Why do you prefer the USA over the UK for MS?Is MS in computer science good?

Asked by Aswitha Aishu almost 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

Head of Capital Markets at Williams Trading, LLC

Hey, before I tell you which country to prefer for MS, you must know the major difference between MS in the two countries. Students in the United States must have 16 years of schooling to enrol in the MS programme, whereas students in the United Kingdom must have at least one year of work experience and almost 15-16 years of study. In the United Kingdom, IELTS/TOEFL is required; however, the GRE is optional. Even though now there is a two-year stay back term in the UK that permits you to hunt for work after graduating. However, the number of jobs available in the UK in a range of areas is extremely limited. MBAs and finance graduates with prior work experience are often doing well. As a result, the course you choose becomes incredibly significant. Because of the abundance of potential opportunities, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany are significantly superior destinations for technical training. Most education advisers will offer a rosy picture because their livelihood depends on you studying overseas. I also run an education consulting firm. However, my objective is to provide you with information that will help your career in the long run. Also, avoid looking at rankings. They are insignificant for international students since they do not account for the single most crucial factor: the possibility of obtaining a job. Rankings are weighted towards colleges with a larger student body and professor pool since they rely more on research output. This almost doesn't matter if you're seeking for universities with high ROI.


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