I’m looking for Jan’23 intake, to pursue master in fashion designing. What will be a good option for me UK or Italy?

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Fashion Design is a popular degree to study abroad for international students. The fashion degree courses aim to combine creativity with commercial awareness. It further helps you to develop skills that will be helpful in the fashion industry. More than 100 universities offer Masters in Fashion Design courses abroad. International students can study MS in Fashion Designing from universities situated in the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK. After doing Masters in Fashion Designing abroad, students will get the opportunity to learn about many areas of fashion such as clothing, textiles, and management.

Masters in Fashion Design Courses Cost in Abroad
The cost to study Masters in Fashion Design courses abroad will vary from country to country. The overall cost to study is based on the application fee cost, tuition fee, visa cost, travel expenses, cost of living etc. The living expenses will be based on the location and lifestyle of a student.

Student Visa Cost for Abroad
In order to study abroad, international students need a student visa. Different countries have different visa application fees. Students can check the visa requirements from here and apply accordingly.

Masters in Fashion Designing Abroad: Eligibility Criteria
In order to get admission into MS in Fashion Designing universities or colleges abroad, students must meet the eligibility requirements given below:

Must have passed class 12th
A bachelor’s degree
English language proficiency scores: IELTS, PTE, TOEFL
Letter of Recommendation
Statement of Purpose

Top Colleges for Masters in Fashion Designing Abroad

-Stanford University
-The University of Edinburgh
-Cornell University
-University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
-University of California – Los Angeles Campus
-Monash University
-University of Texas at Austin
-University of Glasgow
-University of Leeds
-University of Southern California


Abhiyudaya Chauhan

Abhiyudaya Chauhan

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When deciding between the UK and Italy for a master's in fashion design, consider your career objectives and educational preferences. Italy, renowned for its rich fashion heritage and luxury brands like Gucci and Prada, offers an education deeply rooted in craftsmanship and design history. Schools such as Polimoda in Florence and Istituto Marangoni in Milan are iconic, providing hands-on training with an emphasis on the artisanal aspects of fashion.

In contrast, the UK education system is known for its creative freedom and innovation. The country hosts a broad international student population and offers significant opportunities for internships and networking with leading fashion brands and designers.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal style and professional goals. If you value a deep understanding of traditional fashion techniques and the luxury market, Italy might be the better option. If you're inclined towards a more avant-garde approach and opportunities in a more international setting, then the UK would suit you well. Both countries offer excellent opportunities, so your decision should align with where you see your career heading.


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