What is the minimum amount required for pursuing an MS or PG Diploma in Industrial Pharmacy in Canada?

Asked by Kanishk Nakra almost 2 years ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

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Well, if I talk with experience, I would say you need something around 15-30 lakhs.  This is the tuition amount you will need for an MS or PG Diploma in Industrial Pharmacy in Canada. Of-course based on your programs and university, it is flexible between this figure.

Compared to an MS degree, a PG Diploma would cost less. MS programs are most common in Canada and are level-9 qualifications. PG diploma is somewhat of a level-8 qualification. Although both of them are considered the same level of study. The difference is that a PG Diploma is more advanced and generally shorter in time.

So basically, for a standard MS Industrial Pharmacy in Canada, you will need like 20-30 lakhs of tuition fee. It will be for the entirety of the program, yes. But if you choose a top-tier university in Canada, for example University of Toronto, it can reach above 50 lakhs in total. So consider your university opinion for the first step. Because Canada has a lot of international universities, you get options to browse.

For a PG Diploma course in Industrial pharmacy, it;s not that common compared to the previous one. Though it is the cheaper option here. Plus with a PG Diploma, it is possible that your course will end in one-year instead of a standard two-years of education. On average, you can expect a complete tuition of 15-25 lakhs for this one.

It seems you are in the stage of deciding a course and university. I’m happy to know that you have decided on the country at least. Let me know if my insight helped and if you want any more information from my side.


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