Which courses batter after MSc Chemistry for Future Canada PR (2 year courses)?

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Hey, Students looking to pursue a Master's in Chemistry in Canada can work in various job roles and can pursue research in various fields such as Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, etc. According to payscale, the average base salary of a Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry in Canada is around CAD 65,000 and it may range from CAD 39,000 to CAD 145,000.


McGill University

University of British Columbia

York University

Memorial University of Newfoundland

University of Windsor

Western University

SCHOLARSHIPS for this course  -

Various university and government-funded scholarships are offered to students who get admission to Canadian Universities for Masters's in Chemistry.

Some of the scholarships offered university-wide are given below:

MSc Chemistry students at UBC receive a minimum annual funding package of 17,703 USD. The funding may be in the form of internal or external awards, teaching-related work, research assistantships, or graduate academic assistantships. These are renewable for a span of 2 years depending upon satisfactory teaching and performance.
Students admitted to a graduate program and not holding any scholarship, receive a graduate stipend covering tuition and living costs at McMaster University. Graduate students pursuing a full-time course receive:
Teaching Assistantship: 8,750 USD for 260 hours.
Research Scholarship: 10,085 USD for MSc students.
Christian Sivertz Scholarship: At Western University, students with an outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry are eligible to receive a scholarship of 2,664 USD.

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