Which country should I choose to pursue masters in human resources?

Asked by Aishwarya about 2 years ago

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

Hey Aishwarya, how are you doing?

To be honest, selecting a masters in human resources is not that tough of a decision. What I mean is compared to more academic programs like CS and engineering, human resource masters is flexible. Consider this, the major points on your resume as a human resource manager will be your experience, not that degree. So I would suggest looking for some specific points.

The selection must be a country that offers a well-recognized degree with a solid foundation. You will need a good start to kickstart your career. My first recommendation will be Canada. In recent years, jobs for HR graduates in Canada have risen. And there are enough renowned institutes in Canada to make your selection. Also, Canada provides one of the best ROI on graduate education.

I am also slightly turned towards Canada because of its comfort and global reach. Just like the USA and UK, Canadian universities are acknowledged globally. On top of that, Canada is best suited for a quality lifestyle at a cheaper rate compared to the two mentioned countries. You can find an easy process for your visa application and immigration process to build a career in the country.


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