Is it costly for an Indian student to do MIM at ESCP?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav about 2 years ago

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To be blunt, No, it's not that costly for an Indian student to do MIM at ESCP. When you look at the tuition cost for the Master in Management program at ESCP Europe, you will be surprised. Like it is literally one of the top institutes in the world for a MIM course, and it does not cost you a fortune to do so.

The tuition cost of MIM at ESCP for an Indian (international) student is €22,700 (around 18.7 lakh annually). Making it a total of less than 40 lakhs tuition cost for the entirety of the program as MIM at ESCP is a  two-year full time program. When you compare it to the other institutes  that are among top names for MIM courses, you will find it relatively less.

DO you know that even USA universities charge like 40-50 lakhs tuition free for their entire MIM courses? I mean for a country that has not yet been developed in MIM studies, it is obscure to take in. ESCP is ranked #7 worldwide (Financial Times) for its MIM program. In Europe this number stays at #5. I personally know how well of a  program MIM at ESCP is. As I am privileged to have worked with a MIM graduate from ESCP.

Also, considering the school is located in Paris (France), you will not have an excellent cheapest option to live but still quite better compared to locations in USA and UK. France is not as costly as these countries and the entirety of your expenses will be covered in a good amount. Like with scholarships and education loans, you can totally manage it.

I would say to opt for ESCP MIM before anything else. First, it is affordable to pursue. Second, the school is incredibly good for MIM courses. And there, it is globally recognized. SO your MIM degree from there will be relevant in most parts of the world, especially in all European regions. MIM degrees are Europe oriented and I would suggest you look for a career there  only. It's not that other locations are any bad, though Europe is the best one.

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