Is it really worth doing masters in USA?

Asked by Vijay Singh over 2 years ago

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

Well of-course it is. The USA hasn’t been the top choice for years for nothing. And it's not that they excel only in academics. I mean the country is a complete international hub for a variety of sectors. The education at top universities alone is not enough. It's the subsidiaries that count. That's why the first thing that comes to mind for a abroad masters is the degree recognition.

Best universities from the USA are well known and have partner universities from all over the world. So when you select the USA for a masters you have a wider option for courses, colleges hence specializations and career. So even with an average university at least you get to have more chances to make it. I understand this is just a general opinion but it sure works.

Let me take it from a different angle. You see the employment rates for a program right? It can be somewhere around 90-95% or even 99% in some cases. Do you believe that it all goes by on the hold of universities' excellence? No doubt the universities are the first thing here, but if you put an Ivy League college in an undeveloped  economy, the best you can do is the best that environment can provide. So having a diverse or broad environment has a big impact.

USA sure is costly but as long it provides a justified ROI it's worth it. And for a master's degree abroad almost every student can get a scholarship of some kind. The decision gets interrupted on the top program only that cats like more than $70,000 a year and it's just tuition. Even so, this does not make a masters from the USA any bad.

But I can understand that the USA may not be the very best choice given situations. Like you could have a profile that fits better for a European country? In any case, if you need some assistance deciding the best place for a master, share your profile.


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