Top 10 masters to pursue in Germany after completing Bcom in India?

Asked by Neha Rachel Binu over 2 years ago

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sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

Hey Neha, how are you doing?

Germany is an excellent choice after a B.Com as it will give you a wide option to choose institutes. Business and management courses are relevant to commerce, economics, management, finance etc. The course framework is more relevant and offers great global exposure. Generally, a master in management and business degree is the way to go. I have created a list of the most-sought after and suitable courses that you can consider after completing B.Com.

  1. MBA (Mannheim Business School), Mennheim
  2. MBA (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Frankfurt
  3. MSc in Business Administration (Berlin School of Economics), Berlin
  4. MSc in Business Administration (University of Cologne's WiSo-Faculty), Cologne
  5. MIM (WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management), Dusseldorf
  6. MIM (ESCP Europe - Berlin Campus), Berlin
  7. MIM (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management), Leipzig
  8. MIM (TUM School of Management), Munich
  9. MA in Finance (Technical University of Munich), Munich
  10. MA International Economic (Furtwangen University (HFU)), Furtwangen

These programs have proved their worth by producing excellent records. If we use rational methods, these courses by top German universities are more productive in Europe. The cost of education results in a huge return on investment (ROI). Any expert can vouch for the institutes. 

Do you also need any help in shortlisting the colleges to target or with the admission process? Let me know and I shall share the relevant information with you. 


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