Which one is better, an MS from abroad or an MTech from India?

Asked by Ramu Rai about 2 years ago

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Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

Investment Banking Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Frankly, comparing an MTech from India and MS from abroad is not idle. You need some grounds for that. For example, if you consider things like affordability, career exposure, earnings after graduation etc. it would be much better. But if you are looking for a general answer on an overall basis, I would suggest doing an MS from abroad.

Master of science (MS) courses abroad are better because of the options. This single element over-shadows an MTech degree from India. Once you graduate from the master program, what do you do next? Probably a job or maybe more education like an MBA or a PhD. Whatever you choose after your masters is better with an MS degree.

First, jobs are better paid and available in more locations because your degree will be recognized more. Due to an MS course, your jobs will be more diverse. It means you can apply for more positions in many countries. It does not just stop here. The MS universities abroad don't only give high employment but higher salaries as well. For example, UC Berkeley mentions; after ten years, graduates earn $74,700 on average.

Second, if you choose to do an MBA/PhD or maybe a pg diploma, they are easily accessible with an MS degree. MTech graduates that desire a PhD from abroad universities, have to do an MS or gather extensive work experience. It is needed to fill the gap for a PhD. Therefore it is advised to choose an MS from abroad beforehand. Because later when you will look for further options, an MS degree would seem like the best fit.

Third, your course options. You get to choose from many ways to pursue an MS degree. A full-time, part-time, work basis, online, joint-degree, year exchange etc. What I mean is you can basically tailor the complete MS course as per your desires. Not just in terms of timing and classes but field wise too. Many MS courses abroad offer designing your own elective as per your career need. I believe it speaks for itself.

In general, the reason why students don't choose MS over MTech is mostly budget. Budget issues however can be fixed with scholarships and student loans. If you are thinking, what later? Don’t you have to pay off your debts? It's true that you will be paying off, but that will be coming off your MS degree. The top MS universities graduate abroad, pay off their student loans in 2-3 years. If you think about it it's almost the same duration as an MS course.

There’s no arguing that an MTech degree is more than good. But compared to an MS abroad, it would not be a s beneficial. If you need some answers whether you are eligible for MS abroad or not, or things like where you can apply to, let me know. Here we can evaluate your profile to give your best options.


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