Which country is better for MS in computer science(USA/UK)?Job opportunities in IT in both countries after doing MS in CS Suggestions according to my profile graduated in 2021 ECE-61% Duolingo 143?

I earned my degree in ECE in July of 2021(61%) I did nothing between August 2021 to June 2022 I wrote only Duolingo exam in which I got 143 marks I want to pursue a master's in Computer science From July 2022 I’m going to start the course on full-stack development (4 months) USA 🇺🇸 For (spring 2023) Any recommendations on what I should do are helpful? Is there going to be a visa issue? If they ask, what should I say? THE UK I received an offer letter from Aston University with an MSc in Computer Science for fall 2022. I am confused about the opinions everyone is saying they’re no job opportunities in the UK in the software field companies are also not willing to sponsor the international people with no experience it is very difficult..... I'd want to ask you a few questions. What was the state of the job market ( software jobs) in the UK After completing a master's degree in computer science? I heard that the job market is quite uneven and that international students have a difficult time finding work. Is this correct??? As a recent graduate with no prior professional experience. Do you suggest me anything like Should I try for the USA …. or the UK is fine enough regarding all the job opportunities and all

Asked by Nanditha Jonnala almost 2 years ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

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Q73. I would endorse the USA as the fine vacation spot for a CS master. The motives are as follows-

1. The range of jobs for CS 
No USA will ever be able to fit this because of the sheer dimension of the US economic system and the number of companies that recruit foreigners. Immigrants pressure the American growth story and groups need foreign Genius in this area to preserve their growth. Hence don’t go to other countries assuming there will be more jobs available. 

2. The first-class Computer Science Education
American universities are at the forefront when it comes to working associated with CS, ML, AI, and Data Science. The best of training at top American schools is unmatched. Considering American tech giants are at the forefront of innovation in this regard, it comes as no surprise.

3. The lottery machine isn’t that bad
The H1B visa has been talked about to a superb extent. While Canada, Australia, and sure other European international locations may additionally be much less unstable in phrases of securing a visa, the sheer number of jobs and probability that you will get the H1B nonetheless make America the better destination overall.

Now that I have answered your question, right here is a comparison of a few countries if you are searching to study abroad. I’ve noticed 2 predominant considerations that you have to make as an overseas applicant earlier than figuring out to pursue a training there and in contrast the international locations with these two concerns in mind.

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