If i persue my bachelor's in BCA or B.com from india but from a open University like ignou (Indra Gandhi open University), will i get admission in any foreign country?

Asked by Rittick Thakur almost 2 years ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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Yes, ofcourse. Why would you think otherwise?
Universities abroad mention that your bachelor’s degree needs to be from a recognized university. As far as I know, IGNOU is a very recognized and well reputed university. So I don’t thing you have anything to worry in this matter.

Apart from this, the parameters that actually play a key role in your selection are:
1. Bachelor’s GPA

2. Entrance Test Score (GMAT/GRE)

3. Language Test Score (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE etc)

4. Work Experience

5. Extracurricullars

The score requirement varies across courses, schools and countries. Thus, you need to check for your preferred course and apply accordingly.
If you need any help with checking your eligibility, you should directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here. They’ll analyse your profile and not just help you with all the information but also assist you in the entire application process for FREE. 




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