My ielts score is 6,6,6,5 & overall 6. What is right thing to do next . Plzz suggest?

Asked by Tanmay jain 7 months ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

What actually decides your admission is what you have achieved at some stage in your undergraduate, like attending a workshop, publishing a paper and many others and then your GPA.

With a sturdy declaration of intent and a LOR you can have a shot at Universities like University OF Windsor(Electrical and laptop computer engineering), Dalhousie (Internetworking), Carleton University (IPIS) and exceptional Universities of your choice.

The software charge for all the University is 100$ cad minimum which comes spherical 5400 inr inclusive of taxes. So format hence and apply. Don't observe for the pinnacle nook and get rejected and then sense it.

6.5 is now not a horrible score however truly speaking, it is truly above average and this won’t limit it.

A genuine score may additionally or might also also now no longer make certain a incredible University however in case, you are now not in a position to get a decent adequate score , then you would have to core of attention on one-of-a-kind factors that would make contributions to making your profile extra suited and admission-worthy.

I’ll list a few techniques that can enrich your regular profile.

If you’re nevertheless in college, try to bring your CGPA up as high as feasible over the course of the last duration.

However if you’ve graduated, then:

Score properly on your TOEFL/IELTS or any relevant competitive exam.
A top ranking (or any aggressive check score) offers an amazing price to your profile.
Try for a score > a hundred TOEFL and an IELTS band round 8.
Craft a compelling Statement Of Purpose
Your SOP is one of the most indispensable factors/documents that is going to determine whether or not you go beforehand or not.
And whilst a low GPA would perhaps seem like a blocker, an SOP is beyond virtually grades. It additionally showcases your intentions and establishes your enthusiasm to analyse about that University/college.
Make positive you make a strong SOP.
Never cut rate the rate of top LORs
A Letter Of Recommendation lets in smaller faculties to really kind via the manageable university college students to discover candidates that are revered with the aid of professionals.
Recommendations also enhance what is in your utility and resume. Further, an in particular personal letter can provide insight into your character or faculty experiences.
With a low GPA, it may also show up challenging to get a LOR. On the other hand if you’ve closely laboured with a university professor on any task that you have performed surely well, it can also be rather handy.
Get relevant and exceptional work experience

Nothing affords a greater rate to your profile than an applicable and wonderful work trip and when I suggest high-quality, it doesn’t consist of “bench time”, instead it’s about developing at each stage of this 2-year trip from a trainee to the top. 



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