Which are top 10 Data Science interview questions for 2022?

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Data science is currently a very popular choice. Thousands of international students are targeting universities abroad for data science. However, applying for such a popular course is not a piece of cake. You have to prepare for it. You have made a profile that can’t be neglected by the admission committee. In the end, you get to face the interview that will seal the deal.

While students have a habit of scoring marks and preparing admission applications. In many cases, they lack an interview round. Till you clear the interview round, your admission is still pending. What I want you to understand is that the data science interview does not go as many people perceive it. You are just asked the basic questions that are related to data science. For example, things like SQL, regression, the difference between simple things etc.

The technical questions related to the data science itself in the interview are not tough. These are just some basic topics in data science that students know even without any prior study of the subject. Take a look here, these are the most common data science interview questions:

What is Data Science?
Difference between Data Science & Data Analytics?
Define a random forest?
Define long and wide data formats?
What is linear and logistic regression?
Explain imbalance data in your words?
Why is sampling used in Data Science?
What are Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues?
What do you understand by overfitting and underfitting?
What is deep learning and how is it important in Data Science?

As you see, these are the most asked interview questions in a data science interview. Even if you visit four different websites you will find these questions common. Some of these ones can be answered by a non-data science aspirant. The interview section is set up to measure your capabilities, not abilities. Because the course is to start after your admission, you only need to show potential. Keep your doubts clear and work on basic things.

There are many universities that post their interview questions. They are available on their official website and can be accessed by anyone. The whole idea is to give students something to work on. For your data science interview, try going through the basic topics. Watch articles and read program brochures to get an idea of the courses. The more familiar you are with the subject, the more confident you’ll become.

Getting past the interview round is 20% knowledge and 80% persona. Work on all aspects and make a good impression. Try answering all listed questions at one go to see where you lack and where you are good. If you need any help from my side just let me know.



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