Which university or college is good for doing a course related to cloud computing and salesforce in Canada?

Asked by Simranjeet kaur about 2 years ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

Hello Simranjeet, how are you doing?

By your question, I can see you are a salesforce enthusiast and probably looking for a career in the company. Well, it is only the #1 CRM in Canada so it makes sense. Cloud computing is a very technical field of education. And if you search for courses you will find concentrated courses that do not even seem related to the field.

So for my recommendation, I would suggest Saint Mary’s University for sure. First of all, their cloud computing course is straightforward. The course is MSc in Computing & Data Analytics. The university’s 16-months program is best to suit your needs. And if you look at the university as well recognized globally. Not just in Canada, you will have job opportunities in other big countries too.

The program costs around CAD 40,000. And the GPA requirement is even less than 3.0 so you have the best possibilities to get admission to the university. But in case you do not like Saint Mary, I would suggest Humber and Centennial college. Though they are not on the same level as Saint Mary but good enough.

The good thing is that you will have a variety of courses to choose from these two colleges. From IoT to networking, web design to a mobile application, you will have options to choose as your career choices. So come to think of it, it suits well on what are your current demands.

If you're not sure what cloud computing course you should choose, you can ask me. Hope it gave you some pointers.


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