Which exams should I apply for to study in the USA after the 12th?I would like to choose English or geology as a subject?

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

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With more than 5,300 renowned educational institutions and over 2,000 other institutes offering bachelor's degrees in various subjects, students who want to continue their education in the USA after high school have a wide selection of possibilities.

Eligibility Requirements For Post-Secondary Study in the USA:

  • Candidates must have earned at least the minimum number of points required by the university and course in their 12th grade from an accredited institution. A GPA of 2.50 to 3.60 is required for most studies.
  • The candidate must pass an English language proficiency test with a minimum score, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • To study in the USA after completing their 12th grade in India, applicants must have a well-written Statement of Purpose and letters of recommendation from pertinent authorities.
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • The student must have gotten a letter of acceptance from a US university.
  • Students should perform well on standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. Admission to US universities requires a SAT score between 600 and 800.

The applicant must provide the following paperwork:

  • Educational transcripts of previous qualifications
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • University acceptance letter
  • English language proficiency scorecard (IELTS/ TOEFL)
  • Certificates for extracurricular activities
  • Bank statements
  • Entrance Exam Scorecards - SAT/ ACT
  • Work experience letter (if applicable)

Top universities in the USA offering Geology and English as a subject: 

  1. Yale University at #14 in the worlds ranking
  2. Stanford University at #3 in the worlds ranking
  3. Dartmouth College at #191 in the worlds ranking
  4. Arizona State University at #216 in the worlds ranking
  5. Texas A & M University at #168

Depending on the lifestyle of the student, the cost of living varies. However, scholarships for post-secondary studies in the United States can lower prices. The typical bachelor fee per year might be between $8,000 and $40,000. English Language Studies
cost around USD 700-2,000 

There are various government and university-based scholarships available for Indian students who want to study in the USA after high school. Most of them are based on achievement or excellence in extracurricular activities. After high school with the scholarships listed below:

  1. Clark Global Scholarship Program
  2. Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships
  3. Cornell University Tata Scholarship
  4. United World Colleges International Youth Scholarships
  5. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

After the 12th grade, studying in America promises incredibly various experiences. After graduating from high school, you must carefully select the best institution and course for you.


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