What are the advantages of doing an MTech?

Asked by Gagan Gupta almost 2 years ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

Just like any other field, you should know the advantages that MTech brings with it. They might be broad to list, but I will try to make them easier for you. The plus points of an MTech comes with a pattern. What I mean is science & engineering are going to be your biggest area of interest. And the best options after an MTech will be related to these two fields.

In computer science there are many computational courses. Because the use of common CS applications include courses like computer engineering, analytics, data science etc. under CS category. In the same manner MTech is the core masters in technology (at least in India it is). After a BTech it's the most viable and safer pick. And even in the worst scenario, you will be left with a degree that is most relevant in your field. But in the best case you would be considered first in a core job in technology. Let me make it simpler and list them -


  1. Most obvious masters choice in tech sector.
  2. Provides an extensive record in your resume
  3. It gives the best chances to work with core companies
  4. One of the best options for research based career
  5. Considered more among other specializations in technology
  6. MTech offers a longer time to get used to it
  7. Pairs well with bachelors in technology courses

Basically after an MTech, you will have a broader career to choose from. You can work in engineering, IT, database, analytics, systems, multimedia and the list goes on. While working with peers, your degree will be more relevant than others (given you choose a relevant field of work). What you get from a MTech is to work with more variety. And this boosts the chances of getting a better job position.

To make it more obvious. Suppose you're working for an IT department in a MNC. However good the job is, will you ever deny a promotion? Obviously not right? Your qualifications from an MTech and the degree itself will be more acknowledged and get you that promotion. MTech is also better if you want to switch sectors. Like with an engineering degree you will be limited to engineering jobs. MTech can let you switch from engineering to analytics or data science etc. And if it is not so obvious, we know how much transferable skills are important these days.

If you are in search of an MTech, share your profile with us. Your qualifications, GPA and test scores are more than enough to see if a masters like MTech fits you or not. Because in most cases students leave out of opportunity even with enough qualifications. I hope it helped.


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