Is it possible to pay college fee by working in part-time jobs?

Asked by Saiteja almost 2 years ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

There is no right answer to whether you will be able to pay your tuition fee while studying or not. A lot of students work part-time jobs and manage to pay their expenses like accommodation, travel, groceries etc. You can pay a certain amount of your tuition fee and also get some extra income for yourself. 

The easiest part-time jobs that an international student can get include working in Libraries, food joints like Dominos, shopping marts like Walmart etc. 

These are not very fancy paying options since they pay a minimum wage of around 10-15 dollars but it is quite decent for a part-time job. It is not enough to pay the whole of your tuition fee but as I said, you can easily get some extra cash for your other expenses. 

It’s not impossible to get a part-time job, but it’s just a bit difficult to first get a high paying one and secondly get to manage the time. 

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