What are the top 2yr STEM MBA programs in US and Europe?

Asked by Neha Chandrachud over 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Hey Neha, how are you doing?

So to begin with, STEM MBAs are not quite common in Europe. Even now when many universities are implementing tech MBAs it's still not spread enough. The USA on the other hand has a lot to offer. But if you are asking for the top choice I would have to go with my personal favourite.

The first one is from the USA; Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. They offer a STEM MBA program. The university is already quite famous for STEM courses. And if I add more, it comes with added benefits. You get a 12 months work opportunity in the USA if you have your F-1 visa. Plus you can also extend your stay for 24-month via optional practical training (OPT). The university ranks top for STEM MBA courses in the USA.

The best suggestion for a STEM MBA in Europe is IE Business School. What you may not know, IE is the first institute to launch a tech MBA in Europe. Their Tech MBA program focuses on 3 main areas; Business Management, Technology Immersion and Transformational Leadership. The B-school is already acknowledged worldwide. So you can get a recognized degree with your preferred STEM MBA.

A STEM MBA asks for substantial technical knowledge. So if you are searching for one I’m sure you have the necessary arrangements made up. Just to be sure, you can connect with experts for FREE and get all the information and assistance required for applying to this STEM MBA program at the topmost B-schools. 


Let me know how it went with the experts and hit me up if you have any further questions. 



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