I wanted to pursue my masters in Law as I am a law graduate with 4 years experience. Can you guide me in this scenario?

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

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Three of the institutions in the UK are among the top 20 universities in the world, making it a popular choice for chemical engineering study abroad programmes. The UK is a great area to pursue your MS in Chemical Engineering degree due to the country's increasing requirement for qualified chemical engineers. With an MS in chemical engineering in the UK, you can choose from several PhD programmes to continue your research in the subject while earning a respectable salary.

The Best Colleges for LLM Abroad in 2022 are listed below with global rankings.

  1. Harvard University (Cambridge, United States) #1
  2. University of Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom) #2
  3. University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom) #3
  4. Yale University (New Haven, United States) #4
  5. Stanford University (Stanford, United States) #5
  6. New York University (NYU) (New York City, United States) #6
  7. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (London, United Kingdom) #7
  8. Columbia University (New York City, United States) #8
  9. University of California, Berkeley Campus (UCB) (Berkeley, United States) #9
  10. University of Chicago (Chicago, United States) #10

Specialization in LLM
An LLM programme abroad is a fantastic method to obtain your desired speciality. LLMs are master's degrees focused on educating and preparing students for legal industry careers through excellence in various fields, including human rights, international law, environmental law, etc. Every university can provide a choice of concentrations to LLM students studying abroad.

In-demand LLM specializations abroad include:

  1. Masters of Law in International Legal Studies
  2. Foreign law degrees in criminology
  3. Administrative law and policy master's degree
  4. LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property
  5. Financial & Corporate Law LLM Comparative Law Masters

Application Requirements for LLM Abroad

  • The specifications could change based on the university or college since the application would be for studying an LLM overseas.
  • a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • Portfolio of prior employment (optional)
  • IELTS or TOEFL test for English proficiency (depending on the country)
  • Objective Statement Letter of Support Resume (CV)


Studying for an LLM abroad has advantages, such as teaching about global legal systems and law enforcement ethics. You can now guarantee yourself the tremendous benefits of a hard-earned degree by studying LLM overseas. Students who pursue an LLM abroad have the chance to expand their horizons, acquire admission to prestigious institutions or colleges, and learn in a setting with a favourable student-to-teacher ratio. Students who opt to study abroad can continue their careers there and eventually settle permanently. All this and much more are available to LLM students studying abroad.


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