Top 5 universities for B-tech artificial intelligence and data science scope?

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Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

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Data Science is a career that is in high demand and has a scarcity of skilled professionals. A data scientist must be trained and highly qualified to make cautious predictions and analyses. 
The best universities for data science are:


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT provides a 12-month Master of Business Analytics program. The program is intended for highly motivated and intellectually curious recent graduates or early career professionals interested in opting for a career in data science.
  • Imperial College London: The program is highly applied, allowing students to develop their technical and quantitative skills. 
  • The University of Texas at Austin: It offers a rigorous 10-month STEM-certified Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program that prepares students to meet the challenges of the data science industry. 
  • ESSEC - CentraleSupelec: The program can be completed in one or two years. Candidates with a Master's degree, a 4-year or a 3-year bachelor's degree with work experience are eligible for the 1-year program. The two-year program is intended for candidates with a three-year bachelor's degree but no work experience. Students can thus select the appropriate duration program based on their backgrounds.
  • IE Spain: A full-time Bachelor of Data and Business Business Analytics program, a Master of Business Analytics and Big Data program, and a part-time Global Master of Business Analytics and Big Data program is available.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is closely related to computer science and is concerned with creating artificial systems that behave intelligently. AI is becoming more common in everyday technology, and its application could aid in the resolution of many real-world problems.
The top 5 universities for artificial intelligence are:-


  • Carnegie Mellon University: The CMU offers a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence program. CMU offers two degrees in artificial intelligence
    Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence (BSAI)
    Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation (MSAII)
  • Stanford University: The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) studies and researches Artificial Intelligence. The degree offered by SAIL is 
    Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Most of MIT's programs are technological and related to Artificial Intelligence research. Degree in AI:
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence research and coursework opportunities
  • University of California-Berkeley: Seminars and courses are available at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory (BAIR). Studies related to AI are
    Artificial Intelligence Strategy, an online short course
    Artificial Intelligence Business Strategies and Applications, an online program 
  • Harvard University: Some programs/courses are
    Online Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence 
    Online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python


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