Lowest price of M.Tech in computer in abroad and also tell me about some scholarship?

Asked by Sheth Kevin almost 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

Tax Manager specializing in Expatriate US taxation and global mobility processes.

The degree program includes advanced coursework like Data Science, artificial intelligence, software

engineering, scientific computing, and information systems. This program enables you to apply

algorithmic principles and mathematical foundations to real-world problems. Through this course, one is

also equipped with skills like designing and implementing a computer-based system, and programming

and applying design and development principles to make different software systems.

Exams required


University of Oxford, UK

Stanford University, US

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

University of Cambridge, UK

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Carnegie Mellon University, US

Harvard University, US

University of California, Berkeley, US

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Princeton University, US

The majority of the universities admit candidates with an undergraduate degree in a related field (like

Computer Science, Electronics, Computing, or ICT). Eligibility criteria for MS in Computer Science may

differ from university to university. Few of the entry requirements remain the same for a majority of the

universities that we have mentioned below. 

A bachelor's degree in a related field

English language scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo

Latest resume

A Statement of Purpose (SOP)

LORs (Letter of recommendation)

GRE or GMAT scores (may vary according to university) 

MS in Computer Science Scholarships

Students who do not want to go for an education loan for studying MS in CS abroad can look for the list of

scholarships available for international students to pursue MS in CS abroad. There can be need-based or

merit-based scholarships varying in amounts. Also, many universities themselves offer different types of

scholarships or bursaries to international students. Also, many governments also offer various grants to

provide affordable quality education. You need to check the eligibility criteria of the scholarships before

applying to them.



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