What is the difference between computer science degrees in the US and UK?

Asked by Pankaj Soni almost 2 years ago

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Rashmi Mehrotra

Rashmi Mehrotra

J.P. Morgan || LSR’ 19

Hello there. First of all, both the US and the UK are the top choices for computer science degrees. The difference between computer science degrees in the US and UK is generally country dependent. All the major differences can be stated under the US and UK’s education system. Because both countries have such differences when it comes to studies, programs, curriculum and also lifestyle.

The very first thing you need to know is the course duration. The US has a system that offers two-year computer science master degrees. In general an MS program. And based on how you choose your credits (subjects), you can finish a 2-year computer science degree from the US anytime from 18 to 24 months. On the other hand, the UK generally has one-year master degrees in computer science. What happens is, in the UK you jump straight to your specialization. No here and there, you start with your elective and credits.

You can say that computer science  degrees in the US are more flexible. The UK universities do not allow much flexibility by the process of cutting down side activities. Think of it as the final year of your bachelor's where you choose your specialization field. In this case you only do that, no prior teachings.

In terms of degree recognition, there is no denying that US universities are more popular in the global economy.  A computer science degree from the US will be acknowledged in more places. But on the other hand, Europe is one of the biggest and most stable economies. UK computer science degrees will be more relevant there. And since it is a computational degree, your involvement in top industries will be vast. CS is already included in almost every profession, having a CS degree from the UK will be better for a career in Europe and neighboring locations like Asia.

One more point I want to include is the impact of a computer science degree in both countries. The US is more known for developing overall education. You will be familiar with more CS subjects and areas if you choose the US for a computer science degree. While in the UK, the courses are more research oriented and specialized. Hence, over a wider understanding of the subject, you will have a deep-one instead.

I hope I cleared enough so that you can make a decision. In case you are still not sure, have me know what concerns you. Because if you are confused, we can see which country best fits your academic records. Thanks.


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