Is Germany a good place for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

Asked by Janga Shivashekar over 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

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Without a second thought, YES. Germany is not only a good place for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, it's the best location overall for this program. This is of course if you consider all elements of the program like a career after graduation, areas of specialization, industry, etc. The USA does have top engineering programs for every specialization, but Germany has more things.

For example, Germany is not only the hub but the sole proprietor of the automotive industry. Even if all mechanical engineers from Germany target automotive, they would have plenty of jobs and career options. The program is associated with design, machinery, tech, and construction. And all of these areas are wide open in Germany. The country is popular for the manufacturing of high-end goods as well as for electrical and optical manufacturing processes.

The core electives you will get in Masters in Mechanical Engineering are all top engineering sectors in Germany. Mechanical Engineering is also involved with construction engineering (one of the major engineering sectors). So if you like to stay connected to some specific areas, Germany has the power to grant you this. The country is basically a dreamland for mechanical engineering students.

And don't forget that German universities are cheaper than other alternatives. The cost of living in Germany is significantly low as well. So good program, good place and, good budget.

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