I want to know about Germany public universities admission process, scholarship, GMAT etc.?

How can i complete my MBA from Germany on a low budget?

Asked by Ashish Sharma over 1 year ago

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Priya Singhania

Priya Singhania

MentR-Me Team

The German education system differs in many ways from the ones in other countries and the classes are conducted in German. 

Public universities are financed by the government and do not charge tuition fees or charge a small amount of money as Administration Fee at the start of academics every year. Private universities in contrast are financed by the fees paid by students and these can be quite expensive.

Given here are the common steps to applying for admission:

  • Search for colleges and courses
  • Contact schools and visit websites for information
  • Narrow down your list of schools
  • Take the entrance exams like language tests, GMAT/GRE
  • Write SOPs and ask for LORs
  • Apply to the colleges which fit your interests
  • Appear for video interviews of the colleges that shortlisted you
  • If accepted, apply for the student visa

Since almost all MBA programs in Germany are in English, the language of teaching would be English with a bit of German thrown in. 

German B-schools like admitting multi-lingual candidates, so it will be a bonus if you know German as well. Because of the bilingual clause, the GMAT is the standard exam for getting admitted into business schools. 

GMAT is used to measure the abilities of the potential MBA aspirant to undertake higher education in the field of business or management. It measures the mathematical, English, and reasoning skills of the student.


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