Is it worth going to university in the U.K. for computer science?

Asked by Chotu Soni about 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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If you are planning for a computer science degree in the UK, don't second guess yourself. For there can be as many reasons not to go, UK universities have more caliber than any other country. It is the place filled universities that are the oldest in the world and have been consistently excellent. I would not deny that there are some things that can limit your decision but even so it's one of the best places for tech-oriented programs.

One of these issues is fast-track programs. Basically you will get a one-year MSCS program in the UK. Other countries usually have a two-year master program in computer science. But if you think about it, it actually can be taken as a plus point. See, it's not some new information that has come into light. The UK has been offering fast paced master programs. Students generally target the UK for the same reason.

Don’t forget that this it’s done to eliminate all subsidiaries and keep your focus on the subject. In a one-year CS master course you will directly begin on your specializations and core academics. This is cost efficient as well. For the year 2021 there were more than 120,000 applications for computing courses in the UK. This was a 4% increase after 2020. Would it have happened if fast-track programs were a problem?

It is definitely worth going to university in the UK for computer science. The first reason being just mentioned; you get to finish your program early and start your job/career. The other is how lucrative it is in the UK to do a MSCS degree. With an average starting base salary of £27,000 (around 27 lakhs), it is one of the highest paid degrees in the country. This number may seem not as high as the USA and Canada, but know that it is a representation of a CS degree as a whole; undergraduate and graduate degree both.

The curriculums of CS degrees in the UK are very innovative. And the plus side of doing it in a country that is well known for its research and academics is its relevance. You will find constant updates in the CS curriculum at UK universities. The education system there is designed to include newest topics and trends so that students can be more aware of the current market. All reviews from the students there say the same thing.

The UK tech sector is worth around £180 billion and its global digital economy is worth more than $11 trillion. I would say, doing a computer science degree in the UK is definitely worth it. If you want to know about the universities there, let me know. By the evaluation of your profile, it will be easy to find universities that have the best computer science degrees.


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