What is it like to study computer science in Germany?

Asked by Manoj Soni about 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

To be frank, computer science is probably the best option in Germany alongside engineering. German companies invest heavily in the development and research sector, in education and in industry. This results in maintaining Germany as the biggest economy in Europe and the third in the world. All this gradually adds up to your options in the country. You get more specialized computer science programs and vast career options after  graduation.

Studying computer science in Germany is like working alongside your curriculum. The universities there are very linked with industrial trends and technology. You will often find yourself dealing with real-life problems. The electives and modules in CS courses are very modern and designed to fit the demanding industries. Basically the CS programs in Germany are most relevant to the industry. The way I look at this, it will grant better jobs if you choose to stay in the country.

If you are taking suggestions, I recommend a computer science engineering course. The reasons are simple. First, Germany is a hub of engineering. Second, computer science integrated with engineering pretty well. Third, adding engineering discipline in CS gives you the biggest market in the world to work with. All top German universities have these programs available. So, there's no chance of missing out on quality education.

Berlin, Munch, Hamburg, and Frankfurt are some of the most demanding cities in Germany for computer science graduates. While in your masters, German companies hold fairs and events to attract possible future employees. Rest assured studying computer science in Germany has no lack of job and career possibilities. However, as I mentioned, CS and engineering are the foremost sectors in Germany. Therefore, to get the most out of your studies, it's better if you remain in Germany after graduation.

Names like Technical University of Munich, RWTH, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are some names that I suggest if you are aiming to study computer science in Germany. These universities are top choices for CS as well as for engineering. In case you choose to go for computer science engineering, then there are no better ones than these.

If you see any other options and want to discuss, let's have it. I would be happy to assist in any way possible. Germany is a popular destination for studying abroad. And I hope you get into your desired university.


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