your application. 

Additionally, seeking guidance from mentors or professionals in the field can provide valuable insights and support as you start on this new academic journey. 

With careful planning and preparation, you can confidently pursue your goals of studying data science at a top university!

If you need any other help we are here to help you or you can book a free Assistance session from our study abroad consultant, so don’t worry too much.

Best of luck!



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