Which university is better UNT or NJIT?How much does universities cost for a two year masters?Also, inform me regarding the ROI and companies that visit their data science?

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Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal

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Before we get into the specifics, let's take a broad look at the fundamental distinctions between the University of North Texas (UNT) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. While NJIT is in the Mid-Atlantic and UNT is in the East South Central, the costs of off-campus living and meals can occasionally be significantly different between the two universities.

The UNT campus is located in Denton, TX, and is characterized as City: Midsize (population of at least 100,000 but less than 250,000). The NJIT campus is located in Newark, NJ, and is marked as City: Large (population of 250,000 or more).

If you only consider acceptance rates, enrolling at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is more challenging. However, each college seeks to enroll a diverse group of freshmen with various skills, experiences, etc. As a result, the admission rate alone is unreliable to determine if the New Jersey Institute of Technology is a preeminent institution or whether it will be harder for you to get into. On the other hand, UNT, which has a higher admission rate, is simpler to get into.

Both universities provide on-campus housing alternatives. NJIT charges N/A for on-campus living, compared to UNT's fee.

While NJIT offers an average of $11,135 in financial help, UNT only provides $4,364 in financial aid.

Now, if we talk about ROI at NJIT and UNT
The New Jersey Institute of Technology's degrees typically cost around $195,000. After graduation, it will take 3.6 years to break even if your annual income is around $55,000.

The University of North Texas charges an average of $127,000 for a degree. Following graduation, it will take 3.2 years to break even if you earn roughly $39,000 a year.

Depending on the course, the master's program at UNT and NJIT is 1-2 years. All reputed companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Amazon Inc., Microsoft Corporation. etc., visit NJIT and UNT campuses for recruitment. 

The world-class instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and atmosphere of creativity and innovation on the NJIT campus provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students looking to launch or advance their careers. Overall, earning an MS in Data Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is a great way to advance your career and change the world.

To meet the market demand for highly qualified data science and analytics experts, UNT has developed the Master of Science in Data Science (MS-DS) program. Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and experience needed to create, implement, and turn data sets into useful information. 


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